Marketing Your Website - Measure What Matters: II


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While monitoring a few top keywords phrases is a tempting yardstick, it doesn’t accurately measure your hotel's website's effectiveness.

In this presentation, learn about a new set of metrics that will predict the future success of your website. Designed for hotels, resorts and vacation rental managers, all marketers will come out knowing tips that they can use today.

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Marketing Your Website - Measure What Matters: II

  1. 1. How to achieve your ultimate online marketing goals By Trent Blizzard, President Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc
  2. 2. Measuring causes results because it:  ◦ Keeps your attention focused ◦ Lets you see your progress ◦ Provides direction for employees Half of the battle is determining what to  measure (and therefore manage)
  3. 3. Key Actions and Ultimate Performance Activities Goals Indicators
  4. 4. Results Based  Backward Looking  Problem: You cannot alter the past  Definition: Final End Measurable Result of  Online Marketing What are the Ultimate Goals of your website? 
  5. 5. Online Revenue Goals Online Bookings Phone Calls and Inquiries Newsletter Signup / Join Specials / Packages Consumed Actions KPI
  6. 6. Question: What are the measurable factors  that affect whether you achieve your goals? These are real-time measurable events.  These impact your overall return and directly  correlate with achieving your business goals. Question: What are your KPIs? 
  7. 7. Traffic (Adjusted for KPI Quality) Traffic by Segment? PPC, Organic, Email mkt, etc. Bounce Rates Key Conversion Rates Online Revenue Results Actions Online Bookings Comments on your website Phone Calls and Reviews written online Inquiries Newsletter Signup Return Visits / Join Specials / Packages Consumed
  8. 8. Activities and Actions drive your KPIs  Activities are Actions are the Critical Drivers  that help you reach your goals. Measuring and Monitoring activities :  1. Keeps your focus 2. Provides direction for employees 3. Lets you see your progress
  9. 9. Request for links Actions Requests for reviews New links gained (reported) New pages on website New Blog posts Traffic (Adjusted for Online Revenue KPI Results Quality) Online Bookings New press releases Traffic by Segment? Phone Calls and New specials / packages PPC, Organic, Email Inquiries mkt, etc. New email blasts (X open Newsletter Signup / Bounce Rates rate) Join Key Conversion Rates # touches on PPC account Specials / Packages Comments on your Consumed # touches on social media website accounts Reviews written online Return Visits
  10. 10. Webinars:  ◦ Recession Busting Marketing for Lodging Properties April 22nd, 2009 1:00 – 2:00 PM MDT ◦ Link Popularity and Page Rank – How they Work May 6th, 2009 11:00 AM -12:00 PM MDT ◦ Online Reputation Management for Vacation Rentals May 13th, 2009 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM MDT Workshops:  ◦ All About Google May 12th, Glenwood Springs, CO ◦ All About Google (3 day workshop) June 15-16, Glenwood Springs, CO ◦ Blogging July 14th, Las Vegas, NV ◦ Listings and Link Building Workshop July 15th, Las Vegas, NV
  11. 11. Website:  Blog:  Email:  Phone: 888-840-5893  Address:  Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc 1001 Grand Avenue Suite 203 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601