Kays ABC 2011 Presentation


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These are my presentation slides for my talk at ABC 2011 in Montreal.

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Kays ABC 2011 Presentation

  1. 1. Integrating Online IdentityAnalysis and Web PresenceCreation into Business andProfessional Writing Pedagogy Trent M Kays PhD student and Graduate Instructor University of Minnesota (USA)
  2. 2. Some Housekeeping• Twitter: @trentmkays• Website: kaysabc11.posterous.com• GDoc: http://j.mp/pXO0tR Don’t forget the conference hashtag, tweeps: #ABCMontreal2011
  3. 3. So, What’s the Problem?• Notions of Business and Professional Writing• Identity Analysis• Web Presence Creation• Public Writing• Importance?
  4. 4. Okay, What is Writing Again?• Values Traditional Notions of Text• Discourse, not Writing• Wait…what? Photo by Flcikr User photosteve101 // Creative Commons Licensed: CC-BY
  5. 5. Are You Superman? • Ferreting Out Identities • Rhetorical Analysis • Understanding Culture StorehousesPhoto by Flcikr User Thomas R. Stegelmann // Creative Commons Licensed: CC-BY
  6. 6. Web Presence Creation• Action is as Important as Thinking• Creating a Space• Why? Photo by Flcikr User Hao Ran // Creative Commons Licensed: CC-BY
  7. 7. We Live in Public • Public Writing • Audience • Critical Awareness • Literate PracticesPhoto by Flcikr User adactio // Creative Commons Licensed: CC-BY
  8. 8. Importance• Access• Literacy• Awareness• Evolving Nature of “Text”• It’s All Audience Photo by XKCD // Creative Commons Licensed: CC-BY-NC
  9. 9. Pedagogical Issues • Student/Teacher Resistance • Limited Knowledge • Understanding Rhetorical Artifacts • SelectionPhoto by Flcikr User sprite_pixie // Creative Commons Licensed: CC-BY
  10. 10. Questions? Thoughts? Concerns?Email: trent@trentmkays.com Twitter: @trentmkays Website: trentmkays.com