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Heyer Start Up Business Plan for Technology Firm


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Good rock solid business plan for Indian offshore trying to make a presence in USA organically. Many of the same cliche' statements that my other slide shows have but centered/focused on market capture with in the offshore model.

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Heyer Start Up Business Plan for Technology Firm

  1. 1. Start Up Business Plan Prepared by Tim Heyer for XXX Inc
  2. 2. 1. Company Description & Mission • World leading outsourcing services partner, 150 clients • 50,000 employees in 50+ locations • Focusing on tailor made solutions • Serving eight (8) major verticals • Seven distinctive and successful business units • Leader in Customer Lifecycle Management • Six Sigma & COPC quality standards • Effective & efficient processes thru innovation • 20+ yrs of deep domain experience
  3. 3. 2. Current State of Business • Technology Service Provider Now • Small market share • Mundane and “vanilla” engagements • “They do it, we do it to” mentality • No market visible domain expertise • Small fish in a big pond • $5-10M engagements aren’t there
  4. 4. 3. Future State of Business • Leave “technology” behind for commodity brokers • Use the “small market share” aspect to your ADVANTAGE • Allow “mundane & vanilla” engagements to pay the bills • Move up two rungs on the ladder and be the “trusted advisor” • Start to push Aegis’ VERTICAL DOMAIN EXPERTISE first • TCS, Mahindra, etc all started at $0.00 • Big $$$ deals don’t come everyday or easily
  5. 5. 3. Future State of Business - Detail • Leave “technology” behind for commodity SI’s • Job shop environment & mentality is not where exponential growth is, short or near term • Train, develop and deploy “smart” people to suspects/prospects who differentiate themselves and Aegis from other job-shop firms • Bid and win only deals GOOD FOR AEGIS • Back end hardwiring/programming can fuel the ship until domain expertise is fully accepted in marketplace
  6. 6. 3. Future State of Business - Detail • Turn “small market share” into an advantage • Utilize “enlightened minds” tactical approach • Push into $500M-$1B space quickly • “Buy some deals” to prime the well • Slowly come to a boil • Lean on software companies but do not DEPEND on them
  7. 7. 3. Future State of Business - Detail • Keep bidding on and winning “boring” deals • Key punching & data sorting will keep the ship afloat while we are making our mark • Use on-site consultants to “sniff out” bigger projects at that firm • More references for any work = more cache in market and more tools for sales to use
  8. 8. 3. Future State of Business - Detail • Get to “trusted advisor” status quickly • Aggressively/quickly associate with two (2) verticals, develop and execute on a sales/marketing strategy & close deals • Don’t end your executive canoe ride with the CIO. Trusted advisors LIVE in the boardroom • Leverage outside resources when needed, sometimes you just aren’t the retired Boeing 777 pilot you need to close $25M at SaaB Air.
  9. 9. 3. Future State of Business - Detail Vertical Domain Expertise Essential • “Everything for everyone” is old & tired • 2012 IT execs smart and savvy compared to 2001. No more secrets. Pick a space, develop expertise, exploit it and move on. • TCS and others do NOT have a command over their human resource commodities domain expertise's. Few and far between, no consistency. • Relationships with executives will develop quicker and become stronger with domain experts vs key punchers.
  10. 10. 3. Future State of Business - Detail • $0 to $250M? Why not? Let’s go. • NEVER think small. • TCS, etc all started at $0.00 at some point. • All SI’s fail. Often. Start to exploit other SI’s failures or mis-steps in the marketplace. • Be a leader, even though you may not be. Perception is everything. Engage frequently and aggressively. • Let the competition take a bullet. Sometimes the best deal is the one you pass on.
  11. 11. 3. Future State of Business - Details • Where are the big deals? • Leverage & socialize the $250-500K engagements for future work • Get cozy with leading software firms • Stay off RFP’s & RFI’s for the most part • Access sales resources rolodexes • Build customer references and pass them along to suspects/prospects
  12. 12. 4. 30-60-90 Day Business Plan • 30 Day • Train with various Aegis resources • Identify 25+ targets, develop plan of action • Meet/greet current customers as needed • Develop and agree upon financial metrics • Develop and agree upon future resources • Work with marketing on campaign for 2 verticals • Set up 5+ net-new meetings for 20-60 day mark
  13. 13. 4. 30-60-90 Day Business Plan • 60 Day • Meet with suspects I scheduled in 30 day window • Follow up on marketing campaign • Call into 100+ suspects we identified • Should be into 4+ deals at ground floor • Schedule 10+ more meets for 60-90 day area
  14. 14. 4. 30-60-90 Day Business Plan • 90 Day • Continue dialogue with marketing for new idea • Should be in middle/near end with 2-3 prospects • Will be in with 8-10 dialogues with suspects • Potential for closing 2+ nice deals on day 89 • Revolving door, rinse and repeat day 90-180 • Exploit, exploit, exploit
  15. 15. Summary • Three Key Points • Market leaders are made, not born • Aegis’s Customer experience will be remembered, not how fast our resources coded • Vertical domain expertise will differentiate Aegis and allow for quick market entrance and acceptance
  16. 16. Summary Con’t • Tim Heyer’s Strengths for This Position • Self made in marketplace, not grad school • Been there done that, failed and recovered • I have both industry & vertical domain expertise as well as sales/operational and marketing proficiency • Led a $20M start-up for Oracle (2003-07’). • Led a $14M start-up for PwC (99-01’) • Worked at two S/W start-ups (VC backed) • I am an astute business person, driven by not only fiscal success but also by goal attainment.
  17. 17. Start Up Business Plan Thank You