La Republica Argentina


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Donde estamos, que hacemos, que tenemos, nuestra musica, nuestros inventos, nuestros premios Novels, nuestras bellezas y mucho mas...

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La Republica Argentina

  1. 1. Welcome República Argentina República Argentina Welcome
  2. 2. LQ, LV Acronyms for aviation +54 International Tel. code .ar Internet domain $ Argentino (U$s 1= $3,90) Currency Spanish Official Language Varied – (it depends on the region) Climate and geography 40.914.000 hab. 31th in the world Population 2.780.4006 Km 2 . 8th largest in the world Area Buenos aires + 23 provinces Capital city
  3. 3. National Symbols “ Unity and Freedom” Next year we will commemorate 200 years of First Govenment Junta (May Revolution) 1810 - 2010 National Shield National bird “El Hornero” National Flag National flower “El Ceibo”
  4. 4. We export to other parts of the world: Corn Wheat Soybean Beef, dairy and leather
  5. 5. Argentinian great sports power :: Football The Argentine football team won two world cups: one in 1978 and 1986 Diego Maradona :: considered to be the best player of all times . Now National team coach Lionel Messi :: best worldwide player, accoding to FIFA
  6. 6. Last year Argentine rugby team “ Los Pumas ” won the third place in the rugby world cup Argentinian great sports power :: Rugby Juan Martin Hernandez :: 3rd place in rugby according to International ranking Felipe Contempomi :: 5th place in rugby according to International ranking
  7. 7. Luciana Aymar is considered the best hockey player in the world in the last four years. Argentinian great sports power :: Hockey Last year Argentine Hockey team “ Las Leonas ” won the first place in the Champions Trophy
  8. 8. Argentinian great sports power :: Tennis Juan Martín del Potro :: 5th in the ATP ranking
  9. 9. Our traditional food Asado Dulce de leche Mate
  10. 10. Our traditional music and dance Tango Folklore
  11. 11. Our Nobel prizes    CARLOS SAAVEDRA LAMAS 1936 :: Premio Nobel de la Paz BERNARDO ALBERTO HOUSSAY 1947 :: Premio Nobel en Fisiología y Medicina LUIS FEDERICO LELOIR 1970 :: Premio Nobel de Química ADOLFO PÉREZ ESQUIVEL 1890 :: Premio Nobel de la Paz CÉSAR MILSTEIN 1984 :: Premio Nobel en Fisiología y Medicina
  12. 12. We have invented among other things… Birome :: Biró in 1936 Bus :: Di Cesare and Alejandro Castelvi 1925 Seat BKF :: Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari 1938 Dr. René Favaloro :: first Bypass coronary surgery in the world Arq. Cezar Pellie: Petronas towers Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.
  13. 13. Touristic attractions in different regions… Iguazú falls Beaches :: Mar del Plata Wonderful deserts :: Valle de la Luna San Juan Wonderful deserts :: Rally Dakar 2009 Buenos Aires :: Capital City Ushuaia :: the southernmost city of the world “ Cerro Aconcagua” :: The highest peak in América :: 6.962 mt and the second in the world “ La Cumbrecita” :: Pedestrian and ecological town Snowed peaks :: Las leñas, Bariloche, Esquel and many more… Hill of Seven Colours :: Northwest area Glacier Perito Moreno
  14. 14. Río Cuarto City
  15. 15. Designed by Alejandro Concetti Mariana Perez Zavala Norma Gallardo Mauro Comelli Colegio San Ignacio