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A simple and concise book to help de-stress a busy mind

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Power of the heart book

  1. 1. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagher 1
  2. 2. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherPOWER OF THE HEARTFirst edition - April 2005ISBN 0-9750437-1-4Cover Design – Andrea BonelliCover Printing – Talbot PressCopyright © Trevor Gollagher 2005Published by Path to Harmony Centrewww.pathtoharmonycentre.comAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,including photocopying, recording or by any information storage andretrieval system, without permission from the publisher.2
  3. 3. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherINDEXIntroduction………………………………………………3Entrainment………………………………………………6The Heart versus the Mind……………………………10Swimming in the Pond…………………………..…….15Putting the Heart in Charge…………………….…….18Expanding & Allowing………………………...….……20Sitting in the Joy of Gratitude & Appreciation…....22The Big Two……………………………………………..24Love – The Master Healer……………………………..32Love – What is it Really………………………………..39Final Comments…………. …………………………….44Power of the Heart Retreat... …………………………46Path to Harmony Centre…………………….…………47Other books by the Author.................................…...49 3
  4. 4. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherTHE INTRODUCTION YOU SHOULDN’T SKIPWhen I first started working with the energy of the heart, I knew Iwas dealing with something very magical. Through deepening mywork with heart energy, I have seen hate, anger, anxiety and allnegative emotions and experiences simply melt under its power.I now know all forms of disharmony can be transformedmiraculously by connecting to it. When one is in its power, one isliving from truth. All of the delusions of life fall away under itsstrength. To this day, the power of the heart continues to amaze me.My life has been like that of most people - A mix of happy and sadtimes. I have experienced some quite awful periods in my life whereI have felt burdened by what life has dished up. Why me! I wouldoften say.When I have found myself in those moments of stress I have oftenstruggled to find a way out. I am sure you can relate to times in yourown life when everything just seemed to get too much. Lifesometimes gets overwhelming. The mind gets tense and yourthoughts can‟t find positives. It seems the more active the mindbecomes, the more stress and tension builds.This creates a never-ending downward spiral into the darkness ofnegativity. When the mind continually thinks in a negative way, itbecomes very hard to pull yourself out of it. Joy seems to take a bigside step around you. Have you ever noticed when one thing is notgoing right, everything seems to follow suit?Life just implodes on itself. Anxiety and worry enter, and before toolong you wind up miserable and frustrated. I know I have hadnumerous experiences like this. In these modern times it is becominga normal existence for a lot of people.4
  5. 5. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherThrough working with the heart I have noticed an interestingphenomenon. Every time I found myself thinking of the heart itpulled me into a peaceful and supportive space. It created an energywithin me that seemed to override any negative experience I washaving. Another thing I noticed was that when the energy of theheart was focussed on, the mind got quite. When the mind quietened,stress seemed to disappear.It became very clear to me that the mind was the creator of the buildup of stress and tension within my body. All of the thoughts andperceptions I held of situations that were presenting, were actuallythe cause of disharmony. I have also discovered that negativereactions of the mind are often a result of the fears that we hold.Negatives that pop up are just the resistance to seeing them.I have found that the mind and the heart are both very powerfulgenerators of energy. If I use them the right way, they can greatlyimpact on the quality of my life.One day while pondering the meaning of life through my navel athought came to me. What if I could turn up the energy of the heartand hold myself in its power on a continual basis. Would this mean Icould do away with all negatives in my life? Wow! What awonderful thought. Could this be possible?Every time my attention was on the heart it would build in intensity.It was like turning up the volume. As it came up, stress and tensionwent down. When this realisation occurred I started to experiment alittle. I initially started to sit and focus on the heart for about 10minsat a time to see what would happen.I found after doing this for some time, the calm feeling I wasexperiencing was staying with me even after I stopped focussing.The longer I did it, the longer it stayed. I got really excited about thisdiscovery. Could happiness be as simple as focussing on your heart? 5
  6. 6. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherThrough working with this energy I knew I could make myselfhappy when ever I wanted to. Simply by bringing my attention on tothe heart I could feel contentment. This worked for me every time.My negative mind yielded to my heart. By bringing my attention onto my heart, it turned up its volume and it drowned out the negativemind.This book is just one journey of discovery to truth. The techniquesand practices I have discovered, if used, will change your life. Thereis not one negative situation that cannot be dramatically improved byapplying the power of the heart.6
  7. 7. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherENTRAINMENTThe universal law of resonanceEntrainment, this is the technical aspect of the book. You know, thestuff you need to know to get the most out of this book. Once youunderstand this basic universal principle, you are going to changeyour life in a very positive way.Basically, the law of resonance states that when two energies comein contact with each other the less dominant frequency has to shift itsvibration to match that of the dominant one. It does not matter if theenergy is positive or negative, the most dominant will set the pace.If you own two or more clocks with swinging pendulums, (youknow, like a grandfather clock), you can see entrainment first hand.This experiment has been done many times with the same result. Putall the clocks next to each other making sure their pendulums are allswinging at different times. Then, leave the room for an hour or so.When you come back you will notice all the pendulums are nowswinging in unison.Why? Because the law of resonance came in to play and all thependulums came into vibrational match with the most dominant one.You can see entrainment working everywhere around you if youlook. Our whole lives are being governed by it. Who hasn‟texperienced feeling uneasy when an angry or aggressive personcomes into your space? Straight away their energy has an impact onyour own energy. You get affected by their intensity of vibration.You may have felt great before they came into the room, but nowyou start to tense up.Often when someone is angry, they have turned up the volume oftheir mind energy. This energy then becomes highly focussed andconcentrated. So if you are going about your day in a normal volume 7
