Zy Solutions Company Overview


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Zy Solutions Company Overview

  1. 1. Visualizations for Real-Time Data SOLUTION OVERVIEW 960 Man/Hrs Saved Annually ROI Gained in 3 Years “Won’t Have to Replace for 20 Years”Focused on Your Success COMPANY OVERVIEW“ Working with ZY Solutions was great experience. Their team was tremen- dously knowledge- About ZY Solutions ZY Solutions is an information technology and multimedia consulting company specializing in innovative solutions that allow businesses to quickly gain actionable insight into operations, automate processes, build relationships, generate growth, and develop new capabilities. We pair professional interactive media services with best-in-class technical expertise and support to deliver focused strategic solutions from design to execution. Because Real Challenges Need Real Solutions able throughout Business success today is exceptionally difficult in the face of daily forces at work against every the project and was able to address all of our concerns “ company: competitors, regulators, complacency, time, an often fickle marketplace, and the economy. At ZY Solutions, we understand the impact these forces have on business today and long-term success. We know firsthand the challenges they present and what it takes to overcome them. For years, we have worked with companies large and small, helping them create new and innovative ways to solve unique and evolving business problems. We deliver real solutions that work in the real world and make a direct and measurable impact to the bottom line, providing the foundation for our customers’ true and and challenges. lasting success. Christopher Blades Perfect Output LLC Our Primary Technology Partners900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Visualizations for Real-Time Data SOLUTION OVERVIEW 960 Man/Hrs Saved Annually ROI Gained in 3 Years “Won’t Have to Replace for 20 Years”Make Better Decisions, Faster ZY VISION OVERVIEW“ The ZY Vision team designed and imple- mented a solution that we could build on for years to come. About ZY Vision ZY Vision specializes in designing and implementing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, including data warehousing, data consolidation and BI platform consulting. We assist companies across a wide range of market verticals, including manufacturing, health care and retail, to effectively visualize and analyze corporate data patterns to make better business decisions, faster. Make the Most of Your Enterprise Information They provided a Organizations today have unprecedented capacity to gather and store vast amounts of data. Customer information and operational data from multiple sources are compiled with ever-increasing volume and significant income stream for LKCS while enhancing our “ speed, overwhelming some companies while serving as the very lifeblood for those that know how to take advantage. Successful organizations leverage business intelligence solutions to derive value from the incredible volume of data now collected and warehoused in enterprise systems. With years of hands-on experience in virtually every vertical, ZY Vision helps companies make the most of their information by integrating disparate systems and data sources, delivering enterprise data overall capabilities. warehouse solutions, and implementing a fully integrated Business Intelligence platform that allows for rapid report and dashboard development. We design and implement the advanced visualizations Sid Haas LKCS that grab users’ attention and the mobile solutions that keep teams informed, anytime and anywhere. BI Platform Implementation Advanced BI Visualizations Data Consolidation Strategy BI Platform Consulting Mobile BI Solutions Data Warehousing Solutions900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyvision©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Visualizations for Real-Time Data SOLUTION OVERVIEW 960 Man/Hrs Saved Annually ROI Gained in 3 Years “Won’t Have to Replace for 20 Years”Innovative Designs, Unparalleled Results ZY MEDIA OVERVIEW“ZY Media is a great resource to work with. My projects are always on-time, on-budget and de- About ZY Media ZY Media specializes in strategic communication, branding, and design solutions that drive measurable business results. ZY Media fulfills the creative needs of businesses of all sizes, offering a wide range of solutions that include: website development, email marketing, corporate Identity, marketing collateral, dynamic dashboard development, and motion graphics presentations. Stand Out From the Crowd In today’s crowded marketplace, businesses that instill brand credibility, build customer loyalty and livered with a smile. I am impressed with the ideas that they “ increase sales are those that stand out from the competition. At ZY Media, we design interactive solutions that provide an unparalleled user experience, maximize marketing investments and generate focused, measurable results. Our commitment to innovation and technology is matched only by our dedication to effective and engaging design that achieves key business and marketing goals. bring