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Website diary

  1. 1. Tre WallaceWebsite diaryI have created a bit of the website early and here is what I have done.What I have done is just the back ground which was done through the shape tool on rectangles. Therectangle tool is the third one down in the image posted just underneath.Here is what I have done up to now. I have coloured the boxes that I have created to do the layoutof my website and the colour of them are the colours planned.The next thing I did was created a new layer and called it buttons so I can start to create mynavigation. I the inserted a text box and write home into it, centred it inside the navigation bar.
  2. 2. Tre WallaceI then clicked over the home button and clicked modify. In the modify navigation table it says‘convert to symbol’ I clicked on that and it came up with the box below.
  3. 3. Tre WallaceI then changed the name to btn_home to show it is a button and I then changed the type to buttonto actually make the actual text a button and I then clicked ok.After creating the button, I then clicked over the button and it came up with the frames for thebutton. I then inserted a new key frame next to the original one and changed the text to orange so itwill work as a rollover button.
  4. 4. Tre WallaceI did this technique for more buttons so I have 5 in total. These buttons are the navigation to all thepages I will have on the website.After I created the navigation I went to file and went over import which then came up with importfrom library which I clicked. I then imported a file I had saved called assets which I had created tokeep the assets for my website all together. When the assets were imported it came up with a list inthe library of images and so on which I can now put onto my website.
  5. 5. Tre WallaceI then imported two images that I had found to use on my website. The images are the Australianflag and a map to show the different places in Australia to visit.
  6. 6. Tre WallaceI then imported the logo and fit it into the corner of the page so it has the logo apart of thebackground.After finishing the background of the website pages I decided to then insert the buttons into adifferent timeline so I can use them as the buttons as they are.I did this by creating a new timeline and cling on all the buttons created and pulled them over to theother timeline locking the other timeline so nothing is changed. But as nothing changed I deleted thebuttons of the background so it isn’t doubled over or needed.A labels and content timeline was then created so when I’m on labels I know the pages by name andcontent I know what pages need what content.On my first page home I inserted a pic I had on the background so it is only on the page I need it. Thetext next to it I inserted that with the text tool in the tool bar. The text is an introduction so peoplefeel welcome to the website and know what we are for.
  7. 7. Tre WallaceThe next page I was on was the hostels page. On the hostels page I have put a lot of text to explainabout the hostels and it is also a list of the hostels that we have with the explanation with it. The textwas way to long for the page so I decided to turn it into a scroll bar.
  8. 8. Tre WallaceTo get the scroll panel on your text you will have to make your text box smaller with the text set toscrollable which is in the properties bar. When the text is scrollable you then click on ‘window’‘motion presets’ ‘components when the box comes up and then you can look through till you see‘scrollpane’ when you click on this you just add it to the side of your text and you then have aworking stroller when you go onto the actual use of the page.
  9. 9. Tre WallaceOn the hostels page I wanted a slide show of images so to make that I had to create slides of imageswith the time line.I inserted an image into the new key frame I put I the time line outside of the space I was going toput it. I then held the ‘shift’ key and dragged the image into place and inserted a classic tween fromright clicking over the frame. I then added another key frame 35 frames down so it stays on the pagefor a second or so. Then I inserted other key frame 5 frames along so the image has a tween to leavethe page.
  10. 10. Tre WallaceHaving this first image set up to slide of the page I need a new image to slide on so I then added anew layer and inserted a key frame over the last five of the last frame which is the tween of it slidingoff the page.
  11. 11. Tre WallaceI then did this until all the images I have for this slide show re gone. At the end I had to insert theimage I started with to slide on so the images do not end going on in the rhythm.
  12. 12. Tre WallaceI then had to make a new layer called mask. I created the mask layer so I could mask the images thatare sl;iding on. As the images slide on they take up the room of the rest of the page so I inserted abox of where I only want the images to show and right clicked over the layer and clicked mask.
  13. 13. Tre WallaceAfter the first 2 pages being finished I then started on the about Oz page as it would be the easiestto finish. I inserted my text information into the green box as all then other pages and then I addedan input box from the components section so people could leave any comments or questions aboutthe site.Then using the same list of components I then clicked on thew3 button component and insertedunderneath the input box so the input can be submitted to the website owners.I then inserted the last bit of text so people know what the input box is for. This is so the people feelwelcome and free to ask or comment.
  14. 14. Tre WallaceFor my membership page I added lots of text boxes with the text that’s going to be needed to haveyou sign up to the websiteI then lined them all into position to be answered to sign up for the site and have a membership
  15. 15. Tre WallaceI then added a text input box next to each question so you can add in your information to sign up forus. The postal address is bigger as it will need more information as you may have a long roadaddress.
  16. 16. Tre WallaceTo change the sizes of the boxes you get a position and size table to help you adjust the size so theyare all equal. I also used the positioning to line all them together so none of them look out ofproportion.I then added a submit button using the same components box as the text input to make theinformation get submitted to the website.Booking page I have added my information that I am going to need to include for people to know thedates, prices and information on the website.
  17. 17. Tre WallaceI then added buttons so you actually book those holidays on the spot while you are actually on it soit saves you time and make sure you get a place.
  18. 18. Tre WallaceI then added a combo box from the components under the input box so I can add a list of months.When you change the months the dates will change.