Public engagement. Public empowerment.


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My keynote from GOVIS 09 -

It looks at possibilities and the opportunities offered by a shift in practice in government engagement - Government 2.0.

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  • let me take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you do to the citizens of Gauteng. Request regarding your assistance on fast-raking the community engagement programs of developing extension 11 in mohlakeng .This come after a long engagement with the late honarable Kolisile Nkosi Mpendule MEC for Economic development . Randfontein /WEST RAND DISTRICT at large is under a period of Moral Decay due to its ignorant political leadership who lives our people in misery and hope less; your concern in this regard will be greatly appreciated by the people of West Rand District municipality.From West Rand District Moral Regeneration Youth coordinator and Randfontein SANCO. For more information contact Gabriel Bantirang Phashia. 079217820
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  • Public engagement. Public empowerment.

    1. Public engagement. Public empowerment. Thoughts on possibility for Government 2.0 Stephen Collins acid labs
    2. Connect? Share? Learn?
    3. <ul><li>everything and anything is possible – ask why and why not and expect a real answer
    4. there are no bad ideas – just different ones
    5. passive consumption is pointless – do tweet, blog, comment, challenge and ask as you get out of this what you put in </li></ul>The new rules
    6. Where have we been?
    7. Just do as we’re told
    8. They want to talk
    9. <ul><li>a citizen and a service provider
    10. a researcher and the information
    11. a citizen and a public servant
    12. a citizen and her information
    13. a citizen and her experience with the government </li></ul> Tara’s architecture for Government 2.0
    14. Where are we?
    15. We could be so much further on.
    16. Hope
    17. Was this the moment it all changed?
    18. Office of Public Engagement
    19. “ Our commitment to openness means more than simply informing the American people about how decisions are made. It means recognizing that government does not have all the answers, and that public officials need to draw on what citizens know.”
    20. Overheard at breakfast
    21. “ ... get out there on Twitter and Facebook and whatever.”
    22. A big deal
    23. Not here.... yet.
    24. Where are we now?
    25. Just talk with us!
    26. Epic fail...
    27. “ ...change has depleted the resources that were once provided by... older, denser forms of association.” Michael Pusey The Experience of Middle Australia
    28. Participate or be hyperisolated
    29. Trusted sources
    30. “ Hyperconnectivity begets hypermimesis begets hyperempowerment.” Mark Pesce Hyperpolitics (American Style)
    31. Power to the people
    32. This doesn’t fit the 21st Century
    33. “ The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” Gilmore's Law
    34. Ermmm...
    35. Keeping check
    36. Why by third parties?
    37. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
    38. Direct access
    39. “ I'm a great believer in these collaborative technologies opening up some tremendous possibilities for better government.” Lindsay Tanner Australian Finance Minister,,25428629-5013040,00.html
    40. Is the message getting to the doers?
    41. Embrace the change
    42. #s92a
    43. #nocleanfeed . Used with permission.
    44. It’s always 20/20 looking back
    45. #publicsphere
    46. Engaged + accessible = more social capital
    47. Reboot the model
    48. #gov20camp
    49. Many options
    50. Use good tools.
    51. Us Now
    52. Build skills
    53. “ the hyperconnected world, engagement is predicated on understanding and utilising social media.” Jason Ryan State Services Commission
    54. Best possible outcomes
    55. FTW!
    56. They already know the way
    57. Open data
    58. Information wants to be free(ish)
    59. “ Government data prepared for public reuse should be offered in multiple-formats, be machine-readable and adhere as closely as possible to lightweight standards.” Vivek Kundra US Government CIO
    60. Free data has superpowers
    61. Portable, sharable, managed data
    62. “ Raw data now!” © TED/Asa Mathat
    63. Discoverability
    64. Global implications /, /
    65. Public safety
    66. CDC social media tools
    67. WHO social media WHO social media tools
    68. HealthMap
    69. Where are our great examples?
    70. Governance, yes. Dumbocracy, no.
    71. Less bureaucracy = greater momentum
    72. You say you want a revolution* * With apologies to the Beatles
    73. Time to engage here
    74. It’s coming
    75. Hand-in-hand
    76. More information. More and better sources.
    77. Empower. Engage.
    78. Yes we must © Scout Tufankjian, /
    79. Imagine
    80. License
    81. Like the cool pictures? Mostly from and Flickr. Others as marked, used by permission or under fair use provisions.
    82. Stephen “trib” Collins [email_address] +61 410 680722 skype trib22 twitter trib