Grow Your Network & Net-Worth With Linkedin


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Looking for a measurable ROI from your social media efforts? Linkedin is the LARGEST social networking site for Business Professionals looking to do more business! With over 120 Million members strong, Linkedin is essential to your success as a business professional today.

No matter what your current role, experience or job status, you will walk away from this Linkedin Training webinar with action items that will deliver results immediately! Trevor is going to give you inside information on how to use LInkedin to:

Control Your Personal Brand Online
Connect With Partners/Affiliates
Generate More Leads
Generate More Sales
Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website
Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, internet marketer or motivated professional, you need to leverage the power of Linkedin.

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Grow Your Network & Net-Worth With Linkedin

  1. 1. Grow Your NetworkAnd Net-Worth With
  2. 2. Agenda‣ Who Is Trevor Turnbull? ‣ Personal Branding‣ How Linkedin Can Help You! ‣ Why you can’t afford to ignore Linkedin ‣ The BIG Mistake People Make‣ Live Interactive Training ‣ Optimizing Your Profile ‣ Must Have Applications ‣ Building Your Network ‣ How Groups Can Grow Your Business‣ Free Resources‣ Questions
  3. 3. Who Is Trevor Turnbull? Hockey Player?
  4. 4. Who Is Trevor Turnbull? What Now?
  5. 5. Who Is Trevor Turnbull? Sales Guy?
  6. 6. Who Is Trevor Turnbull?
  7. 7. Who Is Trevor Turnbull?
  8. 8. Who Is Trevor Turnbull?
  9. 9. Personal Branding
  10. 10. Personal BrandingHockey Player? Sales Guy?
  11. 11. Personal Branding
  12. 12. Make Money
  13. 13. Why Linkedin?
  14. 14. You Can’t Ignore Linkedin‣ 135+ Million Members (4M+ In Canada)‣ 2 New Members Every Second‣ Executives From All Fortune 500 Companies‣ 45% Of Key Decision Makers On LinkedinBottom Line: The People You Need To Know Are On Linkedin!
  15. 15. You Can’t Ignore Linkedin ‣ Friends ‣ Alumni ‣ Colleagues ‣ Employees ‣ JV Partners ‣ Affiliates ‣ Clients ‣ Competitors
  16. 16. Looking For A Job?Tons of competition How Can You Stand Out?
  17. 17. How Do You Stand Out?Education Work Experience
  18. 18. NETWORKINGIt’s Not How Many People You KnowHow Many People Know You!
  19. 19. People Will Google You! What Will They Find?FIRST IMPRESSION IS CRITICAL
  20. 20. High Search Ranking Linkedin - #3 In Search Results!
  21. 21. The BIG Mistake
  22. 22. The BIG Mistake
  23. 23. Good Business Is Personal18 holes of match play will tell you more about your foe than 19 years of dealing with him across a desk Grantland Rice 20th Century American SportsWriter
  24. 24. Good Business Is PersonalLinkedin should not replace face-to-face networking, it should enhance it!!
  25. 25. Let’s Go To Linkedin!‣ Optimizing Your Profile ‣ Make Sure You Can Be Found ‣ Control What People Find‣ Must Have Applications ‣ Leave A Lasting Impression!‣ Building Your Network ‣ The Power Of Recommendations ‣ Connecting With Strangers (3X Rule)‣ How Groups Can Grow Your Business ‣ Finding Partners/Affiliates/Clients ‣ Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website
  26. 26. Resources ‣ Control Your Personal Brand ‣ Connect with Key Decision Makers ‣ Generate More Leads ‣ Generate More Sales ‣ Recruit The Best Employees ‣ Drive Targeted Traffic To your Website
  27. 27. Thank You Trevor Turnbull www.trevorturnbull.comQuestions?