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Resume - Tim Ferguson, CMIIP

  1. 1. Timothy R. Ferguson, CMIIP ©Senior Configuration and Data Manager 5877 Little Road Lothian, Maryland 20711 Cell: 410-259-6873 ConfigurationManager@Live.com22 January 2013The attached resume highlights my experience in the engineering, logistics, and production environment of militaryand federal acquisitions. Currently serving as the Configuration and Data Manager for border security systemsacquired by the Office of Technology Innovation and Acquisition (OTIA), within U.S. Customs and Border Protection(CBP), I report to the Systems Engineering Technical Director. Regarding product lifecycle management (PLM)duties, I am responsible for the configuration management and data management (CMDM) of all technical baselines,both enterprise and product hierarchies. I plan, implement, and instruct for the CMDM protocols, while supervisingspecialists who maintain the integrity of baselines for program data items (DI) and configuration items (CI).My clearances include a DOD Top Secret and DHS Background Investigation (BI). Hands-on experience in bothcorporate and federal environments, plus a couple of terms serving as a Maryland State Senator has taught me howto interact among stakeholders for seamless baseline management across all acquisition and product lifecycles. Iknow that excellent communication and interpersonal skills facilitate good government or corporate relations. OurCMDM shop works closely with Integrated Product Teams made up of Program Management, ContractsProcurement, Systems Engineering, Logistics, and Quality Assurance. I have 20 years of demonstrated CMDMexperience, with another 15 years experience in Systems Design and Production.Originally, the OTIA Logistics Director hired me for instituting CM and Asset Management for the Operations &Maintenance (O&M) lifecycle at the In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA), which is NAVAIR in Patuxent River,Maryland. After a year at PAX, he assigned me a desk at CBP headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. While there, weestablished OTIA enterprise policy that entailed the Systems Design & Development (SDD) lifecycle. After a year ofthat, the Program Management Office Executive Director named me the OTIA Configuration Manager and assignedme to the Systems Engineering Directorate, where I currently sit.Lately, I have been busy with cross-functional CMDM efforts for CBP and DHS as a whole, so I work closely with CBPSenior Executives, Division Directors, Branch Chiefs, and other CBP Program Managers. My shop institutes andadministers all Configuration Control Boards (CCB) for engineering change proposals (ECP) and Requests-forDeviations or waivers (RFD, RFW). I have standardized processes and procedures for the drafting of CMDMcontractual language for government RFPs, SOWs, CDRLs, DIDs, CM Plans, CCB Charters, and Naming Conventions,while personally conducting Physical Configuration Audits (PCAs) for transitioning acquisition systems fromcommercial Contractors to Government.Our CMDM staff participates in all source selection activities, program kickoffs, IPT meetings, oversees allGovernment CCBs, interacts with Contractors’ SE/CM/ILS counterparts, administers government automatedrepositories for baseline artifacts, and audits CMDM processes for compliance. The OTIA CMDM team also worksclosely with Information Assurance, Knowledge Management and Contracts Procurement personnel to ensure dataexchange and interoperability capabilities remain robust. I develop CM metrics and broadcast Lessons Learned toOTIA and CBP leadership. I clearly understand baseline requirements from conception to downstream operations.Whether creating new core-business practices or revamping existing ones, each organization has unique needswhere the tailoring of CMDM processes, while focusing on commensurate value and structure, is paramount. Iwelcome the opportunity for further discussion and I will adjust my schedule to meet yours.Sincerely, CMIIP, © Institute of Configuration Management
  2. 2. Resume of Tim Ferguson, CMIIP Page 2 of 6Career ObjectiveI want to succeed as Director of Configuration and Data Management at the enterprise or executive level.Summary of QualificationsU.S. born citizen (Baltimore, Maryland), active DOD Top Secret clearance, active DHS BI security clearance; Hands-onCMDM experience in all acquisition phases for development, production, and sustainment; Requirements definition ina deadline-driven environment; Coordinate cross-functional processes with program integrated product teams;document, publish & train stakeholders consistent, clear and concise CMDM processes. Technical Writer of CMDM Requirements: SOWs, RFPs, CM Plans, Naming Conventions, CCB Charters, Audit Plans, CDRLs, DIDs, Tool Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Basis of Estimates (BoE) Effective communicator: Help improve departmental relations and cross-functional collaboration