  8. 8. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherof energy and all of a sudden a more highly concentrated energycomes near you, guess what happens. Yes, you guessed it; you willstart to come in line with the dominating energy because ofentrainment. Straight away you start to feel a little on edge oragitated.This is an example of a negative pulling a positive into its energy. Ofcourse you can bring a negative into a positive as well. In fact, this iswhat this entire book is about. How you can consciously change anynegative experience you may find yourself in, simply by workingwith the law of resonance.Boy, I wish I knew about this years ago. I would have saved myselfa lot of grief.As touched on in the introduction and further into the book, there aretwo very powerful generators of energy in the body - the mind andthe heart. Oh, by the way, if you skipped the introduction page likemost people do, then go back right now and read it. It adds to thepicture I am painting.All energy on this planet is a form of electromagnetic energy. Infact, the planet itself is the biggest generator of this energy. Weactually can align ourselves to this field which has a positive impacton our lives. One of my teachers, Naisha Ahsian created a wonderfulmeditation to connect with the energies of Earth. She calls thistechnique Primus Meditation. By working with the PrimusMeditation you entrain to its electromagnetic field. This allows youto keep energetic balance in these times of change. If you areinterested in this technique it is available on CD through my centre.Anyway, now comes the scary part.We as humans have invented some very powerful machines anddevices that emit concentrated energy. When we are near these8
  9. 9. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherinventions we can‟t help being influenced by them. Why? Because alot of them are emitting a much more concentrated energy than us.Sadly, most of our wonderful inventions of the last twenty years orso emit disharmonious energies. Ever wonder why there is so muchstress and tension around? One of the most common devices is themobile phone. I don‟t know about you, but I would never keep oneclose to my body because of entrainment.There are numerous inventions that create powerful forms ofconcentrated negative energy. Mobile phone towers, high tensilepower lines, TV‟s, computers, refrigerators, microwaves and radiowaves, all whizzing around in the air to name just a few.All of these things are playing havoc with your energies right now.Well right about now if you are contemplating ending it all andjumping off a cliff, hold on a second. It‟s not all doom and gloom.There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Because of the law ofresonance, we can override the negative by turning up our positiveenergy.Your heart is a centre which is able to generate Unconditional Love.Because of this, it is aligned with the almighty universalconsciousness. This consciousness is powerful. In fact, it‟s the „beall to end all‟ powers. Your heart has the capability of merging withthis all encompassing frequency. In so doing, you become the mostintense energy in any given situation. Because of entrainment youcan override any negative with it.If you turn your heart energy up, then until another frequency of ahigher intensity comes along you will continue to resonate andexperience life from that level.When another frequency comes in and holds more intensity thanyou, then you have to shift in vibration. If you don‟t like what the 9
  10. 10. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollaghershift did to you, the only way to change it is to turn up your volumeor introduce a more dominant frequency.Always keep in mind that entrainment (the law of resonance), is oneof your most powerful allies for a happy and prosperous life.By keeping your volume up, you lower the possibility of entrainingto an undesirable frequency. When your volume is low, you increasethe likelihood of swinging from one frequency to the next, whetherthey are harmonious or disharmonious. You become like a rag dollbeing fought over by two kids being pushed and pulled in alldirections.10
  11. 11. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherTHE HEART VERSUS THE MINDRealisations in the vege gardenHave you ever wondered what causes the body to get stressed? No, itis not the person in your office that‟s a pain in the neck causing it.Have you ever been aware of the mind when you are stressed?What normally happens within the body when you start gettinguptight?Well one day I got myself into a tizz about all the things I had to doand was at boiling point. I was sitting at my computer and justcouldn‟t take it anymore. The energy of the computer was pullingme into a resonant match with it and causing more negative stress. Ipushed my chair back and said enough is enough! So I stood up andwent outside and walked around in my vegetable garden to settledown.After a while, when my mind started to quieten, a light went oninside me. I realised that all the busyness in my mind turned up thevolume of the negative stresses. My mind was jumping from onethought to another and just getting tenser with unresolved questionsand issues. Turning my minds energy up would be fine if it was fullof happy things. But my mind was cluttered with anxieties andfrustrations about not getting things done.So what was I doing?Well, by focussing so much energy in the brain, I increased itsfrequency and turned it into the dominating energy in my body. Thisconcentrated and intense energy was one of disharmony. So becauseof the law of entrainment, my whole body had to come into line withits frequency. This meant I turned into a walking blob of tense, 11
  12. 12. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherstressed energy. Not only was I not coping in the head, but now mywhole body started to react in a negative way.My energy level dropped, I lost my ability to be productive and I feltheavy and burdened. Every part of me suffered as a result.In this state, it is impossible to get a resolution to anything. Sothings just keep tumbling away into chaos. Meanwhile back in thegarden, I think it was just as I walked past my cabbage patch thatanother thought popped into my head.Every negative experience I have ever had has started first asthoughts in my mind. All positive things I have experienced alwayshad an attached loving energy radiating out of my heart. Thepositives seemed to start in my body, and the negatives in my head.Think about this.Every time something doesn‟t go right, or you feel tense or agitatedin anyway, the mind seems to get tense as well, doesn‟t it?It seems to be part and parcel of the experience. The two go hand inhand.When you find yourself experiencing joy or happiness the mindbecomes less active. It seems that these experiences come more fromthe body.Well about now I was passing the bean trellis in my vege garden andmy realisations were going through the roof. I realised the mind wasa place of delusion and unrest and the heart was a place of truth andhappiness.If the cause of stress and burden was the result of the over-activity ofthe mind, then all I had to do was calm it. I figured by bringing myfocus onto another part of me and out of the mind, it should disrupt12
  13. 13. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherthe building momentum of mind energy. Therefore, the mind wouldnaturally calm and so should the rest of me.I sat down next to a chilli bush and pondered the best place withinmy body to fix my focus. Bingo! Of course, the heart is the centre oftruth and is said to be the place of Unconditional Love. What betterplace could there be?If by focussing intensely on the head pulls my whole body into itsenergy, then it should be the same for the heart. If I could turn thevolume up of my heart energy, then through the law of entrainmentmy whole body should vibrate at its frequency.Through past experience, I have found that touching and breathinginto the area I want to focus on, helped to strengthen the focus. Sohere I was sitting cross legged like a Buddha under my chilli bush.My hands on my heart, while at the same time visualising breathinginto it.If only the neighbours were watching, they would think I am crazierthen they initially thought. But then again, they might think I washaving a heart attack. Just look at the picture, Sitting on the groundin my vege patch holding my heart with a vague look on my face.Thankfully there were no sirens of an ambulance screaming downthe road.Okay back to the chilli bush. I have since called this focussing andbreathing technique Heart Breathing. Heart Breathing candisengage a stressed mind in an instant. By breathing into the heartwhilst focussing there, you turn up the volume of heart energy.Because of this, the loving characteristics of the heart start entrainingyour whole body.So put this book down now and bring your focus on to your physicalheart. Slowly breathe in with the intent it is going into the heart. 13
