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Twitter Tactics talk for Emory University's Center for Injury Control. Audience: academics, researchers, practitioners, organizations.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Tressie McMillan CottomSociology, Emory
  2. 2. Newsletters• Listservs• Static• One-wayBlogs• Static• BroadcastingMicroblogs• Dynamic• Two-way#ECICTT
  3. 3. INTENT• Purpose? Audience? Integration with othercommunication tools?• The Case of the Overactive Facebook Revolt#ECICTT
  4. 4. #ECICTT
  5. 5. #ECICTT
  6. 6. #ECICTT
  7. 7. PLEASURE BUSINESSJokersBotsCelebsNetworkersInformationMarketing#ECICTT
  8. 8.  You need a well-established brand to derivevalue from twitter as a Broadcaster:• Established Media Orgs (CNN, MSNBC, AP)• Oprah For almost everyone else, you need toENGAGE.• Even POTUS engages#ECICTT
  9. 9. Replies• Think back to your purpose for twitter. Who youreply to should be aligned with that purpose.ListsFavorites#Hashtags (#ECICTT; #followanadult)Tweet Archives (Storify, Chirpstory)#ECICTT
  10. 10.  Don’t be afraid to have a human voice. Use tools to automate, keeping ENGAGE principle inmind. (twitter clients, metrics)• Hootsuite, Archivist• Metrics for marketing, proposals, research Integrate with existing communications: emailsignatures, CVs, websites, printed materials Hands down the best resource is at LSE All of this can be found at