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Converting a Movie File for Use On an iPod


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Converting a Movie File for Use On an iPod

  1. 1. User Guide
  2. 2. Click the link above. When you get to this website Click DOWNLOAD NOW.
  3. 3. This message may appear at the top of the webpage. If it does follow the steps on the next page. If it doesn’t, skip the next page.
  4. 4. Click on the message and this box will appear. Click DOWNLOAD FILE.
  5. 5. Click SAVE when this box appears.
  6. 6. Save Jodix to the Program Files Folder on your (C:) Drive. Click SAVE
  7. 7. After the download is complete this box should pop up, Click RUN. If the box does not pop up after downloading, go to the PROGRAM FILES folder on your (C:) Drive and Double Click on the Jodix install icon.
  8. 8. After installing Jodix, there should be a Jodix icon on your desktop. Double Click on this Jodix Icon to open the program and to start converting video files for use on an iPod.
  9. 9. Click ADD FILES
  10. 10. Locate the video file that you would like to convert.
  11. 11. Click NEXT >
  12. 12. Click … to indicate where you would like the new file to be saved and to name the new file.
  13. 13. Set the location for where you want the new file saved and name the new file. Click SAVE
  14. 14. You can add an iTunes friendly Title, Author, Genre, or Copyright. OPTIONAL Click OK
  15. 15. Click CONVERT!
  16. 16. Conversion in process.
  17. 17. This message will appear when the file is finished being converted. Click YES to view the location of the file or Click NO to close the program or to convert another file.
  18. 18. iPods play MPEG4 video files. This is what Jodix produces during conversion. The icon for an MPEG4 file looks like this. The video will need to be imported into iTunes and then loaded onto an iPod for viewing.