  14. 14. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherTake about 10 breaths in this way and see how you feel. When youfinish come back and continue reading.Welcome backWhat you are now experiencing is an energy shift from the headenergy to the heart energy. Feels good huh?Science has proven that the heart radiates an electromagnetic field ofapprox. 4 metres, while the brain radiates a field of approx. 1.4metres. No! That was not 14 metres for the brain it was one pointfour. It‟s quite amazing to think that the heart is more powerful thenthe brain. It is also recognised that the heart can think and in factholds a very high consciousness. This consciousness is directlyconnected to universal truth and love.The mind, on the other hand, holds the reality of its mouldedperceptions. These perceptions come from our life‟s conditioning,which I am sorry to say are all based on fear and delusion.Let me put this to you. If you had a choice of having your life run onfear and delusion or truth and love, which would you choose?You see your heart energy is very capable of running the wholeshow with love. It always makes the right choices; it energises youand continually supports health and happiness. That is of course, ifyou allow it to function and take control. But because we all tend tothink too much, we increase the energy of the brain and then itentrains the heart to take a less dominant role. The brain becomes theboss.Because of its conditioning, the brain just struggles along getting inthe way of itself, creating friction and stress. The results of this areall around you. Just look at everyone in your life, you won‟t have tolook too far to see what I mean.14
  15. 15. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherThe heart is more powerful then the brain. The mere fact it has abigger electromagnetic field than the brain tells us this. So it doesnot take a lot to make it the boss. Just by doing Heart Breathing youturn up its volume. In a very short time it entrains the brain.When the heart is in charge, everything becomes more positive andmore accurate decisions and choices are made. You get in the flowof universal truth and abundant joy becomes your normal state. 15
  16. 16. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherSWIMMING IN THE PONDIn any given moment we exist in an energy frequency pool (A bitlike a fish swimming in a pond). All possibilities of experiencereside within our field/pond.Let‟s pretend I am a fish for a moment. My day to day life as a fishtakes me to different parts of my pond and brings differentexperiences. I may swim past a big fish and it may decide to chaseme which may create fear in me. I might see a little creature walkingalong the bottom and I may decide to eat it. There are really endlesspossibilities.Many experiences can and could happen in my pond. Whatever livesin there with me can colour my day to day life. The realms ofpossibility for my life are governed by what resides in my pond.So being run over by a car could not happen in my pond because itsimply is not within the realm of possibilities. Why? Because carsdon‟t live in my pond. I can only experience from my pond offrequency.Now once again let‟s step out of my imaginary pond and let mebecome human again and take a look at my life. I too have a band ofenergy frequencies like the pond that I reside in. All possibilities ofexperience that I can present to myself come from within this pool. Ican only experience energy that I am resonant with or compatible to.This is my pool.So for me to experience harmony and happiness I would need toexist in a frequency band/pool that is able to resonate with thisfrequency. I need to swim in the pond that holds this frequency.To paint another picture here let‟s associate the vibrational band offrequency with numbers. Let‟s say my pond carries the band of16
  17. 17. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherfrequencies from one to ten. So my current existence within thispond can only give me the experience of one or combinations of thenumbers one to ten. I can‟t experience the number fourteen, forexample, because it is not a part of my number pool.Now let‟s say I was a very negative person. You know the type, agrumpy old bugger full of judgements, anger and criticisms, neverhappy and always something going wrong. How I am energeticallydictates the pond I belong to. This is the case because whateverexperience I am having must be within my ability to resonate with it.I attract to me (because of the law of attraction) what I am creating.My pool is a reflection of my personal vibration. In other words mythoughts, words and actions dictate my pond type.Okay, let‟s give these negative energies the number values of one toten. The more positive energies of life like happiness and love etc.we will give the number values of eleven to twenty.It is impossible for me to experience love in the one to ten band I amresiding in because it does not exist in this pool. I can run around allday trying to find love but it just can‟t happen. It does not matterwhat I do, if I belong to the vibrations of one to ten, I can‟t have afourteen.The only way for me to experience this fourteen is to change orexpand my energy pool to incorporate it. When a shift in frequencyoccurs within my energies, it opens me up to a different pool ofpossibilities.Let‟s now tie this concept in with the power of the heart. As I haveand will discuss throughout this book, the mind is a place of negativecreation and the heart is a place of truth and love.Working with the number scale again let‟s give the mind one to ten,and the heart the eleven to twenty scale. This presents to me achoice. I can swim in the one to ten pond or move into the eleven to 17
  18. 18. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollaghertwenty pond. Remember, if I live in the one to ten pond I cannotpossibly experience a eleven to twenty number.When I increase my energy vibration, I open my life up to greaterpossibilities. If I change pools into a higher number I afford myselfopportunity to experience love and happiness. I move into thepotential vibration of positives.What‟s the best way to increase my vibration?Well one of the best increasers of energy available to me is the heart.As I continually raise my frequency from working with the heart, Ibring to me a bigger pool of possibilities.Really it‟s not that I change pools, I just make my existing poolbigger. Swim fast into the heart little fish This is where truth lies This is where Love resides The ocean of unlimited possibilities of peace and contentment is waiting for you to swimWe all can have whatever we desire simply by bringing our pondinto the resonant band of our desires. If you swim in the ocean ofyour desires, you must get wet.18
