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Interoperability services


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Published in: Business
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Interoperability services

  1. 1. INTEROPERABILITY SERVICES Rob Huggins, Trent Hamilton, Patrick Parsons, & Josh Race 10/30/2012
  2. 2. Goal of this project• Install Fedora on a bootable flash drive or external HDD for grading.• Setup and install software that will aid Linux in functioning on a primarily Windows based computer network.• Install NFS, Samba, CUPS, OpenLDAP and install a trial copy of Windows Server to sync Open LDAP with Active Directory for workstation logins.
  3. 3. Fedora / UNIX • Linux based operating system. • Fedora and Unix Operating systems are all free and open source. • All of the programs for Fedora are also free and open source • Using UNIX in a business environment is cost effect
  4. 4. Samba (NFS)• Samba is a freeware program that allows end users to access and use files, printers, and other resources on a network.• Samba is often referred to as Network File System and can be installed on a variety of operating systems.
  5. 5. CUPS• Common Unix Printing System• CUPS is a portable printing layer used on UNIX- based operating systems to provide a common printing interface across a local network.• CUPS allows print jobs to successfully transmit between Windows based machines and Unix based machines.
  6. 6. Open LDAP• Open LDAP is an implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.• Generally speaking: Open LDAP allows a Unix workstation to work in junction with non Unix computers in a network.• It works with the Active Directory information located on the network servers.
  7. 7. Installing Fedora
  8. 8. Installing NFS, CUPS, and Samba • yum install samba 1 samba-client 2 • yum install CUPS 3 • yum install NFS
  9. 9. Installing Open LDAP• Download the rpm from fusion• yum install ldap*• Configure LDAP with usernames and access rights.
  10. 10. MAKING IT WORK
  11. 11. Windows Server 2012 With Active Directory for Workstation Logins• Attempted setup on local laptop.• Various Issues with software and hardware• Substitute: Windows 8 laptop with sharing enabled for file sharing demonstration
  12. 12. CREDITS:FEDORA & CUPS Trent Hamilton NFS, SAMBA, & PPT Rob Huggins SERVER 2012 & RESEARCH Trent Hamilton, Patrick Parsons, Rob Huggins, & Josh Race