to the table. The ZY Media team comprises industry leaders – award-winning designers, interactive pioneers, and solutions-based experts whose experience and capabilities are at the core of our best-in-breed Mike Lazzari professional website, graphic, interactive, and video design, direction and production services. From BrandCentric Solutions strategy to tactics, draft copy to the final cut, we have the knowledge, expertise and market-tested track record to make every campaign or presentation a success. Corporate Website Design Corporate Identity & Collateral Dynamic Dashboards Mobile Website Design Email Template Design Motion Graphics Presentations Product or Service Microsites eBook and ePUB Design Video Production & Direction900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zymedia©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Visualizations for Real-Time Data SOLUTION OVERVIEW 960 Man/Hrs Saved Annually ROI Gained in 3 Years “Won’t Have to Replace for 20 Years”Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW“ The solution they provided is scalable and allows us to respond to growth. Our uptime is signifi- About ZY Connect ZY Connect provides strategic consulting services for business process improvement, with a focus on customer relationship management, collaboration, automation, and integration solutions. We help mid- sized to enterprise companies integrate and consolidate data sources for streamlined communication channels, support advanced analysis of actionable information, and automate key business activities, including financial management, inventory control and customer communications functions. Gain Unparalleled Insight Into Your Business Operations cantly better and our Since 1997, ZY Connect has helped companies develop business management solutions that system is very stable improve productivity and efficiency with actionable, real-time information. Our experienced Microsoft- certified professionals integrate an extensive knowledge of enterprise-grade applications with years of now. ZY Connect is responsive and easy to work with. “ real-world experience, allowing us to meet a wide range of business needs. We develop and implement strategies and workflows that save time, freeing companies to reinforce valuable connections with customers, vendors and business partners. From CRM solutions that help companies find, retain, and build relationships, to collaboration solutions that reduce internal communication delays and improve productivity, ZY Connect provides the tools that help companies adapt to changing business needs and operate more efficiently and profitably. Jeff Schullo Specialty Print Communications Customer Relationship Management Systems Integration Solutions Electronic Data Interchange Business Collaboration Solutions Automation Solutions eCommerce Integration900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyconnect©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Visualizations for Real-Time Data SOLUTION OVERVIEW 960 Man/Hrs Saved Annually ROI Gained in 3 Years “Won’t Have to Replace for 20 Years”Advanced Solutions, Expert Support ZY ASSETS OVERVIEW“Their flexibility and responsiveness keep our integrated systems running, while their broad About ZY Assets ZY Assets specializes in the design, implementation and ongoing support of best-in-class hardware, networking and infrastructure solutions for small and medium-size companies. We provide managed IT services that reduce and control operating costs and free internal resources to focus on company suc- cess. Our custom solutions are designed and managed by a team of field-proven specialists chosen for their individual expertise and the job at hand, ensuring effective and reliable around-the-clock service. Experience Streamlined and Enhanced IT Operations base of skills allows ZY Assets helps companies of all sizes adapt to changing business needs through innovative us to tap the individ- infrastructure designs and strategies. Our experienced Microsoft Certified Professionals offer deep expertise in a broad range of software, systems, servers, networking, and cloud solutions from ual with the correct skill needed without having our own staff “ Microsoft, CISCO, Dell, Netgear, and many other proven partners. We help identify the technologies and services that best meet business needs, design the most appropriate and cost-effective ways to deploy those technologies, and provide implementation and ongoing support services that keep companies focused on what matters most – their own success. ZY Assets eliminates headaches, reduces down-time and provides cost savings with solutions that help make companies efficient and agile, allowing them to focus on their business and forget about IT. of multiple people Marc Lawrence Lawrence Foods Inc. IT Infrastructure Design Cloud Computing Solutions Network & Application Security IT Support & Maintenance Mobile Workforce Solutions Server Selection & Deployment Managed Services Server Virtualization Software Licensing & Installation900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyassets©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.