  19. 19. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherPUTTING THE HEART IN CHARGEWhen we turn up the heart, it takes control. The universal truth at itscore then governs all reactions and responses within the body/mind.The mind then becomes the servant of the heart and not the otherway around. The character of the heart colours everything. I havefound things seem to fall into place when I function from a heartlevel.I make better decisions, I become more involved with my life and anoverall wellbeing emerges. My coping mechanisms also greatlyimprove. All judgements, criticisms, and negative emotions fadeaway. I become less attached to outcomes and therefore less affectedby them. Everything frees up in my life and I become more joyfuland loving.The loving energy of the heart seems to take over. Because of this italso has a healing affect on the body. Recovery times from illnessquicken and symptoms just disappear.I once taught Heart Breathing to someone who had chronic jointpain. Within 3 weeks his pain was totally gone.Wow! The Power of the Heart.Throughout the day he would sit and breathe into the heart for about10 mins at a time. He would repeat this about 8 times throughout theday. Before learning to Heart Breathe he was taking quite strongpain killers to alleviate the pain. From working with the heart, thepain has gone and his quality of life greatly improved.He has continued the exercise, not for the pain, as he has none, butbecause he enjoys the feeling of the turned up heart energy runningthrough his body. He also enjoys the clarity and new found energy ithas given him. 19
  20. 20. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherThrough Heart Breathing you put the heart in charge. The more youpractise, the longer you stay in its energy. I highly recommendpractising it numerous times through the day. Even just 10 breaths ata time does wonders.On the day I lost the plot sitting at my computer I was able to turnmy whole energy around simply from Heart Breathing. So next timeyou find yourself stressing over some issue or person at work or anyother place. Just sit and breathe, you will be amazed at the results.By doing this you will become much more objective in regards tothe stressful situation. It will give you a calm space to re-focus.Maybe then, you will see it in a different light and no longer allowyourself to stress out.20
  21. 21. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherEXPANDING & ALLOWINGFrom the day I had my realisations about the power of the heart, Ihave continued on a regular basis to sit like a Buddha under mychilli bush. I have occasionally tried a banana tree as well for adifferent perspective. Anyway, while heart breathing one day I cameup with an extension on the basic technique.On the in breath I would breathe into the heart, but on the out breath,I would expand the heart energy through my entire body. Once Ifilled my entire body with its energy, I would then extend it out tofill my entire energy field.By sitting immersed in this flow of heart energy, I changed my entirefrequency to one of love. My whole body carried the power of theheart.This is an experience you just have to try.Any negative feelings or emotions you may currently have justdissolve into this beautiful energy. Whilst in this space, all yourworries disappear.Now I am not saying they won‟t come back, but this exercise willgive you space from the negatives in your life. It will also re-energise your system, increase your energy levels. Each time youheart breathe and expand, you are learning to function from a morepositive and loving place. If you practise this often, through time, itbecomes your normal state of living. You truly start to live from theheart and your life becomes full of its characteristics of love,compassion and appreciation.To increase the affect of this method, bring yourself in to a state of„allowing‟ the process to happen. I have found every time I enterinto this expanded state, if I drop all defences and just „be‟, it 21
  22. 22. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherintensifies the experience and benefit. I detach from everything andjust stay fully open in the moment. From doing this, it seems to holdme in the energy of love long after I stop the heart breathing.I should mention though, I found allowing not as easy as it sounds.To open my body and energies up to love, means I had to expose allof the things I have held onto that are not of this energy. When I firstattempted to open up, I felt very vulnerable. In fact, there was a fearof letting go of my normal state. To allow, I had to let go. To let go,meant I had to allow myself to drop all the negatives that wereresisting the new loving energy.If you can get yourself into an allowing place, resistance will drop,and the energy of love will envelope you. When I find myself in thisloving state, I can‟t help but feel gratitude and appreciation for mylife.22
  23. 23. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherSITTING IN THE JOY OF GRATITUDE &APPRECIATIONThe more I sit and „Heart Breathe‟, I find the characteristics of theheart arise. Love, Joy, Gratitude and Appreciation build within. Ihave been practising this technique for quite a while now and havenoticed they are becoming a normal part of my life. It has actuallygot to a stage of, if I am not feeling Love, Joy, etc, it feels unusual.It‟s almost like a contrary to a normal state of life. It feels awkward.I know if I am not in a state of gratitude and appreciation I am toomuch in my head. In this state, I am feeding the volume of the brain.If I do this enough it will pull me out of heart energy and negativesslowly start creeping back in.When I am in a state of gratitude and appreciation there is notension, stress or any disharmonious feeling within my body/mind.Simply by Heart Breathing I am changing my experience of life toone of happiness. When I continually turn the volume up of my heartit dissolves negative experience.Sitting in the energy of „gratitude‟, „appreciation‟ and „allowing‟causes joy to grow within. This has such a positive healing affect onmy life. No longer do the day to day stresses and burdens seem tomatter.When I heart breathe and expand it through my body I often bringmy focus on to how good my life is. Appreciating the quality of lifejust snowballs the whole energy. Because of the universal law ofattraction I bring to myself more of this loving and abundant energy.Everything prospers as a result.Once again, by using the allowing process when you are in a state ofappreciation it makes a big difference. It turns up its volume.Opening up to the energy of appreciation and just immersing 23
  24. 24. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagheryourself in its flow let‟s you decrease negative resistance. The powerof appreciation is immense.The more you can embrace the qualities of the heart, the more youwill live and function from this level. I can say with a certainty, thatliving from the heart makes your life abundant. It is your true path tohappiness, joy and prosperity.Gratitude and Appreciation are very powerful energies for anabundant life so let‟s recap on a great technique.Sit yourself down and take some slow deep breaths. Bring yourfocus on to the heart centre and breathe into it. Think of all thereasons to have gratitude and appreciation. As you breathe in to theheart directly intend to feel their qualities grow stronger and strongerwithin. Keep breathing and expand the energy of gratitude andappreciation to fill your whole body. Once you feel this, just sit in itsenergy and allow it to flow.By sitting this way for 5 to 10 mins. or so on a regular basis allnegatives in your life will eventually disappear. Another wonderfulside benefit of the practice is that you will entrain people around youinto its energy as well. Wow!Enjoy it.24
