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Teak furniture is the better alternative


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Teak furniture is the better alternative

  1. 1. t urke y-f urnit ure .ne t Furniture is the Better AlternativeFor centuries, it’s known that teak has qualities contrary to anyother wood. With an average lif espan of seventy-f ive years, thiskwood has long been commended as the ideal alternative f oroutdoor f urniture.T his elaborate hardwood has abilities to withstand the rigors ofadverse climates. It’s insusceptible to water, weather and warping,letting it resist season af ter season of apply. Because of its richquality and power to weather beautif ully, teak f urniture isn’t only asound investment; it’s a symbol of luxury and af f luence.T here are various leading f urniture producers acknowledged f orespecial workmanship of this f urniture. One of the biggest andmost celebrated is Kingsley-Bate. Kingsley-Bate was the f irstAmerican company to use Javanese in the f abrication of its Te ak Furnituref urniture. T hey, like many of their industry counterparts, applyprecise mortise and tenon joinery in the building of their teakf urniture. T he quality material and sheer craf tsmanship, supplies customers with teak f urniture ofexceptional style and durability.Teak f urniture is of f ered in a wide assortment of classic pieces as well as custom designs by expertwood carvers. You are able to enjoy a teak bench with a carved hummingbird motif or a teak bench whichhas a simple but elegant design. Whatever you’re looking f or, a teak Adirondack chair, teak bench, teakchair or teak table, you’ll not be disappointed.Over time, teak will age to a sof t gray patina color. T he original color of your teak f urniture might bemaintained with a seasonal application of a teak oil or teak protector.Small cracks might appear on the surf ace of the wood over time. T his is a natural part of the agingprocess and in no way hurts the integrity of your teak f urniture. Outside of cleaning with soap and wateras needed, teak is virtually low maintenance.Because of its longevity, esthetic appealingness, enduringness and low maintenance, teak has remainedthe best choice f or outdoor f urniture.