Five leading american companies


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This presentation profiles the organizational and communication structures of five of the world's most successful American companies--Walmart, Inc., Google, Inc.,, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., and Costco, Inc. Chronicling their beginnings, this presentation highlights the choices that led to the success and enormous influence these companies continue to have in our daily lives.

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Five leading american companies

  1. 1. Group II
  2. 2. WalMart Stores, Inc. American multinational retail corporation  Owns and operates large discount department stores and warehouses  The world's second largest public corporation (Fortune Magazine 2013)  Largest private employer (with over two million employees)  The World’s largest overall retailer Group II: Corporate Structures of Communication 2
  3. 3. Samuel Moore Walton, Founder & first CEO Born on March 29, 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Attended the University of Missouri, 1940 Served as a Captain during WWII in the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps (19421945) Gained his first retail experience in management at JC Penny Opened his first Walton’s Five and Dime store in Bentonville, AR, in 1951 Group II: Corporate Structures of Communication 3
  4. 4. Headquartered in Bentonvillie, AR, Walmart owns and operates 4,158 retail stores and 612 Sam’s Club wholesale stores in the United States; and 6,330 stores throughout the rest of the world. Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 4
  5. 5. Business Structure Three main business divisions: Wal-Mart Stores United States Wal-Mart International Sam’s Club Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 5
  6. 6. Structure of Divisions  consists of an overall president and chief executive officer  board of directors  Chairman  Chief Information Officer  Chief Financial Officer  Chief Operating Officer Additionally, there are three CEOs who oversee each business division (Walmart United States, Sam’s Club, and Walmart International). Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 6
  7. 7. Board of Directors Consist of a 16-member board of directors  a team of intelligent, diverse, and highly skilled business leaders and professionals     protects the interests of shareholders communicates the concerns of investors responsible for electing the overall president and CEO of the company are paid in stock, rather than cash, for their duties. Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 7
  8. 8. Board of Directors(CONT.) Among its 16-member panel, the current Board of Directors includes(clockwise):  Emeritus Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School James I. Cash Jr.  Retired Chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company Douglas N. Daft  Chairman and CEO of The Williams Capital Group, L.P. Christopher J. Williams,  President and CEO of Yahoo! Inc. Marrisa Mayer, Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 8
  9. 9. The Structure & Flow of CommunicationDirectors, and the Communication between shareholders, the Board of executive management team flow through several modes:  mail correspondence  Internet correspondence  annual shareholders’ meeting (in the state of Arkansas) External-operational communication, including:  release of quarterly earnings  future retail and consumer conferences  annual investment meetings  environmental summits All are made available in advance to shareholders through mailings and audio-recordings, and are also posted to the company’s web site Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 9
  10. 10. A Vector for Success The success of Walmart can be attributed to its:  careful alignment with the interests and needs of its consumers & investors  prudence in communicating and implementing changes  the strength of its internal and external operational communication modes Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 10
  11. 11. Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.  Berkshire Hathaway is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.  oversees and manages a large number of subsidiary companies, including:  Geico  Dairy Queen  Fruit of the Loom Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 11
  12. 12. Warren Edward Buffett, Chairman & CEO Born on August 30, 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska Attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln & Columbia Business School(in New York City) Named the top money manager of the Twentieth Century (by Carson Group) and the most influential global thinker (in Foreign Policy's 2010 report) Spearheads numerous philanthropic endeavors Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 12
  13. 13. Board of Directors  Presently consists of 12 members:  Two management directors  Two non-management  Eight independent directors  Consists of three committees:  Audit and Governance  Compensation and Nomination  Executive  Both the Audit and Governance & the Compensation and Nomination Committees consist solely of independent directors  The Company is required to elect a majority of directors who are independent Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 13
  14. 14. Structure of Communication  Communication with shareholders is carried out through two distinct modes:  Annual reports  Annual meetings  The organizational communication structure can be characterized as horizontal:  the flow of messages across functional areas at a given level, allowing those at the same level to engage more directly Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 14
  15. 15. Costco, Inc. Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational membership-based warehouse club.  Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington  Provides a wide array of merchandise at prices consistently below the traditional wholesale and retail outlets  Remains the third largest retailer and the largest membership ware0house chain in the United States Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 15