  25. 25. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherTHE BIG TWOThe Universal Laws of Resonance & AttractionThe day I discovered the importance of universal law it changed mylife. There are many universal laws, but two play a big part in ourlives. They go hand in hand with each other. These two laws are theLaw of Resonance and the Law of Attraction.I have already dealt with the law of resonance in earlier chapters butto refresh your memory. The law of resonance states that when twovibrations come together, the less dominate frequency has to shift itsvibration to match that of the dominant one. This has to happen tocreate energy balance.In all areas of your life this law outplays within your experience.When there is a dominant energy, everything else has to come in linewith it. So if you‟re intense in your head, it entrains your wholebody. If you are intense in the heart, the same thing happens. Beaware, that if you are being exposed to a condensed, vibrationallyloud energy frequency, positive or negative, you will come intovibrational match with it. Universal law states that it can‟t be anyother way.Okay! I hear your next question. What if two energies are simular inintensity, what happens?When two energies are close in frequency they actually create a thirdharmonic frequency and both become that vibration. This creates aslight shift for both energies as they become a combination of both.The law of attraction is yet another universal law that plays a bigpart in our life. The law of attraction states what you create, youattract back to yourself. Or put another way, what you give, you getback. 25
  26. 26. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherIn my previous book, “A Path to Harmony”, I go into great detail ofhow this law can be used to bring happiness to your life. Butbasically, what energy you create in your life you get back. Everytime you think, say or do anything, you are changing your state ofvibration. This shift in frequency is your universal language. It‟show you tell the universe what you want.This is why so many people are always struggling with their lives.They want certain things in their life, but often are creating anopposing energy. They are out of sync with their intentions. Forexample, they may want happiness and they do every thing they feelwill give them that result. But on another level they may becriticising or judging others. This changes their frequency and theuniverse responds.The law of attraction works on the vibration you are creating. Forexample, when you think a negative thought towards someone, let‟suse the above example of judgement, the energy of that judgementimpacts on your overall energy. When you change your energy withthe frequency of judgement, you are telling the universe you wantmore opportunity to judge.See the picture?You can‟t deceive the universe. It‟s very black and white. You dothis, and that will be the result. No ifs, buts or maybes. You createenergy, even if you are not aware of it. You change your frequencyand yet again the universe responds.Are you aware that you are a big blob of subtle vibrating energy?That sounds great doesn‟t it?You are made up of literally thousands of different energies allswirling around in and outside of your physical body. Every part ofyou is a form of energy vibration.26
  27. 27. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherEvery time you do anything whether it‟s thinking, saying or doingsomething, you are changing your energy frequency. This changesthe overall „vibrational you‟.When this happens, the universe responds to the new you. You arecontinually attracting back to you what you are, vibrationallyspeaking.Spooky stuff huh!I highly recommend you take a long, hard think about the law ofattraction.What are you currently telling the universe through the vibration ofyour words, thoughts and actions?All universal laws are there to give you tools to create an abundantlife. It‟s only our lack of understanding of them that creates thenegatives.When you realise how the laws of resonance and attraction work,you can change your life in a very powerful way. Why struggle toattain happiness when you have the whole universe to help you.I think I would rather go in to bat with the universe team than alone.It makes life much easier. In a real sense you are either working withthe universe to give you abundance or you are working against itsnatural flow creating disharmony. You cannot step outside of this,you have to play. It is the way you and the universe work.Okay, so how can we combine the two laws and get abundantlyhappy?Well the first step is “really understanding” how they function. 27
  28. 28. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherSo you know that everything you do (thoughts, words and actions)create a change in your energy. And you now know whatever energyyou are vibrating at tells the universe what you want. Rememberyour vibration is your universal language.So now you have a choice to make.Do you want the universe to give you harmonious things ordisharmonious things? I would assume you said harmonious.Well this is really simple then.From now on you need to be “very mindful” of what you arecreating. Every time you think, say or do, your above choice comesinto play – disharmony or harmony.Be aware of what you are creating. That‟s all it takes.All experiences have a positive twist. It only takes a shift inperception to see. I recommend you read, my last book – “A Path toHarmony”. This will give you an understanding of how to shiftperception.Okay, I can almost hear someone saying; well what about the thingsthat come into my thoughts automatically? I don‟t have any controlover these things do I?Doesn‟t matter how much I Heart Breathe, this will not change theautomatic reactions and thoughts popping into my head.Well at this stage no it won‟t. The reason for this is that yoursubconscious mind has what I call perceptional patterns. Theautomatic reactions and things that pop into your head happen as aresult of these patterns.28
  29. 29. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherYou look at life from the perceptions you hold. I am sure you wouldagree on this fact. These perceptions were moulded from theperceptions of your parents and the people that were in your life at ayoung age.Your life was indeed shaped from your early years. These yearsimprinted into your subconscious mind certain responsemechanisms. The subconscious mind is an interesting thing. It isextremely obedient to the conscious mind. Whatever the consciousmind tells it, it believes and obeys.It does something else that is quite amazing as well. It storesautomatic responses to repetitious perceptions. If we repeat aresponse or reaction to a situation enough the subconscious mindtakes note and creates a memory pattern.In so doing, it helps the conscious mind by allowing things toautomatically unfold. Wow!This is great as long as the automatic responses are generatingharmonious energies. Ahh! But you guessed it. For most peoplethese subconscious patternings (as I call these automaticreactions/responses) are mostly negative in nature.Why is this? Well, simply because the majority of perceptions thatwe hold are manufactured from fear. You see your parents, blesstheir souls, moulded „your‟ life through „their‟ perceptions. Theirperceptions were moulded by their parents and so on and so on.Some of these perceptions carry all the fears and negativeexperiences they have accumulated for generations after generations.Once again, why is this so?Well simply because most people are living their lives from the brainenergy and not from the truthful heart. Brain energy is always under 29
