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How To Use Your Website To Help Your Business Grow


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You can't get by with having just a static website anymore if you want your business to be successful. This presentation goes over some of the basic ways you can use your website to help your business generate more leads and increase customer lifetime value. Learn more at

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How To Use Your Website To Help Your Business Grow

  1. 1. TresnicMedia.comHow To Use YourWebsite To Help YourBusiness Grow
  2. 2. TresnicMedia.comEveryone Loves Stats :)- People are more likely to survive aplane crash than click a banner ad- B2C Companies that blog get 88%more leads/month than thosewho don’t.- B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/month thanthose who don’t.- Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outboundmarketing
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  4. 4. TresnicMedia.comSearch Rankings Are ACollateral BenefitGoogle’s job is to providevaluable results to peopleusing their search engine.You need to prove to Google that your website is a valuablesource of information that should be ranking higher than yourcompetition.How can you prove to Google that you’re a valuable source?
  5. 5. TresnicMedia.comProvingValue To Google#1Post to your website frequently.The more frequently you add pages (normally this is through ablog), the more pages that you will have to rank for morekeywords, faster.Google will be checking your website more frequently, sowhen a new page goes up targeting a new keyword, it will getindexed quicker and show up in results sooner.NOTE:The cost of entry is helpful, valuable, quality content.
  6. 6. TresnicMedia.comProvingValue To Google#2ShareYour Content On Social Media.The more active you are on social media, producing andcurating content, the more valuable of a source you are toyour audience.Google takes notice of this.
  7. 7. TresnicMedia.comProvingValue To Google#3EncourageYourVisitorsTo ShareYourContent On Social Media.The more people that share your content, the more valuableGoogle will see you as a source of information.“Social media is a sports car and your content is thefuel”- Joe Chernov
  8. 8. TresnicMedia.comHow Blogs Drive TrafficToYour WebsiteTo recap, producing more information on your website willgive you- more information to share via social- more information for your audience to share via social- more pages for Google to index in their search engine- more keywords for you to rank for on Google
  9. 9. TresnicMedia.comWebsite Content ToIncrease CLV & SalesCycle EfficiencyUsing the content on your website, you can increase theaverage customer lifetime value by exposing your audience toproducts and services they might not know you had.New content gives you a reason to keep in touch with yourcustomer database more regularly, leading to more sales.Providing new leads with information fromYOUR website tohelp them learn about your industry and through their buyingprocess makes you THE expert in their mind.
  10. 10. TresnicMedia.comEasy Blog Post IdeasUse your FAQs from prospects,customers and strategic partners.Pretend your writing an email to acustomer who asked you thisquestion.Use short paragraphs and bulletpoints where appropriate for easyto scan pages.Ideal length for a quick post wouldbe 400 - 600 words.
  11. 11. TresnicMedia.comPromotingYour BlogPosts For Impact• Know where your target audience is online• LinkedIn Groups• Google Plus Communities• Niche Online Forums• Share the link to your blog post in those places.Provide context to start a discussion and behelpful, don’t just spam your links all over theInternet. There is such thing as negative SEO
  12. 12. TresnicMedia.comAlways Have A PurposeDon’t write aimlessly. Provide helpful informationthat will lead your prospect to an action.This action can be to request a consultation, signup for a newsletter, download a free guide, buy aproduct, etc. However you can get them to enteryour sales funnel willingly.
  13. 13. TresnicMedia.comWhen WillYou SeeResults?The Real Question: How aggressive do you want to be?
  14. 14. TresnicMedia.comWhen WillYou SeeResults?Overall website traffic in year one: 26, 362Search Traffic: 15, 948 visitors from 5,673 different keywords
  15. 15. TresnicMedia.comDoYou Need MoreLeads?GetYour Free ConsultationGet in touch with us at andwe’ll schedule a phone call to talk about developing a customized onlinemarketing strategy for your business.No obligation, just a conversation. Click here to get started