ZY Solutions Connects You to Cloud!


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ZY Solutions Connects You to Cloud!

  1. 1. Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEWYour Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW About ZY Connect We’re not called ZY Connect for nothing. ZY Connect specializes in designing and implementing business management strategies and solutions that help companies stay connected – across the SOLUTIONS OFFERED: enterprise and between departments, teams and people. We develop and implement strategies and • Customer Relationship Management workflows that save time, freeing companies to reinforce valuable connections with customers, • CRM Mobile Solutions vendors and business partners. • Business Collaboration Solutions • Integration Solutions More than just strategy and advice, our solutions include proven customer relationship management • Automation Solutions (CRM) and enterprise application integration (EAI) capabilities. We integrate and consolidate data • Web-Based Applications sources for streamlined communication channels, support advanced analysis of actionable information, and automate key business operations, such as financial management, inventory control, and customer communications functions. Our Team Since 1997, ZY Connect has helped companies develop business management solutions that improve productivity and efficiency with actionable, real-time information. Our experienced Microsoft- certified professionals integrate an extensive knowledge of enterprise-grade applications with years of real-world experience, allowing us to meet a wide range of business needs. From planning to implementation, the ZY Connect team is able to support clients in all stages of their business process initiative. Why ZY? Information is power, and at ZY Connect, we help companies harness information to become more effective, profitable organizations. We go beyond our clients’ immediate challenges and provide reliable solutions that address long- and short-term goals while delivering continuing value.
  2. 2. Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW“Key account informa- Real-World Business Insighttion is communicated Because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product in the business world – at least none that work – we integrate real-world experience with current industry best practices to design solutionsthroughout the customized to meet our clients’ needs. We help companies navigate today’s complex technology choices and make the right decisions for improved business performance.organization forseamless customer Collaborative Discovery Process Our discovery process focuses on listening to the people who know your business best – your users.relations from all Only then can we develop the right solutions to meet your users’ needs and your company’s businessaspects of our busi- goals, delivering immediate results and helping ensure long-term success.ness. ZY Connect’s Unparalleled Supportteam has been help- Adopting a new solution can pose unique challenges. That’s why we help companies make the most of their technology investment by providing targeted end-user training and ongoing white-gloveful and professional. support. Like you, we’re in it for the long haul – our long-term relationships with clients ensure everyTheir knowledge implementation is successful and sustainable.base is strong andthe commitment tocustomer satisfaction “ Customer Relationship Management Solutions Businesses today need more effective ways to start and build relationships if they are to gain a competitive advantage. Our CRM solutions will help identify new opportunities, improve customer loyalty, enhance communication channels, manage internal processes, and share informationhas been excellent. throughout your company. Become more agile and responsive than your competition by leveraging a solution that allows you to provide unparalleled service and support to your network of business Erik Brainard, President Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA contacts while you capitalize on sales opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can quickly centralize customer information, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, streamline business processes, and optimize your marketing campaigns and promotions with a solution that offers unmatched user adoption, convenience, and business productiv- ity. As a managed Microsoft Silver Partner with a specific competency designation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have been recognized as an industry leader in providing premise-based and online implementations of Microsoft CRM, as well as mobile solutions that work with Microsoft CRM. Solutions Designed to Meet Your Users’ Needs At ZY Connect, we believe the best solutions are those designed to meet specific challenges. That is why we work with our clients to customize a new or existing CRM environment to improve workflows and900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyconnect©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW“Consummate profes- processes based on their needs. Working with you, we will create a rich experience to support the evolving needs of your users and set a foundation for business growth. And because Microsoftsionals dedicated to Dynamics CRM works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office productivity tools, your field, sales, marketing, and customer service professionals will have a consistent and familiar experienceour complete satis- that ensures success.faction, their teamhas provided every- Mobile CRM Solutions Business today isn’t confined to traditional offices – it’s conducted in planes, trains and automobiles,thing, from initial and virtually around the clock – it’s 9 a.m. somewhere, after all. Mobile computing is a given, whichsetup and employee makes mobile CRM solutions a necessity. At ZY Connect, we can empower your users with unparalleled management tools that reduce communication delays