ICM Advisor, Conference Speaker, Publisher of CM White Papers, Conduct CM Assessments Government Relations and Legislative Experience: Maryland State Senator (1995-2003)Education and Certifications National Defense Industrial Assoc (NDIA) “CCDM” – Scheduled 04/2013 Institute of Configuration Mgt (ICM) “CMIIP” – Certified 11/2009 Institute of Configuration Mgt (ICM) “CMIIC” – Certified 03/2009 Lean Six Sigma (LSS) “Green Belt” – Full Training 09/2008 Broome County Technical College (SUNY) – CAD/CAM Technology (1984)Technical Skills and Tool Sets CAD/CAM: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CADAM, HP ME-10, CADDS IV CM TOOLS: CMIS, eMatrix, DOORS, SharePoint, ClearCase, TeamCenter, SmarTeam, Dimensions GRAPHICS: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Project, Publisher, Visio, Illustrator, Adobe AcrobatSpecs and Standards Familiarity Specifications and Standards FamiliarityEIA-649 National Standard for Configuration Mgt MIL-DTL-31000C Detail Spec - Technical Data PkgsEIA-836 CM Data Exchange & Interoperability MIL-STD-963B Data Item Descriptions PreparationEIA-859 National Standard for Data Management MIL-STD-961E Standard Practice for Defense SpecsMIL-HDBK-61A DOD Handbook for Configuration Mgt MIL-STD-1456A Configuration Management PlansMIL-HDBK-245 Statement of Work Preparation MIL-STD-2549 Configuration Mgt Data InterfaceANSI / ASME Y14 Engineering Drawing Practices MIL-STD-1840C Interchange of Technical DataDOD-D-5010.12M Acquisition & Mgt of Contract Data DHS 102-01-100 Acquisition Instruction GuideDOD-STD-1000 Engineering Drawing Practices ISO 9000 Quality Mgt System - FundamentalsMIL-STD-480 Configuration Control, ECP, RFD, RFW ISO 9001 Quality Mgt System - RequirementsMIL-STD-482 Configuration Status Accounting ISO 10007 Quality Mgt System – CM GuidelinesMIL-STD-483 CM for Systems & Computer Programs ISO 12207 Software Life Cycle ProcessesNAVINST 4130 Configuration Mgt Policy & Guidance IEEE-STD-828 Standard for Software CM Plans
  3. 3. Resume of Tim Ferguson, CMIIP Page 3 of 6 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEU.S. CUSTOMS and BORDER PROTECTION, Crystal City, VA (May 2009 to Present)A federal agency within Dept. of Homeland Security, providing border security for the continental United StatesSenior Configuration and Data Manager (On-Site SubK to Prime Contractor for Support Services)Create, coordinate, and manage all Configuration Mgt and Data Mgt (CMDM) processes for the Office of TechnologyInnovation and Acquisition (OTIA) at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Analyze, plan, institute, andadminister the protocols, processes, and procedures for hardware and software baseline management through alllifecycles; Responsible for tactical day-to-day planning, operations, reporting, process improvement, audits, andmetrics for technical baselines. Manage a team of CMDM Specialists for source selection, market research,requirements allocation/management, and program decision reviews. Research, develop, and support ERP systemimplementation and Knowledge Management initiatives. Write Basis-of-Estimate (BoE) rationales for CMDMtasking; recruit, interview, and hire CMDM specialists; Plan and lead the PCAs for baseline verification; Trainenterprise stakeholders for CMDM; Support transition teams for government system acceptance, advise sourceselection teams for contract awards.Major Contributions: Oversee preparation and implementation of Release and Records management for documentation while verifying technical conformance to contractual requirements and regulations Establish relational protocols for two hierarchies of configuration items: Administrative and Physical baselines for traceability and conformance to requirements – both Contractor and Government CIs Responsible for instituting core-business CMDM capabilities and enforcing compliance, completeness and validity for processes, procedures, standards and protocols Institute seamless transition of baseline management from development to operations & maintenance Institute and administer Configuration Control Boards (CCBs) for Systems Engineering and Logistics Research and develop enterprise PLM tools for archiving and tracking deliverables and artifacts Institute and oversee baseline audits for systems and processes prior to acceptance and deployment Train and manage CMDM specialists and Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) for baseline management Responsible for CMDM contractual language in Govt SOWs, RFPs, MOUs, DIDs, CDRLs, Plans Institute and maintain enterprise configuration status accounting (CSA) methodologies and reporting Develop and maintain CSA metrics and Lessons Learned for government enterprise stakeholders Export CMDM protocols to other agencies for setting up their own CMDM environmentsU.S. NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND, Patuxent River, MD (Nov 2007 to May 2009)Principle naval airbase for research, engineering and development of Navy