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Launch Next Generation IP and R&D Dashboard (II-SDV, April 2014 - Nice, France)


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Evalueserve, a global research and analytics company, and one of the largest IP and R&D search and analytics providers, has set up a strategic partnership with Treparel, a leading developer of text analytics and visualization software. This partnership has enabled the two companies to develop, and launch a next generation IP and R&D dashboard (NG Dashboard), for managing structured IP and R&D information including patent literature, scientific literature, and business news.

The next generation dashboard will find applicability with multiple roles within an organization. It is designed for information professionals on the one hand, helping them distribute and deliver interactive projects, and workflows to end users in corporate IP and R&D teams. On the other hand, the next generation dashboard is also built for the end user receiving such projects, and workflows.

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Launch Next Generation IP and R&D Dashboard (II-SDV, April 2014 - Nice, France)

  1. 1. Treparel Delftechpark 26 2628 XH Delft The Netherlands Jeroen Kleinhoven CEO April 14, 2014 Announcing: 2014 Next Generation IP Dashboard
  2. 2. Let’s  take  a  few  minutes  to  talk  about     improving  service  delivery  to  internal  customers...   Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 2
  3. 3. Treparel technology enables knowledge professionals to gain faster, reliable, more precise insights in large complex unstructured data sets allowing them to make better informed decisions. “As  we  acquire  more  and  more  informa2on,  we  need  tools  that  will  guide  us   through  the  data  maze.  Analysts  need  tools  to  help  them  understand   pa-erns  and  define  clusters.    Users  need  to  explore  data  to  uncover   rela5onships  from  sca;ered  sources.       Treparel’s  KMX  serves  both  these  needs  with  its  ability  to  cluster  and   categorize  collec2ons  of  data  with  a  high  degree  of  accuracy,  and  its   interac2ve  visualiza2on  tools  that  enable  explora2on  of  large  data  sets.”       Sue  Feldman,  (author:  The  Answer  Machine)   Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 3
  4. 4. KMX  Patent  Analy?cs     Advanced  Search,  Discovery  &  Visualiza2on  for  IP  Search  Analysts     KMX Patent Analytics: IP Clustering and Classification Workbench 4 Acquire  Text   •  Standard  Data  Source  Importers  &  CSV,  XML,  TXT   Model  &  Analyse   •  Quick  insights  through  search  workflow  and   automated  annotated  clusters   •  Focus  on  high-­‐interest  subjects  with  visual  filtering     •  Tag,  Train  and  Classify  large  data  sets     •  Use  brushing  to  visually  train  the  soRware  with   small  sample  sets  for  automa?c  analysis   Adapt  &  Output   •  Display  the  data  sets  through  advanced   visualiza?ons  incl.  landscapes,  document  similarity   or  frequency  distribu?on   •  Export  the  data  result  sets  like  ranked  document   lists,  labeled  lists,  enriched  data   •  Serendipity:  discover  unexpected  trends,  paWerns   and  rela?onships   •  NEW:  Extract  annotated  terms  for  taxonomy   management     Meet us at booth for NEW Group User version and special II-SDV pricing Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014
  5. 5.   How  to  Do  More  With  Less  Resources  or  Less  Time?   2014:  KMX  powers  Integrated  Informa2on  Applica2ons     Text Research Literature Patent DataTweets Documents Text PreP Stem/Token Clustering Classification Visualize KMX Text Analytics Indexing Email Enterprise Content Websites Consumers   End  Users   (+  100  users)   Creators   Data  Scien?sts   (1-­‐5  users)   Development and Integration NG IP Dashboard MobileWeb Dashboard Reporting Search Visualization Charting Alerting Client/ Server Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 5
  6. 6. Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 6 Gartner:   Key  Trends  and  Emerging  Technologies  in  Advanced  Analy2cs  2014   NG IP Dashboard Evalueserve & Treparel
  7. 7. Data-­‐source  Independent,  User  Friendly,  Efficient  &   Intui?ve  Knowledge  Sharing   Indexing   NG  IP   Dashboard   Ease-­‐of-­‐Use   Customized,  Interac?ve   and  Dynamic  Charts  &   Visualiza?ons   Mul>  Channel   Web  &  Mobile  Delivery   Consumers   End  Users   Prepare:   Landscapes,   Compe??on   Poreolio,  etc.   Structure:   Analyze,   Summarize  &   Advice   Creators   IP  Search  Experts   Sharing  &   Aler>ng   Self  Service  Access:   Predefined  (mul?  )Projects,  Advanced   Search,  Filter,  browse  Taxonomies,  Drill     Patent  Data   Scien>fic  Literature    Business  News   Project  1   Project  2   Source Independent Data + Your Patents
  8. 8. Use  Cases  supported  by  NG  IP  Dashboard   NG  IP  Dashboard   Project  1   Project  2   Project  3   Landscaping/ Innovation Assessment Competitive Business Intelligence Technology Scouting Portfolio Analyses Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 8
  9. 9. Browse,  Search,  Visualize  &  Share   An  Unique  Easy-­‐Access  User  and  Expert  friendly  informa2on  tool   Taxonomy Review & Browsing Searching/ Filtering Standard / Custom Visualization User-customized Landing Page Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 9
  10. 10. Deployment  Op?ons   • Enhanced  and  efficient  delivery  of  Evalueserve  IP  &  R&D   informa?on  services  via  Dashboard   • Integra?on  of  services    delivery  +  dashboard  support  via   Evalueserve  team   Reporting Platform for Continuous Service Delivery   • Product-­‐only  deployment  of    NG  IP  Dashboard   • Look  &  Feel  customizable  to  corporate  branding   • Internal  Client  teams  use  dashboard  for  uploading  own   reports  and  manage  online  repor?ng/  analysis  end-­‐to-­‐end   • Evalueserve  /  Treparel  team  provides  maintenance  &  support   Dashboard as a Product (SAAS)   InternalTeam Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 10
  11. 11. Summary  of  Key  Differen?ators   Advanced   Features   Efficient   Easy-­‐to-­‐use   Flexible   Deployment   Experience/   Credibility   •  Flexible Hosting Options: •  Cloud (SAAS) •  On premise (behind firewall): Q3 •  Deployable as: •  Dashboard Only à Internal Team •  Dashboard + Services à Evalueserve •  Instant review and analysis of source independent and custom indexed patent, scientific and business information •  Efficient multi-project reporting via a single easy-to-deploy & use platform to multiple users/ stakeholders •  Seamless collaboration across geographies and business units •  Strategic partnership between Evalueserve and Treparel •  Co-developed next-generation IP Dashboard •  First clients are already live •  State-of-the-art searching, visualization, alerting and content analytics platform Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 11
  12. 12. Ready  for  a  test  drive?   ü  Treparel  is  invi?ng  aWendees  to  the  II-­‐SDV  for  an  in-­‐house  Sneak  Preview.     ü  Request  your  trial  at  II-­‐SDV  and  bring  back  home  some  Original  Flower   Bulbs  from  Holland!     ü  Win  a  free  of  charge  6  weeks  supported  trial  with  your  company  data.   ü  Visit  us  at  our  booth  for  more  informa?on.   Ques?ons?   Thank  You!   12 Treparel KMX – All rights reserved 2014 12