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August 6, 2012 Katy EDC Update for HAR


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Published in: Business, Education
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August 6, 2012 Katy EDC Update for HAR

  1. 1. the big problemKaty has lots of energy.....but not a well defined sense of place.
  2. 2. Community Mystery Shoppers Stakeholder Interviews Community footprint audit Community Online SurveyAttitude Awareness & Usage Digital Footprint audit Community Segmentation Analysis - ESRI Tapestry Focus Groups
  3. 3. Virtually everyone agrees Katy is a great place to live and Katy ISD is the driving reason why. YES 98% NO 2%
  4. 4. What distinguishes the Katy area most fromother communities in the Houston metroarea? • KISD Schools and Football • Community • A real small town feel
  5. 5. Outside PerceptionsMost sought after community for schools in the greater Houston Area?
  6. 6. Brand Truth #2 The Katy name spans across multiplegeo-political boundaries all within Katy ISD.This helps to create a sense of place confusion.
  7. 7. Brand Truth #3
  8. 8. Brand Truth #4
  9. 9. Do you recommend a place Katya business as a Recommend the Katy Area as the to start Areaplace to start a business? YES 94% NO 6%
  10. 10. Which community claims to be home of the Energy Corridor?
  11. 11. Where do you think most of the employees and executives of the Energy Corridor live?
  12. 12. Rate the character of the Katy AreaUsing a scale of 1-10 with 10 being “exact match” and 1 being “does not match”
  13. 13. The Katy Brand PromiseStatement:
  14. 14. Logo Objectives:
  15. 15. Logo Objectives:
  16. 16. Creates a balance between the strength ofthe Katy name and the lightly whimsical icon. Creates a graphical point of distinction thatshows THIS is the place where energy grows. The base color is red to portray energy, strength and a nod to Katy’s heritage - the City of Katy. The hints of yellow at the top show tomorrow’s opportunity.
  17. 17. •Learn the Brand•Utilize the Logo/ Brand in your Marketing Material •Fill out the Brand/Logo Release Form and send it to EDC•Integration of Brand in •Sales work, Advertising, and Dialogue with your customers•EDC/Realtor Dialogue •Selling/Positioning, Research, and Feedback•Volunteer to help with Branding Efforts