weapons systems/platformsE-2D Configuration Management Lead (On-Site Contractor)Tasked to provide CM for U.S. Naval Air Command (NAVAIR) for the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Program, this planeprovides air traffic control support to the Navy fleet and fighter aircraft. Oversee CM activities per MIL-HDBK-61Aand NAVAIRINST 4130.1D for the System Development and Demonstration (SDD), Pilot Production (PP) and Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) phases. Create and implement Change Control Authority (CCA) transition fromNorthrop Grumman (NGC) to Navy after Product Baseline (PB). Wrote interim change control process (ICCP) andaudit elements to Statements of Work (SOWs); created and maintained Configuration Status Accounting (CSA) forinterim changes and delta PCAs; presented CM processes to Systems Engrg, Logistics, Product Build, and ProgramMgt. Research and develop all CM REQM for the weapons system Functional and Physical Configuration Audit (FCA/ PCA) processes and plans. Plan all PCA activities per NAVAIRINST 4355.19C, preparing Navy stakeholders forcertifying the PB via incremental PCAs. Prepared and chaired all program CM kick-off meetings; kept anddistributed all CM agendas, minutes, actions, and closures.Major Contributions:  Revised CM Plan and SOW mods related to program CM and engineering documentation.  Mapped cross-functionality between NAVAIR IPTs for weapons systems PCA activities.  Created timeline and milestone chart for reporting CCA transition from prime Contractor.  Created CM spreadsheet reports and documented "Lessons Learned" for Engineering and PM.  Wrote Interim Change Control Process (ICCP) for trainer aircraft changes prior to Navy productions  Wrote the system PCA Plan to establish PB and templates for audit plans and audit reports.  Joined Production and Installation Leads to capture audit documentation of critical system interfaces.  Held conferences to map the transition of Contractor CM to Navy authority when PCAs complete.
  4. 4. Resume of Tim Ferguson, CMIIP Page 4 of 6GENERAL DYNAMICS C4S, Columbia, MD (June 2006 thru Sep 2007)A $21 billion, Fortune 100 Company ranked #7 in Aerospace and Defense industry offering integrated switching voiceand data communication; subcontracts for Raytheon Corporation and LockheedConfiguration and Data Manager (Salaried Employee)Lead configuration management per GEIa-HB-649 standards; spearhead operations for the site as policy maker forCM and data management (DM). Serve as Chairman of the Configuration Control Board (CCB). Analyze and releasedeliverable items, documents, and software. Ensure all deliverables are on schedule and under budget. Userelational databases to support configuration identification, control, reporting, and release of executables.Document the qualification testing and integration of software per ISO 9000 / AS9100 standards and createClearCase Release Labels and Lockdowns for the software lifecycles. Document all requirements, deliver user-training, gather metrics, and generate monthly reports for Engineering and Program Management. Audit openprojects for traceability and compliance to data requirements. Maintain MIL and ASME standards.Major Contributions:  Saved over 500 hours ($20,000 per year) and minimized the time needed to release documents, from 5 hrs to 4 hrs per document, by reducing redundant data storage.  Instituted the enforcement of effective specifications and standards for technology licensing, third-party software integration and systems security solutions.  Reduced errors by building mutually beneficial affiliations between engineering and configuration departments to collaborate on technical peer reviews of all documents.  Mapped CM activities per site-specific projects via the creation of relational databases/spreadsheets.  Gained additional exposure to larger contracts for bids by training engineering on the CDRL / SDRL process for proposals integrating DD1423 government forms.  Empowered the company with better opportunities to win contracts by persuading division headquarters to allow differing proposal templates to reflect historic and actual site-specific costs.  Influenced management to allow flex time for CM personnel to support software qualification testing, resulting in the timely release and shipment of software integration products.  