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How to Spend a Night On Long Island


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Spending the night on Long Island? You're just a few clicks away from being able to plan the perfect night out!

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How to Spend a Night On Long Island

  1. 1. You’re just a few clicks away from being able to plan the perfect night on Long Island, NY How to Spend a Night on Long Island
  2. 2. Why Long Island? Long Island is one of New York’s most exciting places. Stretching east from New York City, along the Atlantic Coast, it is home to plenty of fine dining, lively entertainment and a vibrant nightlife, To make planning the perfect night on Long Island easier for you, here’s a quick guide to highlight some of the best nighttime places the island has to offer.
  3. 3. Paint Nite At Paint Nite, an instructor will walk you step-by- step through creating a beautiful painting that you’ll be able to take home with you and cherish forever. This is an affordable and fun way to start your evening on Long Island. You can even enjoy a nice glass of wine while you paint.
  4. 4. Trento Restaurant in Farmingdale, NY Trento Restaurant in Farmingdale, NY, is a delicious blend of Italian-American cuisine and some of the best dining that Long Island has to offer. Stop into Trento Restaurant in Farmingdale, NY, Monday-Friday from 2-7 p.m. for the notorious Trento Restaurant happy hour, where menu items such as Kobe Beef Sliders, Chicken Parm Sliders, Short Rib Ragout Tortilla Chips, and Mini Pizzetta all range from $9-$12. If you don’t make it to Trento Restaurant in Farmingdale, NY, until a little bit later on a Friday evening, take advantage of Wine Down Fridays, where customers can get any bottle of wine that’s $75 or higher for 50 percent off from 4-11 p.m.
  5. 5. McGuire’s Comedy Club You can see some of the best comedians that travel through New York when you see a comedy show at McGuire’s Comedy Club in Bohemia. With an excellent atmosphere and affordable prices, this makes for the perfect post-dinner entertainment as you laugh off all of the food you just ate at Trento Restaurant in Farmingdale, NY.
  6. 6. Laser Bounce What better way to end the night than with some midnight bowling? Laser Bounce in Levittown is the best arcade on Long Island where you can choose from dozens of your favorite arcade classics, bowl a couple of frames, and play laser tag, all under one roof!