  30. 30. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherthe influence of fear, judgement, worry and negative stress. It can‟tmake clear decisions due to its attachment to all of these negatives.Whatever decisions are made are tarnished in some way as a result.Through repetition of the way we react or respond to the things weattract to ourselves, we create subconscious patterns.Repetition deepens and strengthens these patterns.Once they become deeply ingrained we really have no choice overour responses/reactions. They are like deep grooves that we fall intoevery time we present to ourselves experiences. The subconsciousmind sets pre-grooved pathways for us to move down to make themind more efficient. I find this absolutely amazing.A lot of our reactions are unavoidable simply because of our deepingrained patterning.Well, can we change the patterns? Answer – Yes!Fortunately, these subconscious patterns can be changed simplythrough repetition and changing the response to the situations thatcome to us. This is where we can use the power of the two universallaws – Attraction and Resonance.Okay, let‟s start you down the road of changing your life to a placeof love and happiness.The first step is awareness. You have to be alert to a negativeresponse to any given situation. As soon as the subconsciousperceives a negative experience you automatically fall into aningrained pattern (your usual response). This is an automaticpathway, remember, so you don‟t have much say in it. What youneed to do is - as soon as you recognise you are going into a negativepattern you need to change your response into one of love.30
  31. 31. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherWhen you do this, the subconscious mind goes; alright the mind haschanged its response. If it (this is the subconscious mind talkingnow) keeps doing this I will have to create a new response pattern.So through repetition you reprogram a new response and thesubconscious will create a new response pattern to once again makethe mind function more efficiently.Bingo! You have now dissolved the old pattern and now have a newpositive pattern.Now I should point out this pattern shift will not happen in a week.You probably have had most of your patterns all your life, so it willtake some time to change them. But change they will if you‟reconsistent with your shift in response.To support you in your shift you can draw on the power of the heartthrough resonance. If you can‟t seem to find a way to positivelyrespond when you recognise, then go to the heart and breathe. Askyourself the question – how can I respond in a positive way. Justdwell in the heart and eventually an answer will come. If for somereason it doesn‟t, then just be in the heart.Simply being in the heart energy is in itself a positive new responseand it will change the old pattern. The heart energy is positive,intelligent and loving. At the very least, your new pattern will carrythese qualities of the heart.Let‟s have a bit of an overview of how you can now change your lifeby working with the two laws.So to change your negative patterns and life you need to be aware ofthe law of attraction – what you give out energetically, you will getback. 31
  32. 32. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherMake changes now in your reactions and responses to always carrypositive energy. In so doing, you work with the law of attraction tocreate positively. If you can‟t shift your perceptions then read mylast book – “A Path to Harmony”.Next, short circuit your old subconscious patterns with new positiveresponses. If all else fails draw on the law of resonance.The law of resonance states that when two vibrations come together,the less dominant frequency has to shift its vibration to match that ofthe dominant one. So by turning up the volume of the heart youbring any negative response/reaction into resonance with the heartenergy characteristics.There you have it – the recipe of a happy and abundant life.32
  33. 33. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherLOVE - THE MASTER HEALERWhen I find myself in the energy of love I am so happy. I find anylittle niggly ache or pain in the body just disappears. I have moreenergy and feel so alive. I sleep better, I wake refreshed and mywhole day just goes perfectly.Through my personal experiences and studies I have found out why.You see, all negative afflictions stem from disharmonious vibrationswithin the body. As mentioned earlier, most of these negativeenergies are created out of the mind. Exceptions to the rule are thenegative energies we come into contact with that are higher involume. Remember the law of entrainment and how it works.When we open up to the power of the heart, we open the mostpowerful healing energy available. All negatives can be dissolved byturning up the volume of the heart energy.Why can the heart energy do this?Put simply, it is Unconditional Love and all of the qualitiesassociated with it.Physics tells us that everything is energy. Broadly speaking there aretwo aspects to this one energy that everything is a part of –disharmonious energy & harmonious energy. All things that affectyou in a negative way happen as a result of vibrating from thedisharmonious aspect. And of course the entire range of positiveexperiences of life from the harmonious side of the spectrum.The characteristics of the extreme ends of each aspect contain theroot cause of all experience. For the disharmonious end it is fear.From the harmonious end, it‟s Unconditional Love. So all negativeexperience stems from a fear, and all positive stems from love. The 33
  34. 34. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagheronly thing that can bring health, happiness and wholeness to life isenergy from the harmonious side. The more powerful the positive,the more impact it will have on your life.Please, right now, ask yourself a question. What energy is currentlyentraining your life? Is it from the fear or love end of energy?As the chapter title suggests, love is the master healer. For manyyears now I have been aware of the healing power of UnconditionalLove. I have continually searched for ways to generate more of itand looked for ways to rid myself of what is not of lovecontinuously.From personal experience, I have been able to accelerate healing,dissolve anger, fear, worry and stress simply by introducingUnconditional Love into the picture. This has worked for me andalso for people I have worked with in my clinic. This is not a quickfix miracle cure, as they don‟t exist, but with some commitment toself and effort you can move mountains.I have meditated on the quality of love and have done things thatgave me opportunity to experience its true power. Many techniques Ihave used throughout the years have instilled a great sense of peaceand calmness. Love has brought me contentment to life anddetachment from its ups and downs. The waves on the ocean havecalmed to reflect a stillness of a lake.However, every now and then I find myself capsizing the boat bybeing caught up in the head or entrainment from externalexperiences. But I have found support and comfort in the heartsimply by turning its volume up.So how can you start to work with love more to heal your life?Well, I could just simply write down all of the techniques and ways Ihave used over the years. But that would take a complete book in34
  35. 35. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagheritself and really it is not needed. I keep hearing one of my oldteachers saying to me „keep it simple stupid’. Yes it does not have tobe a big complicated procedure to be effective. Quite the contrary,the strength of everything lies in the simplistics of what it is. That‟sanother one of my teachers popping up in my head.Let‟s keep within the flow of the book and work with universal lawsand the heart. Heart Breathing will turn up the energy of the heartand allow it to take over the running of the body/mind. This in itselfwill bring up the energy of love and its qualities. I recommend youregularly Heart Breathe as an ongoing development and maintenancesystem.But let‟s say you have a situation popping up in your life that‟stroubling you. Or maybe an old issue that won‟t go away. Youknow, that hang up over someone or thing. To paint some pictureshere I will give some examples of issues and ways to correct them.Example one:You just lost your job and you‟re at an age where it may be difficultto find another. You are still paying off the new car and house andlife starts to look real grim. You have a fear of not coping and “howwill I manage?” Anxiety starts to creep into your life and is startingto grow into panic. What can you do about this?Well there are a few things happening here.One - the mind is working overtime at generating the disharmoniousend of the energy spectrum – fear. This is causing the doubt andanxiety and is tumbling you into a spiral downwards to a very scaryplace.Two – With all of this active focus in the head you are turning up itsvolume and your whole body is being entrained to the negativefrequency you are generating. 35
