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Upf peru activities in october 2012


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A busy month for Ambassadors in Peru

Published in: News & Politics
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Upf peru activities in october 2012

  1. 1. UPF PeruActivities inOctober 2012
  2. 2. Breakfast meeting to launch ACLC,Christian Ministers Alliance in Peru
  3. 3. Introducing the vision of the Christian Alliance
  4. 4. Leaders express their desire to work together with UPF
  5. 5. Sharing Rev Moon’s Autobiography
  6. 6. Peace March in LimaOrganized by UPF Vice President Rev. Dr. Orestes Sanchez
  7. 7. Peace March in Tumbes (City on the border with Ecuador)Co-sponsored by the Federation of Evangelical Churches
  8. 8. New Ambassadors: Mayor of Independencia District and the meetings co-sponsor
  9. 9. Principled education from Peace Ambassador Antonio Ugarte ….Mayor of Independencia and Dr. Jones show their awards
  10. 10. A capacity audience listened attentively to all the speakers
  11. 11. 2nd meeting of the Christian Alliance: 16 October: Making the committee th
  12. 12. New Young Ambassadors for Peaceappointed in the Peruvian Congress
  13. 13. Making plans for a service project in December with the Young Ambassadors for Peace
  14. 14. Ambassadors in action – October 2012 President of the Art and Culture Commission gives a motivational speech “Looking for a Path of Peace” to cadets in the Military College Leoncio Prado where he himself was a cadet many years ago together with Mario Vargas Llosa, renowned Peruvian author
  15. 15. President of the Education and SportsCommision Lic. Isabel Rodriguezteaching about the dynamics of Sportsand Peace in remote parts of Peru
  16. 16. Future Projects in 2012:November: Christian Ministers Alliance establish their 1 st Committee Young Ambassadors for Peace/CARP hold launch meetingDecember: UN Human Rights Day will be celebrated in the Peruvian Congress Various Xmas activities in the poorer districts organised by Vice President Rev. Dr. Orestes Sanchez