Slashed the time needed to create ClearCase release labels by 66% by using remote systems access process, which is being adopted at the Scottsdale headquarters.LOCKHEED MARTIN, Rockville, MD (Nov 2004 to Oct 2005)A $37 billion, Fortune 50 Company, ranked #3 in Aerospace and Defense industry offering FAA air traffic controltelecommunications and security solutions, firmware and software integrationConfiguration Specialist, Staff (On-Site Contractor)Oversee CM policies for contractor’s Air Traffic Control engineering per MIL-STD-973 and MIL-HDBK-61. Instituteprocess to prepare engineering packages for review and release using MIL and ANSI standards. Present uppermanagement with quarterly metrics for cause / effect analysis. Deliver configuration management training to allengineers. Authored internal processes and participated in all technical peer reviews. Chair the Change ControlBoard (CCB) meeting for release approvals and distributed agenda and minutes to stakeholders. Perform upkeep ofall Microsoft Excel databases. Uploaded e-docs to the web-based PDM tool (OHM and ImageSite). Approvedproduction, testing and spec documents for Release per validation redlines with stakeholders. Instituted designimprovement by capturing metrics to train engineers.Major Contributions:  Implemented spreadsheet capturing engineering metrics and release data of all Engrg Notices.  Cut down on engineering mistakes (before CM submittals) by 50% and minimized clean-up time by taking the initiative to lead design-checking and technical peer reviews (TPR).  Enabled faster release cycles for EN pkgs and less rejections via standardized dwg templates.  Extended knowledge throughout the organization by producing and disseminating a technical manual for all internal configuration management tools, templates, and processes.  Exposed inefficient processes via metrics assessments and reports to Engrg and PM.  Instituted concepts of operation, requirements identification and documentation of deliverable data  Developed CCB board agendas, notified attendees and entered data in CM logs and PDM tool.  Processed on a regular cycle discrepancy reports, requirements and request for changes  Reviewed, analyzed, and published engineering change data for “Lessons Learned.”
  5. 5. Resume of Tim Ferguson, CMIIP Page 5 of 6SOLO-SWEETHEART CUP CORP, Owings Mills, MD (Nov 2001 thru Nov 2004)A $2 billion food products and packaging company ranked # 1 in the industry serving fast-food franchises, specialtyrestaurants and grocery retailers such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King and StarbucksSenior Mechanical Designer (On-Site Contractor)Steered efforts to design or re-vamp antiquated production-line machinery, including material handling andproduction machinery for plastic cups and commercial plastic food containers; Updated large machinery viaengineering notices, bills of material and production AutoCAD drawings; Modernized aging production lines.Major Contributions:  Incorporated reverse-engineering for pneumatic forming machinery with no legacy documents.  Employed CM practices in Bills of Materials for newer designs so that parts lists were instantly accessible as opposed to waiting an entire day for a printout from Chicago headquarters.  Deployed a “Parts & Vendors” PDM COTS program for new design builds and end-item reports.  Facilitated transmittal to subcontractors for builds and simplified distribution of releases to headquarters for archiving by adding Acrobat Reader for creation of .pdf files of CAD drawings.FUSION LIGHTING SYSTEMS, Rockville, MD (Jan 1999 thru Oct 2001)An $8 million research and development firm for commercial prototype and special production lightingConfiguration Mgt and Electro-Mech Designer (On-Site Contractor)I led CM effort to create change control and data management for patent designs and prototypes of lightingequipment using COTS software programs and Excel data sheets incorporating Visio graphics.Major Contributions:  Design electro-mechanical cable diagrams and interconnections, cable-harness assemblies, sheet metal fabrication using dual English/Metric geometric dimensions per UL Standards and ANSI Y14;  Planned configuration BOM management activities to provide policies and guidelines to engineering staff for developmental baselines of hardware prototype development;  E/M pkg design of prototype lighting equipment for commercial and government applications;  Microwave packaging of precision machine with thermal control capacity on patent design.ORION NETWORK SYSTEMS, Rockville, MD (Aug 1997 thru Jan 1998)A $480 million company providing construction and operation services of modern, high-capacity international satellitecommunications and private network servicesConfiguration Manager (Independent Consultant)My initial daily activities were to set up demonstrations of various PDM (Product Data Management) tools forselection and transferring the legacy data of existing engineering products and services. We selected “Agile”Administrator. I wrote ECN processes and trained CM and engineering personnel how to use the new tool forconfiguring engineering releases. I also interviewed and helped select the new configuration manager for futureplacement once I departed. I led the CM team to set up a parallel CM process overseas in the European and Asiansubsidiaries. We wedded existing Microsoft-platform data and project logs to relational databases and utilizedAutoCAD and Visio graphics for an imaging system for overseas. I instituted a software media distribution processfor tape creation, CD, and removable hard-disk duplication and tracked all software licenses and vendor manualswithin the database.Major Contributions:  Built the entire Configuration and Data Management process and department from the ground up.  