  36. 36. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherYou become the frequency of fear and disharmony. This will onlyincrease your inability to find light at the end of the tunnel. All ofyour normal decision making process will cease to function correctlyand everything will be clouded with negative burden. A personwould find it very hard to pull themselves out of this state.What normally happens to people in this situation is they find theirblood pressure goes up. Stress levels jump through the roof and mostpeople will either run for an energy support blanket or end up at thedoctors being prescribed antidepressant pills.I often see people hitting the booze or drugs for support and a bit ofrelief. While this may help them to feel a bit better it is only addingto the problem in the long run.The first thing that needs doing here is to start bringing up thevolume of the heart energy to a point where it will entrain the brain.This will give clear insight and direction and will dissolve theheaviness of the situation. It will give you some breathing space.You see, all of this intense state is only happening because of themind. It makes a bigger, scarier picture than what really is.Heart Breathing and expanding technique will do wonders here aswell. But to give this whole process a bit more of a kick we alsoneed to look at the negative emotions that are bubbling away. Theseneed to be dealt with quickly otherwise they will increase anddeepen existing subconscious patterns.A way of dissolving them is to work with the power of love.So what we will do here is Heart Breathe and expand. Remember inprevious chapters I talked about breathing into the heart and exhaleits energy out in to the body and fields. Okay, when you are in thatheart space bring your focus onto the energy of Unconditional Love.Directly intend to experience its quality. To help you here you may36
  37. 37. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherfind it easier to remember a loving experience you have had in yourlife. This will give you a direct energy to connect with.Once you have this loving energy in your body, then bring thenegative emotion into the heart and allow the energy of love todissolve it. Visualise it dissolving into love and know in your heartthat it is gone.The best way to do this is to isolate each emotion you are feeling andbring one in at a time. Let‟s say you feel scared, well, bring thatenergy in and dissolve it. Then the energy of anxiety, bring it in anddissolve it and so on and so on.If these techniques are done frequently throughout the day you willturn around the negatives. In so doing, new opportunities andinsights will come into your life. You see, when you are holdingyour frequency in the energy of love, positive abundance has tocome to you because of universal law.Example two:You had a very bad childhood and your father really abused you andever since then you have disliked men. You also weren‟t givenrecognition as a child and because of that you have felt second rateand have sought approval from your associates ever since. You tendto always have something to say that makes you feel important tomake up for the lack of value you were shown when young. Itbecomes a life of justifying your existence. This simply hashappened from the lack of love from others and most importantlylack of self love.Okay, what to do with this situation?Once again the only way to fix it is with love. Both issues here areingrained subconscious patterns considering they have been there formost of the person‟s life. First thing we have to do is be true to our 37
  38. 38. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherself and recognise we have issues. Next we take a look at them oneby one as with last example. Because of the negative experiencewith the father, other males could trigger fears connected to him. Soas with first example we heart breathe, expand and bring our intenton to directly feeling the energy of love within the heart. Once we dothat then we bring the energy of the fear into heart and dissolve it.The second issue, the one of lack of value can be dissolved the sameway. Also another way of working on both of them is to bring theenergy of love to the area in the body we are storing it in.Yes, theseissues are patterns in the subconscious, but we also hold onto theseenergies within the cells of the body.So we connect with the energy of love via our technique then whatyou can do is take that energy to the place or places it is stored. Onceyou are in the energy of love, search your body for the stored energyof the issue. At this stage you can also ask your heart to tell you, asthe heart has all the correct answers. Once you locate it, breathe theenergy of love into the area to dissolve it. If you can‟t find it thenjust intend to bring it into the heart.Example three:This person has chronic arthritis in the hands and it seems to begetting worse.With this we can just use the breathing, expanding and experiencinglove energy. Make sure we are really focussed on the love energymoving into the hands. As we expand the love energy out, feel itdissolving the pain and the cause of it.So there you have it. These three examples have given you the ideaof how to work with the master healer – Love. Whatever you want tochange in your mind, body and spirit this technique will work. I haveused these simply techniques many times with great results.38
  39. 39. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherRemember though, nothing comes for nothing. It requires effort andfocus to get results. These techniques have never let me down.Sometimes they may take a while to kick in so don‟t be disheartenedif it does not seem to be working. Persevere; it just may take a bitlonger.The basic Heart Breathing is the most important part. If you do thisoften it will turn your life around. The heart truly is the place ofunconditional love and if you regularly focus there, you will entrainto it.Also it is a good idea once you do any of these techniques to finishwith five minutes or so dwelling in appreciation and gratitude. 39
  40. 40. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherLOVE - WHAT IS IT REALLYAt this point I should also talk about the difference betweenunconditional love and conditional love. Many people think they areliving their life from love and still wonder why life seems to haveturmoil. I often get asked why this can be. People often mistake truelove (Unconditional Love) with false love or man-made love(Conditional Love).True love is when you allow the flow of life to move through youwithout being attached. Seeing all things in life as equal and joyfulopportunities of experiential growth allows you to live withgratitude. Just „being‟ in a state of „loving appreciation‟ for allexperience, no judgements or conditions – this is true love.I was sitting and meditating one day and realised that mostrelationships are built on false love – I love you but if you do that Iwill not love you. I looked at all the many relationships I have hadover the years and realised they all had conditions attached to them.All relationships, either personal, business, or general friends orassociates, were all built on conditional love.Why didn‟t I see this years ago. Of course if I put conditions onpeople and situations, I don‟t allow them to unfold naturally. Thishas to compromise their life in some way and would eventually leadto resentment on some level.Sitting in my meditation I realised that conditions only serve onepurpose, they create restrictions. Any form of restriction in arelationship or life will ultimately bring repression or break down ofcommunication. This will plant the seeds of eventual conflict.I look around at the people I have met and are currently in my lifeand can see what can happen from restrictions. In relationships,40
