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Roland athouris ted slideshow -with shawn anchor


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Roland athouris ted slideshow -with shawn anchor

  1. 1. “The Happy Secret to Better Work” with Shawn Anchor by: Roland Athouris III
  2. 2. Shawn Anchor !   Author of the international best seller “The Happiness Advantage” !   Founder of Good Think Inc. !   Harvard University Psychology Graduate !   Professor of “Positive Psychology” and “Intro Economics” at Harvard University.
  3. 3. In this Ted Talk: Shawn discussed the secret to more efficient work. He believesthat happiness is the key to better work. Instead of working hard forsuccess and then trying to obtain happiness.
  4. 4. !   To capture the attention of the audience Shawn started off by telling a story about his childhood. He explained how one day he was playing war with his sister, and she fell off the bunk bed on all fours. He mentioned how he managed to sway her decision to cry and tell mom by telling her what she wanted to hear. Which was she looked like a unicorn.!   He managed to keep his audience intrigued by adding jokes and keep them laughing. Therefore it wouldn’t be boring and the audience wont fall asleep.
  5. 5. Dynamism Rating 5/5 I feel Shawn did a very good job by being dynamic and Positive in attitude.Throughout his whole lecture he was smiling, cracking jokes, interacting with the crowd. He maintained a professional speech and used a well put together slideshow to help prove his point. Other than that I really couldnt find a way to increase his dynamism.
  6. 6. Shawn used a couple tips from Garr Reynolds. For example,he knew what type of audience he was up against so he customized hismaterial to fit their entertainment. Also he added humor to his slideswhich is another tip from Garr.
  7. 7. On the other hand Shawn followed just about every tip fromNancy Duarte. He opened up his presentation with a story about hischild hood. He made sure his thesis and his whole presentation wasstructured and contrasting. And last but not least, he finishedpowerfully.
  8. 8. Since watching ShawnAnchor present, I feel I’velearned a lot about presentingand public speaking. Forinstance, keep the audienceentertained and never try to borethem. Keep a positive attitude bysmiling, joking, and even ask aquestion or 2 the audience.
  9. 9. Comparisons Shawn Anchor and Ken Robinson have many presenting qualities that are similar. For example, they both keep the audience entertained. Ken starts out by making jokes and telling stories and so doesAnchor. They both also followed Nancy and Garr’s Tips and delivered verysuccessful presentations. Also Both Ken and Shawn use personal experiences and the experiences of others to get their points across. They both used close family members and an occasional friend.
  10. 10. Contrasts Although Ken and Shawnhad many similarities, they haddifferences as well. For instance,Shawn used a slide show but Kendidn’t. Also Ken had his ted talkconverted into the whiteboarddarwings, and also used way morejokes and seemed more serious inhis approach. Shawn seemed likethe jokester by keeping a smile on,and having a fast pace to hispresentation.
  11. 11. In Conclusion, my tips to students for public speaking is to stay positive and try to speak clearly. Have a well thought out and planned presentation to deliver and try to make the audience for get they’re learningsomething important by making them laugh and entertaining them. Use funny stories, pictures, or just anything you can think of just to make your presentation one ok a kind.