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Social media for IR primer


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Brief overview of the benefits of using social media to enhance your company's investor relations program.

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Social media for IR primer

  1. 1. Social media for IR Get your company noticed
  2. 2. Share your story with a larger audience
  3. 3. Get much more out of your investor presentation
  4. 4. Use online video to effectively tell your story
  5. 5. Use video news releases to share significant news  Circulated to 500,000+ investors via Reuters  YouTube exposure
  6. 6. Provide more context with a corporate / IR blog
  7. 7. Expected Results:  Expand your reach  Targeted audiences  Bridge distances  Stay top of mind  Improve liquidity  Cost effective IR
  8. 8. 416.500.8061 | Social media for IR Get your company noticed