  16. 16. Jim Senegal and Jeffrey H. Brotman, Founders. A San Diego City College Alumnus, James Senegal went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University An attorney-at-law, Jeffrey H. Brotman, earned a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Washington Both men founded the first Costco warehouse in Seattle, Washington on September 15, 1983 Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 16
  17. 17. Board of Directors Consists of 13 members:  One Co-Founder  Chief Financial Officer  11 Independent directors  The Board has no size limits  Members can vote on the number of seats at any time  Nine of the members are external and spend their time handling the Stock Exchange and S.E.C. requirements for the company Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 17
  18. 18. Communication structure  Costco has an analysis of three levels:  segments  organizational structure  ownership composition  The entire board owns 2.4% of the voting rights in the company’s stock holdings Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 18
  19. 19. Google, Inc. Google Inc. is an American multinational technology company  Located in Mountain View, CA.  Focuses on connecting people with information at the fastest speed possible  Employs over 53 thousand people all worldwide  Became publicly owned in August of 2004  Is now considered one of the largest online search engines, with a financial value of 50 billion dollars Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 19
  20. 20. Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Founders An Alumnus of the University of Maryland, Sergey Brin went on to earn a Master of Science degree from Stanford University Larry Page has also earned a Master of Science from Stanford University Both men founded Google, Inc. on September 4, 1998 Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 20
  21. 21. Growth & Transparency  Publicly, Google is considered one of the “Darlings” of Wall Street due to its public transparency and providing the user with information at incredible speeds  With employees, stockholders, and investors all over the world, Google has been a leader in providing to the public new methods for business communication Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 21
  22. 22. Structure of Communication  employees are encouraged to contact CEO Larry Page or any other executive about company issues or ideas  encourages its employees to interact within or outside of their groups through the usage of worksite cafes  resembles that of a startup business.  empowers the employee to have an actual say in the company Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 22
  23. 23. Communication with Shareholders  Currently, the company has a 10-member board of directors, which acts in the interests of shareholders  The majority of the company’s conferences, quarterly earning meetings, and annual stockholders meetings are webcasted for its stockholders  Stockholders may also request email notifications of press releases and other news about the company Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 23
  24. 24. Amazon, Inc. Amazon, Inc. is an American multinational (Fortune 500) company specializing in electronic commerce  headquartered in Seattle, Washington  is a “customer-centric” company with separate retail sites dedicated to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, and India  has an extensive global network of customer service centers  has a diverse range of product offerings Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 24
  25. 25. Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO Earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Princeton University Gained much of his business experience during his time working on Wall Street for companies like Banker’s Trust and D.E Shaw & Co. Founded, Inc. in 1994 Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 25
  26. 26. Organization & Structure  Amazon’s corporate structure is multidivisional  Amazon is split in to 7 segments  Software development  Retail product management  Merchandising  Finance  Administration  Operations and customer service  Legal operations  Each segment has an overseer that reports directly to the Board of Directors Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 26
  27. 27. Organization(Cont.) The Board of Directors is comprised of:  Chief Executive Officer  Chief Technology Officer  Chief Financial Officer  Director Alaskan Cruises and Land Tours 27
  28. 28. Oversight & Compliance  Amazon’s Audit Committee  ensures that the company complies with all regulations in its financial reporting processes  requires that employees submit complaints of all instances of abuse, misuse, or engagement in illegal or questionable business practices  helps the Board of Directors in verifying accuracy of financial statements  addresses all financial concerns Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 28
  29. 29. Internal-Operational Communication Style  The company’s communication structure is somewhat informal  The most common way of communicating business-related messages within Amazon is through e-mail  employees are encouraged to voice any concerns directly to the Board of Directors via e-mail  The CEO regularly responds to employee e-mail messages and concerns, as well.  The company is constantly sending employees updates of legal notices and product updates as well as day -to-day information Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 29
  30. 30. External-Operational Communication Style  Consumer data is compiled through online surveys to evaluate how well the company meets its customers’ needs  Enables more direct and effective potential changes  Provides feedback in real-time  Provides a user-friendly interface for customers Group II: Corporate Structure of Communication 30
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