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Outsource to smart fox and save


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Outsource to smart fox and save

  1. 1. Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions And achieves more with less “Do what you do best – outsource the rest” Customised Smart Fox Solu ons presenta on for Fred Bloggs UK. smar ox-solu
  2. 2. Smart Fox can make your marketing & sales operations more profitable, efficient and effective. This is how Fred Bloggs UK can benefit from outsourcing to Smart Fox: ✓ Save money ✓ More profitable sales ✓ More effective & efficient ✓ Reduce risk ✓ More innovativeFred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions
  3. 3. Save money : Lower total cost of marketing & sales By outsourcing 8 of your 12 With Smart Fox you save 20-40% of your marketing & sales employees to marke ng & sales people costs. Smart Fox your company could save This is because you carry no costs associated £128,000 with employing directly such as NICS, pension a year contribu ons, employee benefits or office space and equipment. This assumes an average marketing and sales employee cost of £40,000 a yearFred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions and that 40% of their combined cost can be saved by outsourcing to Smart Fox
  4. 4. Save money: Less office space & equipment Fred Bloggs UK no longer needed office space, workstations and support for it’s employees, saving £9,744 per employee per year By outsourcing to Smart Fox it’s not just the marke ng & sales people that sit outside of your P&L. Total occupancy costs per employee include not just rent and rates but costs associated with work sta on adap on (fit-out), managing the office space and providing business support, which can account for another 50% of each employees propor onal occupancy costs.Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions Source: Cass Business School, Survey of Total Office Costs
  5. 5. More profitable sales: Improved lead generation and conversion At Fred Bloggs UK, if there was a 15% increase in quality leads, at no extra cost of which 10% more were converted from leads to sales and there was a 4% uplift in the average sales value per customer There would be an 11% increase in gross profitability for the same sales and marketing spend. Inexperience can lead to costly marke ng and sales mistakes. That’s why at Smart Fox we adopt a methodological approach to developing evidence based growth strategies. That way Fred Bloggs UK can sanc on expenditure in the knowledge that the business case has been answered and that marke ng decisions are driven by an expected return on investment (ROI).Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions
  6. 6. More profitable sales: Maximising customer lifetime value By implementing effective customer development plans, Fred Bloggs UK improved customer retention by 12% and sold 5% more goods and services to their existing customer base. With Smart Fox, an end-to-end focus on incremental improvements throughout the customer life cycle results in a cumula ve and significant upli in both revenue and profitability. Smart Fox is run by MBA qualified strategic marketers, all of whom have held senior sales,Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions marketing and business development roles across multiple industry sectors, B2B and B2C and in mid-sized to multi-national organisations
  7. 7. More effective & efficient: Eliminate downtime With Smart Fox you are paying a fixed fee in return for results. You know that you are not paying for non produc ve me like holidays, sickness, training, secondments, etc.Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions
  8. 8. More effective & efficient: Less managing, more time Fred Bloggs UK could put the 12 hours a week a senior manager normally spends managing employees to better use. Outsourcing all or some of your day to day marke ng & sales ac vi es maximises the me you and your key people have to focus on strategy and new ini a ves.Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions
  9. 9. Reduce risk: Capable yet flexible resource While competitors were forced to cut back on their marketing expenditure, Fred Bloggs UK maintained levels of marketing activity increasing market share by 7% yet still managing to remove 20% of total marketing & sales expenditure from its P&L. Not having to worry about over staffing or understaffing Fred Bloggs UK can retain a flexible and responsive approach to market opportuni es.Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions Total marketing and sales expenditure is assumed to be the sum of people costs, associated business support costs (offices, vehicles, HR, IT support) and the marketing & sales budget.
  10. 10. Reduce risk: No more recruitment costs Fred Bloggs UK could avoid the disruption of losing 2 employees every year, to jobs elsewhere. As a result, Fred Bloggs UK will spend £6000 less not having to pay recruitment firms to find replacements and avoid 8 weeks getting them up to speed. Losing good people is never fun. By outsourcing to Smart Fox you will spend zero me worrying about it and £0.00 paying recruitment firms to find you replacements.Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions Assumptions: 2 employees with an average salary of £40,000 and recruitment costs of 15% of salary.
  11. 11. Reduce risk: Increased probability of successThe management team at Fred Bloggs UKwanted to sleep at night in the knowledgethat they had minimised the financialexposure associated with achieving theirmarketing & sales objectives.By outsourcing to Smart Fox they knew they had big companyexper se at a frac on of the cost, and access to the best ofwhat they needed as and when they needed it.Fred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions
  12. 12. Innovation: Continuous improvement & new thinking Every business wants to stay ahead of the game. And that’s why Smart Fox works with the best in strategy, marketing & sales, giving you access to the latest thinking and keeping you ahead of the game. What’s more, you only pay for what you need when you need it: better results, lower costs and less risk. Our areas of expertise include: Business and marketing strategy Market research & analysis Innovation & creativity New product development Positioning for sale Customer value proposition Lead generation & conversion Maximising customer lifetime value Customer retention Improving sales performance Branding Web development & web marketing Social media Advertising Direct mail PR Winning bids & tenders TelesalesFred Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions
  13. 13. So, here’s the bottom line if Fred Bloggs UK outsources 8 marketing and sales roles to Smart Fox Solutions. Money saved: £ 217,952 / yr. Additional revenue generated: £ 788,420 / yr. Additional Gross Profit generated: £ 315,368 / yr. Time saved: 552 hours / yr. Time to be a Smart Fox? Contact us to discuss how outsourcing could benefit your business: Tel : 0845 026 8260 Learn more at Bloggs UK switches to Smart Fox Solutions Assumes previous year revenues of £4,000,000 and a 40% gross profit margin.