and increase efficiency.training to ongoing Stay Connected – Anywhere, Anytimesupport. Thanks to Our mobile solutions extend CRM to the field, allowing your employees to manage informationZY Connect, we are anywhere, on any device. We have partnered with CWR Mobility, the leading provider of mobile CRMservicing customers, solutions, to give our customers today’s best mobile CRM solutions. CWR Mobile CRM is the best- in-class mobility solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, making field sales, service and marketingtapping into new professionals more effective and efficient – and allowing them to get and stay closer to customers. With powerful features for users, flexible benefits for IT and unparalleled value for management, it’s the onlyrevenue sources, andclosing sales fasterand better than “ mobile CRM solution that truly meets the needs of agile, customer-focused companies. Extend Mobility to Other Business Applications ZY Connect can help extend mobility throughout yourever before. business. We provide access and on-the-go manage- ment to operational systems information, ensuring Camillo Santomero, President key users will always have the right information at the Guard Hill Holdings right time. No longer will your operational and warehouse personnel be confined to an office desk. Let us help you design and implement an invaluable mobile experience for your users that will help you better manage your business and bring enhanced efficiency throughout your organization.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyconnect©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW“What was a surprisefor me, beyond thetechnical expertise,was the assistance ZYprovided in planning Collaboration Solutions Today’s business environment means companies need to outperform their competition while doing more with less. ZY Connect is dedicated to helping you transform your business, maximizing collaboration with best-in-class solutions that improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce internal communication delays. Centralize Communication to Increase Productivity Workplace productivity depends on people having real-time access to information and theand implementing ability to collaborate. Give your users consistent and secure solutions, and you’ll position your company for continued growth and success. ZY Connect delivers and implements the tools that foster new,best practice sales collaborative environments. With a single, scalable collaboration solution designed solely for you, your users can work together more productively, take action faster, and access the tools that driveprocess and work- better business decisions.flows, which, in turn,allowed us to maxi-mize sales force “ Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint collaboration software company to meet evolving user needs with cost- allows your effective solutions tailored to specific businessefficiency. processes. SharePoint facilitates communication by providing a central place to share information, Marc Lawrence COO, Lawrence Foods manage documents, and publish reports, resulting in increased productivity and more efficient operations. What’s more, users can get up to speed quickly thanks to a familiar and fully integrated Microsoft Office suite. By consolidating solutions on a SharePoint website, portal or application, you can reduce management and training costs, enhance collaboration and improve productivity while ensuring that company resources are secured, regardless of a user’s physical location or device. Web-Based Applications Functionality is an important element in the operational success of any website or software program; however, the presentation is what grabs attention and keeps your audience’s interest. ZY Connect and ZY Media bring together the experience and expertise to ensure an interactive, visually appealing, and streamlined user experience. Content Management Solutions Are you looking to implement an Intranet or public-facing website that not only fulfills your needs today, but offers flexibility as your business grows? Our content management solutions allow your organization to take control of your web presence and manage internal documents, marketing efforts,900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyconnect©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW“ZY Connect has social media and mobile solutions through a centralized location. With our affordable and feature-rich content management solutions, you can empower non-technical business users to create and managedemonstrated a messaging through a secure and intuitive user interface. Let us help your organization expand internal capabilities by leveraging tools that simplify changes and ensure corporate brand consistency.systematic approachto our problems, and eCommerce Solutions By combining proven technologies and today’s best practices,provided a strong ZY Connect can deliver the strategic guidance and knowledge you need to make your eCommerce initiative a success. Ourarchitecture that will team has over 14 years’ experience with industry-standard eCommerce technologies, including electronic data inter-service us for some change (EDI), web-based product catalogs, and web-based product and service sales for retail and business-to-businesstime to come. They clients. Drive revenue growth and increase customermet every expecta- satisfaction with an eCommerce solution seamlessly integrated into your existing operational applications.tion, and we arepleased with theresults from ourrelationship with “ Integration Solutions In today’s competitive marketplace, companies need complete visibility into business operations and access to actionable data – data that unfortunately often resides on separate systems throughout an enterprise. From business intelligence to supply chain and customer relationship management solutions, the experts at ZY Connect can design scalable solutions that allow your company toZY Connect. integrate and consolidate any number of data