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Expect a boom in products 'Made in Asia, for Asia, by Asia', driven by rising expectations among Asian consumers and an avalanche of best-in-class products and services from Asian brands. Learn LOCALIZASIAN lessons from brands such as LG, WeChat, HTC and Tsingtao...

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  1. 1. You are viewing the 1 minute summary of’s March 2013 free monthly Trend Briefing. For the full version please check 1 min LOCALIZASIAN Innovation in Asia, by Asia, for Asia set for rapid growth in 2013 and beyond. DRIVING THIS TREND: 1. MATURING MARKETS Increased competition for Asian wallets means consumers will get more demanding and look for products that cater explicitly to their needs. 2. LOCAL LOVE As Asian brands compete with (and beat) global brands, Asian consumers will embrace local brands more than ever before. 3. HOME ADVANTAGE Since 2000, global trade has doubled, Asian trade with the rest of the world has doubled, but Asia-to-Asia trade has TRIPLED. (IMF, May 2012) Asia Asian brands and businesses simply ‘get’ Asian consumers – their mindset, wants and needs - in ways that outside brands sometimes still struggle to. Asia trade 300% 250% Asia World trade EXAMPLES: World trade 200% 150% 100% 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 Tsingtao: ‘Made for Chengdu’ adaptation WeChat: Chinese messaging app caters to the region LG: India’s most trusted consumer durable brand HTC: Smartphones with Burmese language keyboards NEXT | Want to get going with LOCALIZASIAN? • Tailor your products and services for regional lifestyles or tastes. • Reshape products to celebrate regional culture or traditions. • Tweak an existing product or service for new groups of Asian consumers. LOCALIZASIAN is sweeping across the world’s most dynamic consumer arena in 2013. So whether you’re in Asia or outside: partake or perish! February 2013 This is just the 1 minute summary of’s March 2013 free monthly Trend Briefing. For the full version please check | Infographics Monthly Trend Briefing - March 2013 Enjoyed this? Read all our free publications: Want More? 2014 PREMIUM SERVICE Need access to all the vital consumer trends, insights and innovations in 2014? Our Premium Service is for you. TREND FRAMEWORK INDUSTRY UPDATES INNOVATIONS DATABASE 2014 TREND REPORT MONTHLY SNAPSHOTS TREND APPLY TOOLKIT