My powerpoint pathways


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My powerpoint pathways

  1. 1. Trevor Downing “Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.” George S. Patton 1994-
  2. 2. About Me I am a 16 year old male who lives in Horsham, Pennsylvania. I enjoy history and business classes in school. I also find joy in playing lacrosse and teaching youngsters how to play the game. I got my driving permit on my birthday (August 3rd ) and I’m very excited to apply for my drivers license on February 3rd .
  3. 3. Horsham, Pennsylvania Horsham is a town in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. It is named after Horsham of Sussex county in England. In the 2000 census Horsham‘s population was said to be 24,232 people.
  4. 4. What do othersthink about me? An interest profiler described me as Enterprising and Conventional. I am a Persuader as well as an organizer. The same profiler found I would be best suited for a career in business and finance.
  5. 5. What do others think about me? A workvalues sortersaidIvalueindependence anIneedgood working conditions. “Do whatyouare”says Ihave enthusiasmforwhatIdo and thatI geta lotofinformationbyaskinggood questions. Italso says Imaynot prepare forthings well.
  6. 6. W h at Go o g l e w i l l say abo u t me i n 5-10 year s • In 5 years Google will say I got my bachelors degree in business or finance. • In 10 years Google will say I secured a job at a company where I do what I trained to do in school.
  7. 7. What GooGle Won’t tell you • I am funny • I am an athlete • I am interested in History and Business • I am Irish and Scottish • I am an avid eagles fan • I want to be successful in life and provide resources for my kids to be successful.
  8. 8. Personal Strengths • I can accomplish a lot if I am interested in what I am doing. I am a hard worker when I believe in what is being done.
  9. 9. Personal Strengths • I am a good athlete especially on the lacrosse field where I excel the most.
  10. 10. Per so n al Passi o n s • I have a passion for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  11. 11. Personal Passions • I am also passionate about College Football and am very knowledgeable about it.
  12. 12. Personal Passions • I am passionate about making money and achieving a relaxing lifestyle throughout my life. This is why I got a job now so I can have money now and also have money to help throughout college.
  13. 13. Facts about me • I was named Freshman Offensive MVP of the lacrosse team. • In 2006 I won a state championship in football with the Horsham Hawks. • I am ranked 90th in my class
  14. 14. Dislikes • I never want to work closely with someone who is loud and obnoxious. • I dislike parents who get too involved in scholastic athletics.
  15. 15. Closure Thank you for watching my presentation I hope you learned a few things about me. Cell- 267.280.6195 Email-