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  1. 1. Consortium Members• Town Of Oak Ridge • Town of Walnut Cove• North Carolina Department of • Winston-Salem Urban Area MPO Transportation • City-County Planning Board• YMCA of Northwest North Carolina (Winston-Salem/Forsyth County)• Center for New North Carolinians • Forsyth Futures• Davidson County Planning Department • Forsyth County• North Carolina Department of • Southwest High Point Renewal Project Environment and Natural Resources • City of Winston-Salem• Town of Kernersville • Greensboro Urban Area MPO• Rockingham County Planning Department • City of High Point• Housing Authority of Winston-Salem • Greensboro Housing Coalition• e-NC Authority • Center for Design Innovation• North Carolina Department of Commerce • Town of Pleasant Garden• North Carolina Center for Global Logistics • Town of Cooleemee• Piedmont Triad Rural Planning • Piedmont Conservation Council Organization • City of Lexington• Northwest Piedmont Rural Planning • Village of Clemmons Organization • Transition Greensboro• Winston-Salem State University • City of Asheboro• City of Burlington• City of Greensboro
  2. 2. Community
  3. 3. What is the project all about?“We are proud of our region’s heritage – working together to create and build things of value. In thepast we were linked together by the crops we grew, our land’s natural resources, and the commoditieswe produced with crops and resources through the manufacture of furniture, textiles and tobaccoproducts. These efforts knitted us together as a regional community, connected our cities and towns –providing the means to raise our families and to proposer. The Piedmont Triad was the economicengine for the state, while Charlotte prospered as a financial center and Raleigh served as the seat ofState government.As a region of mill towns, large and small, we have struggled economically over the past severaldecades. Hundreds of plant closings and tens of thousands of job losses throughout our region havebroken many of the ties that bound us together in times of prosperity.We have now undertaken a hopeful process to re-connect and re-envision who we are and what wecan become as a region. The connections will not be the same. The region is a different place and thechallenges different. Please add your voice to the Piedmont Triad’s renaissance. Join in our regionalconversation. Help us recapture the best of our past and present and to build a future of promise andprosperity for our children’s children.”
  4. 4. 100,000+ jobs lost in the Piedmont Triad over thelast several decades. The new economy requires adifferent strategy that focuses on Innovation –Design – Production and creating vibrant, livablecommunities.Piedmont Triad residents spend an average of 58%their family income on housing and transportation.This is primarily due to the disconnect betweenlocation of housing and jobs.Everyday 33% of Piedmont Triad commuters leavetheir county and go to another county to their job.95% of all commuters do so by a single mode oftravel, their car. Without choices we lose ourfreedom. Without being able to access educationaland job opportunities our economy suffers.Without being able to walk or bike as weshop, recreate or attend cultural events our healthsuffers.
  5. 5. Economy
  6. 6. Environment