sources, providing real-time access to critical information, when and how you need it. Jeff Grahn Director of eBusiness, Stepan Company Cross Platform Integration In order to support the growing demands of today’s marketplace, enterprise organizations support their operations with complex systems and applications, including ERP systems and financial, supply chain management, CRM, and HR applications. Years of real-world experience have given our specialists the knowledge and skills to streamline communication channels between diverse information systems and applications, such as ERP and CRM solutions, allowing businesses to become more agile in an evolving market. It’s a process that can start small, with joint strategy sessions helping restructure work- flows and establishing a foundation for future development and phased-in improvements. Our proven process begins by designing a technology roadmap for your data integration initiative based on current needs and long-term objectives. We will work with your team to seamlessly integrate these systems and ensure enterprise information is continuously accessible to customers, vendors and business partners. Through EDI and middleware or message bus solutions, we efficiently integrate disparate and legacy systems to increase responsiveness, improve internal processes, and reduce costs, all while maintaining the integrity of the supporting data sources. No more manual data900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyconnect©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW“We’re a small entry, no need for unnecessary paper trails, and no more data inconsistencies. One version of the truth – easily accessed by those who need it – means streamlined operations, enhanced responsiveness andorganization faced more opportunity for growth, every day.with the challenge of Automation Solutionsbecoming a more Are you looking to eliminate manual processes to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and optimizeefficient organization. performance? At ZY Connect, our automation solutions can effectively reduce manual processing time and associated costs, freeing employees to focus on critical business matters, not time-consumingZY listened to us, operations that burn money. And we build with an eye for the future, ensuring your company’s flexasked questions adaptability for years to come.about our goals and Automated Application Integrationthen worked with uson multiple projectsto increase our “ Our proven automation services reduce the complexity and costs associated with application integration. We simplify complex environments by developing automated processes that eliminate the need for costly manual maintenance, allowing you to focus on your business. Whether you need a secure data gateway to broadcast information to other applications or a point-to-point bridge between two systems, we can develop the right solution for your specific needs. Let us help your organizationefficiency. develop a strategic plan that standardizes your operations while consolidating multiple data sources and formats. Don McNulty President, Riken of America Inc. Business Process and Workflow Automation ZY Connect’s business process management and work- flow automation solutions help companies respond quickly to a fast-paced business environment and stay ahead of the competition. We automate processes, significantly increasing employee efficiency by reducing complexity and streamlining workflows. Our flexible solutions reduce the risk of performance challenges and downtime and allow complete visibility into your operations. No matter the size or scope, our solutions are scalable for large or small deployments and will be tailored to meet your specific business needs.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyconnect©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Your Complex Business, Simplified ZY CONNECT OVERVIEW“We looked at severaloptions out there,and the solutionZY presented was Other Solution Partners At ZY Connect, we are dedicated to providing our clients with proven solutions designed to increase performance and productivity. We have formed strategic partnerships with industry-recognized solution providers to enhance your technology investment.the best value for ourinvestment - and itexceeded our “ Alert Stratus by Fieldpoint extends Dynamics CRM functionality to provide a complete solution for organizations that want project management, contract administration, and field service dispatching included directly within CRM.expectations. Dan Demetzensky Broadlook offers intuitive research solutions for Dynamics CRM that automatically pull in real-time and Regional Sales Manager, Medo USA business-ready information from the internet for sales and marketing, business development, and recruitment. CoreMotives develops advanced email marketing automation and lead generation software solutions that enable users to detect, track and target potential customers within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment. Ektron is a leading provider of web software solutions focused on content management, social business, marketing optimization and mobility - all designed to improve efficiency, drive revenue growth and build customer loyalty. About ZY Solutions ZY Solutions is an information technology and multimedia consulting company that specializes in innovative solutions that allow businesses to quickly gain insight into operations, automate processes, build relationships, generate growth, and develop new capabilities. By offering professional interactive media services, paired with best-in-class technical expertise and support, we can deliver focused strategic solutions from design to execution. Contact ZY Solutions at 847.242.7000 to find out how our team of experienced professionals can help you make the most of your business process initiatives.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone www.zysolutions.com/zyconnect©2011 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.