Provided leadership and direction to 2 CM specialists and 1 document controller.  Interviewed and helped select hiring of Configuration Mgr for direct placement.  Enabled accurate tracking of new and revised sales of satellite communication uplinks.  Involved CM in data security policies and enforcement in QA Testing and Production environments.  Trained CM and Engineering personnel the “Agile” PDM tool and CM processes  Supported the maintenance and administration of databases for tracking change management and requests, defect tracking and requirements management.  Extended CM outreach to European and Asian subsidiaries by defining requirements & processes
  6. 6. Resume of Tim Ferguson, CMIIP Page 6 of 6IBM, FEDERAL SYSTEMS / LORAL, Rockville, MD (Feb 1987 thru Sep 1994)A $37 Billion DOW Jones Company; Provider of FAA Air Traffic Control Telecommunications and Computer Systemsincluding firmware, software integration for ground and air-traffic controlConfiguration Manager (On-Site Contractor)Supervisory position over 3 CM specialists and instituted the CM process for a newly-won $5 billion FAA contract forAir Traffic Control. This was an era with little Microsoft-platform support tools. Created weekly HardwareTechnical Review Board (HTRB) for gathering and reviewing redlines by departmental stakeholders. The HTRB wasprepared and chaired by me for validating redlines on production documents and customer data deliverables; thedocuments were cleaned up by my CM group for releasing at the Monday afternoon Configuration Control Board(CCB) meeting; we used Word, CADAM, and EIDS (IBM’s in-house PDM) for maintaining the baseline. Wrote all CMprocess and manuals and trained ME and EE personnel for Engineering Notice processes. Design-checked alldocuments for ANSI format standards and MIL spec manufacturing practices. Conducted audits for programtraceability; gathered metrics and analyzed for upper mgt reports. I also performed CADAM design-drafting forproduction drawings and created Indentured Parts Lists (IPLs) and Family Trees for upper management tracking ofthe baselines.Major Contributions:  Introduced and grew the CM process from scratch, created all engineering templates for data requirements and delivered training all within a 6 month period by working 60-hour weeks.  Laid foundation for CM at this IBM site and directed policy for document templates.  Prepared, presented, and sold the CM process to upper management for adoption.  Made numerous recommendations in regards to configuration management, engineering technical peer reviews, data management, and change control, all of which were adopted.  Honored as the first contractor to receive the “IBM Quality Achiever” certificate at Rockville site.  Championed and drove improvement of CM work routines and processes including client-server support tools and program systems.  Prepared agendas, coordinated and chaired the HTRB meeting with subsequent minutes and distribution of actions to all stakeholdersMARTIN MARIETTA, Baltimore, MD (Nov 1986 to Feb 1987) – Senior Electro-Mech DesignerA $19 Billion, DOW Jones Company - Manufacturer of Military and Commercial Aerospace SystemsMajor Contributions:  Electro-Mechanical packaging design of Rack and Panel control test systems for Vertical Launch System for Tomahawk missiles on Navy Ships;  Design electronic integrated circuitry and interface cable harnessing with associated schematics and cable diagrams, interconnection and system block diagrams;  Design structural support and steel framing of launch apparatus with welding and steel joist construction, die and jig fixture design for integration on Navy surface ships;  Redesign of launch support and assurance of structural integrity and the integration and installation of various structures including weapons systems and mission system equipment;  Cabinet design of honeycomb hi-strength structure, EMI / EMC shielding design per MIL specs;  Computer display panel design for digital micro-processing and reference designation documents.SUNDSTRAND Corp, Rockford, IL (Jan 1985 to Apr 1986) – Senior Electro-Mech DesignerA $1.5 Billion Fortune-200 Company; Provides aircraft systems solutions for commercial and military clientsMajor Contributions:  Aluminum die-cast housing design with multilayer printed circuit board packaging for avionic controller units, EMI/EMC shielding and component packaging design per MIL and ANSI specs;  Analog and digital printed circuitry board (PCB) design with COTS component selection, thermal management of motherboard chassis design; Electrical wire harnesses and cable diagrams.  Design engine control systems, gearboxes, primary and secondary flight controls and actuation systems for military fighter aircraft. NOTE: Gaps in employment due to serving two terms in the Maryland State Senate