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Innovaction Lab Trento - 2012 - Instructions


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here is the presentation that Paolo gave at the first Innovaction lab seminar, it contains:
- rules
- teachers
- useful info

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Innovaction Lab Trento - 2012 - Instructions

  1. 1. Trento Edition 2012
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. Do not take notes This presentation will be distributed after the class
  4. 4. Participants overviewBackgroundsDescription I E A Total % Male 22 5 7 34 70% Female 2 7 5 14 30% Total 24 12 12 48 100%Italians / not ItaliansDescription I E A Total % Italians 15 7 7 29 60%Not Italians 9 5 5 19 40% Total 24 12 12 48 100% I = informatics / Engineering E= Economics – Sociology A= other
  5. 5. Fun Facts + languages Fun Facts• 18 Nationalities!• 19 PhD students or graduates• 14 women – 30%• 27 years average age of the participants• 46 people out of 48 on FB Languages • More than 80% of the participants is fluent in English • 36% of the non–Italians is fluent in Italian
  6. 6. Facebook Group• Become fan of the general Innovactionlab page (• All general communications at national level are there• All information regarding YOUR innovAction Lab happen on our secret facebook page• Facebook is the only point of access: no more email• The secret group will be deleted at the end of the group and you will join the national Alumni group (secret)
  7. 7. The course
  8. 8. SeminarsAPRIL 3 Team BuildingAPRIL 12 Business Plan and PitchAPRIL 18 Market and Investments TrendsAPRIL 23 Technology/Science EntrepreneurshipMAY 7 PretotypingMAY 10 Communication and DecisionsMAY 14 Coaching session 1MAY 21 Optional: Business ModelingMAY 28 Coaching session 2
  9. 9. Team Building Where: here Date: today Time: now – 20.00 Lecturers: Mirko Corradini, Alessio Dalla Costa Mirko Corradini is a theater director and head of the theater school EstroTeatro in Trento. Alessio Dalla Costa is a theater actor and lecturer in theater courses.
  10. 10. Business plan and pitching Where: Facoltà di lettere p.zza Venezia Date: 12.04.2012 Time: 18.00 – 20.00 Lecturer: Augusto Coppola co-founder, Innovaction Lab Chapter Governance co-Chair presso BAIA Italy - Business Association Italy America Previous: CEO and co-founder, ERIS4 Product Management Director, Smarten Software OSS Area Manager, Consultancy & Projects Group
  11. 11. Market and Investment Trends Where: Povo, Polo Ferrari Date: 18.04.2012 Time: 15.30 – 17.00 Lecturer: Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli University of California at Berkeley, co-founder of Cadence e Synopsys, advisor/board on VC funds: Greylock, Vertex, Sofinnova, Walden, Xseed, Innogest, Fondo Atlante, Fondo Next, IEEE/RSE Maxwell Medal, Comitato Esecutivo IIT; Board of Directors: Cadence, Accent, Sonics
  12. 12. Technology/Science Entrepreneurship Date: 23.04.2012 Time: TBD Lecturer: Piera Morlacchi Senior Lecturer in Business and Innovation (Business and Management, SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research) – University of Sussex
  13. 13. Pretotyping Date: 7.05.2012 Time: 17.00 – 19.00 Lecturer: Alberto Savoia (+ Carlo Alberto Pratesi) Google Engineering Director, Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award 2005, founder of 2 sucessful startups in Silicon Valley
  14. 14. Communication and Decisions Date: 10.05.2012 Time: 17.00 – 19.00 Lecturer: Nicolao Bonini Faculty of Cognitive Science, University of Trento
  15. 15. Open Innovation Business Model When: 21.05.2012 Time: 17.30 – 19.00 Teacher: Alberto di Minin Assistant Professor – Department of Economics and Managemenr Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa
  16. 16. Coaching sessionsEvery team makes a pitchGet feedback from AugustoCoppola, Paolo LombardiIn Italian it’s better (the finalpitch will be in Italian)1.PITCHES are the single most important thing inInnovAction Lab2.THE PITCH contains all info about your business plan
  17. 17. Final event in Trento5 teams will be admitted to pitch in the final event in TrentoAll other participants are invited to attendDate: 12 JuneYou will pitch in front of a small jury of investors andentrepreneurs7 minutesThe jury will declare 1 winning team:- will be admitted to pitch in the final in Rome- will win a fully-paid 1-week summer school near Rome
  18. 18. Final event in RomeThe same as before but for:All other participants are invited to attend but must pay fortheir travelDate: 04 July, RomeYou will pitch in front of a LARGE jury of investors andentrepreneursThe jury will declare 3 winning teams:- will convert their summer-school prize into a study tour of an international startup hub (Israel, Silicon Valley, Berlin, Singapore … yet to be defined)