  41. 41. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherwhere either one or both partners suppress their issues they end upgrowing old, sick and miserable, or they eventually fight so muchthey break up. Both outcomes are not ideal.I have found by living from Unconditional Love, I live life the wayit is meant to be. When I hop into the flow so to speak ofUnconditional Love, I step into the natural resonance of theuniverse. When I place no restrictions on my self, my life is allowedto unfold perfectly. I know I can‟t avoid an abundant life if Iresonate Unconditional Love, as this is my God-given right.I used to struggle a lot with my life by holding on to my mouldedperceptions. My active mind was always putting conditions andpains into the picture which only pulled me away from what wasrightfully mine. Love of the unconditional kind truly is my and yourtrue state of existence, and one that should be cherished.When I first started to look at how I could live from a state ofUnconditional Love, I realised it required a deep hard look at what Iwas creating. We, as humans, tend to bash ourselves up with theenergetic abuse we inflict on our lives. I knew the lack ofcontentment within my life was an indicator of the lack ofUnconditional Love I held for myself.Let me tell you a little secret.Do you know the purpose of life?Well, if you said to work hard and to accumulate mass amounts ofmoney or get married and build a house and have kids, you would belike most people. You would also be wrong.I am not saying it is wrong to have these things. Quite the contrary,by developing Unconditional Love you will find a much deeperrichness in all of your experiences. I have found the more I truly 41
  42. 42. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollagherlove, the more things I like come into my life. This is the universerepaying me in kind for the wonderful energy I radiate.If I am “unconditionally loving”, the universe gives me moreopportunity to experience it. Remember like attracts like. Findingyour way to your true state of unconditional love is your purpose, allthe other stuff is just experience.I have come to know the purpose of life is to recognise my true stateof existence. I know that you and I and everyone on this planet is adivine spark of God. This spark is the very essence of UnconditionalLove. This is who I am. This is all I have ever been.My mind and my attachments to material things and people haveprevented me from seeing who I really am (a being of pureUnconditional Love). When I become attached to outcomes andsituations, I step away from the real me. I make it a little harder torecognise my true essence of love.In the past, I have found conditional love breeds communicationbreakdown. We, as a race, tend not to fully communicate ourthoughts and feelings. Why? Because of fears we hold and theconditions and perceptions we have as a result. If we didn‟t haveconditions on our relationships with people we would not hold backour communication of what we are thinking and feeling.Have you ever wondered where all of those suppressed things youwished you could say to people go? I have sat for hours thinkingabout this. Some people might call me weird for doing this but Ioften sit and contemplate life‟s little quirks. Try it sometime it helpsdeepen your understanding of life.All uncommunicated thoughts and words clutter up our energeticsystem and take us away from experiencing Unconditional Love.They bind us in delusion and struggle. Eventually if we continue to42
  43. 43. Power of the Heart – Trevor Gollaghernot communicate we will block up our energy channels and we willget sick. It‟s that simple.To live life “unconditionally” means to live from your true state ofbeing. Your heart is the centre of Unconditional Love, that‟s whywhen you turn up its energy you truly live.My meditations have taught me the importance of living life withlove. I now do everything possible to develop my ability to createfrom an unconditional level. The more I can drop judgement of selfand others, the more I live in the energy of happiness. I make it apriority in my life to work hard on doing away with all attachments.I used to be absolutely scared to express myself. But really, ifsomeone has an issue with me truthfully communicating to them,well it‟s their issue, not mine. If they take it the wrong way, then thatis their choice. All I can do to help the situation is to direct lovetowards them and offer them appreciation.I have learned to have more acceptance of all life‟s situations. If Itruly want the best for myself in this life, then I have to allow mytrue essence to emerge from within. By extending love out intoevery situation and to every person I come into contact with, I helpmyself to unfold with love. I do this out of joy and reverence for alllife and not for gain.It is the purpose of life to attract to ourselves all experiences and toreach a point in our evolvement to be non-attached to all experience.There is no good or bad, there is only experience for growth. Be inlove with this journey through your experience. Honour yourself andothers, and all things with unconditional love.When you can see the beauty and perfection in all life, you will trulyunderstand this journey. You will know that everything is perfectand so precise. 43
  44. 44. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherThen and only then you will realise your true essence – TheUnconditional Loving being that you are. God in creation.44
  45. 45. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherFINAL COMMENTSThank you for taking the time to read Power of the Heart. Theinformation and techniques contained within these pages, if put touse, will dramatically change your life for the better.So many people run around clogged up with stress and tension andexperience unnecessary burden and hardship. I know this becausemany years ago I was one of them. I always felt there must be asimple tool to bring harmony and balance to life.I knew we didn‟t have to struggle with our day to day issues. As Ihave grown and changed, I have become aware that the struggle andresistance to life, only creates that what we want to leave behind.Our over-active minds bind us. We are continually stressingourselves out because of our intense and amplified brain energy.When we drop our focus into the heart, it opens us up to the true joyof life.All aspects of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude come bubbling tothe surface. When we open and just „be‟ without attachment, wetruly start to live.When we live life from the heart, we are living the divine path.There is no better way for us to live.You have within you an enormous power. One of great Love andbeauty that will nourish you on all levels, if only you let it. Thisenergy is empowering, energising and so very vibrant.This is the Power of the Heart 45
  46. 46. Power of the Heart – Trevor GollagherI would like to leave you with some words written by SwamiMuktananda who has captured the essence of the heart in many ofhis teachings.May you continually fall in love with yourselfLots of Love and HappinessTrevor GollagherEverything you seek in this world is within you. Supreme joy blazes inside. But it is not enough merely to have an intellectualunderstanding of this. You have to go deep inside. The heart is the true house of God. It is the seat of happiness, the abode of unending love. Go there. Swami Muktananda46
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