  19. 19. Your focus• Pitches are the single most important thing in InnovAction Lab• 90% of the decisions about the winner will be taken based on the pitch• Did I mention pitches are fundamental?• Pitches!
  20. 20. The rules
  21. 21. General rulesRULE 1A deadline is a deadline. No extensions, no flexibility.RULE 2If a person misses more than 2 seminars/pitching sessionout of 8, s/he is out, i.e will not be invited in the Alumni secretgroup, the final pitching events in Trento and Rome, etcRULE 3The organizers cannot manage a case-by-case situation, sodo not ask.RULE 4There is no exception to the previous rules.
  22. 22. Rules for networkingNO!Snob, complain, being shy,speak only of yourself,monopolize discussion,monopolize the guestsYES!Business cards, 60 sec pitch(*), smile, shake hands , listen,give feedback, give back (*): who I am, what I can do, what I look for / what my idea is
  23. 23. Rules for the seminarsWe start on time (no «quarto d’ora accademico»)Ask questionsSit in the front linesAsk questionsIn Italian, always use the «tu» formAsk questionsBe kind and behaveAsk questions
  24. 24. DeadlinesAPRIL 16Teams have to be formed and must submit their idea.The idea can be temporary (see later), but assignment of thementor will be based on the one submitted.APRIL 24Teams will be assigned a mentor.MAY 14 (1st coaching session)The idea is definitive, cannot be changed any longer.
  25. 25. Rules for ideasEach team must be formed and must send its idea before:16 April at 18h30Send Team id.pdf to Unprotected- All team members, with contacts (email, fb alias, etc)- max 100 words of description of the idea (ITA or ENG)This idea can still be changed before May 14.Once you pitch it for the first time, it becomes final.
  26. 26. Rules for the teams Simple rules• 12 teams - each team composed by: • 2 I participants • 1 E participant • 1 A participantRequirements:• At least 1 woman per team• At least 2 nationalities per teamFinal pitch is in Italian
  27. 27. Team building…• Use the Facebook group• Meet offline• Make well-thought choices …and team disintegration • It is among the most frequent causes of failure • In InnovAction Lab, if your team disintegrates, you are OUT • If you cannot build a team, you are out • If your team gets to 3 or less, you are out • We can make exceptions for very important external causes (war, visa, etc)
  28. 28. You are out if…• You miss more than 2 seminars• Your team reduces to 3 or less (if 3, ok if for very important external causes)• Your team is reduced to 2, in all cases• You are not on the FB group before tomorrow night (Apr 4)
  29. 29. What we will NOT doWe will NEVER, FOR NO REASON:- Help you create the teams- Help you solve problems of team management- Contact personally team members to ‘make them work’- Let you change team after April 16thNOR WILL WE EVER:- Ask your mentor any information about your work- Give your mentors indications- Change your mentor- Help you manage conflicting suggestions from your mentors and what you learn in the seminars
  30. 30. Questions!
  31. 31. Teams
  32. 32. My experience
  33. 33. My experience- A team of 7- Very diverse background- Very diverse objectives- Never worked together before- Unbalanced importance (idea creator, others)- Geo-dispersed- No female team members… how did we resist?
  34. 34. Effective teams1. Share a common vision (where is the world going)2. Share a common mission (where are we going)3. Everybody makes his objectives explicit since day 14. Everybody speaks freely and contributes5. Arguments are seen as good, and ‘not personal’6. Take decisions through consensus (no regret)7. Have clear roles (leadership shifts according to role)8. Be ironic (and self-ironic)9. Discuss of solutions, and not of problems10. Take time to rest and party together (motivation, re- focus)
  35. 35. What do they invest in? YOU
  36. 36. Team BuildingWe could make you run… … or make you crawl… … or make you scale these city walls…
  37. 37. Team Building … or send you to the frontline…The theater experience:- Physical – contact, movement, personal- Mental – imagination, observation, different perspective- Group experience – interaction, trust, others’ reactions
  38. 38. Team Building Lecturers: Mirko Corradini, Alessio Dalla Costa Divide into 2 groups: - We read the names of those who go with Alessio - The others stay here At the end of the seminar we all gather again here for a 5-minutes wrap-up