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Teresa giudice on the view


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Teresa giudice on the view

  1. 1. Teresa Giudice on The View Page 1 of 4 Teresa Giudice on The View By: Google News Watch teresa giudice on the view in this video clip. See videos to watch!   Summary: Amid all this talk of foreclosure, auctions, and tanning salons, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice sat down with the ... ... Full News: Amid all this talk of foreclosure, auctions, and tanning salons, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice sat down with the ladies of The View this morning to address her family’s financial situation on national television. According to Teresa, she and husband Joe filed for bankruptcy for two reasons: 1) Failure to receive rent money from the tenants living in the four apartment buildings Joe owns in East Orange, N.J., and 2) Expenses from the lawsuit Joe is currently involved in with his ex-business partner. Like we’ve seen on RHONJ, this explanation seemed rehearsed, and when pressed further, Teresa became flustered (“Is your husband a slumlord?” “What?”). Neither Joy Behar nor guest co-host Bryant Gumbel could fathom how someone could possibly get themselves into such financial disaster (they must not watch the show), and both kept looking for the ultimate reasoning behind the Giudices’ troubles. Behar used terms Teresa didn’t understand, while Gumbel peppered her with follow-ups that included facts about Joe’s mysterious business partner: “Your husband’s partner said it wasn’t just that, that he was collecting the rent but that he wasn’t even paying the utility bills, that the building was in disrepair?…The absence of rent money doesn’t explain $11 million in debt!” Elisabeth Hasselbeck took a backseat to Behar and Bryant, but did ask Teresa if Joe ever put some of the fault on her outrageous spending. “No, not at all…because I always live within my means. Always,” Teresa insisted. After lavish parties, shopping sprees, and breast implants, viewers of RHONJ may beg to differ, though she insisted that she is careful with her money and no longer uses credit cards. “How can you live within your means if you’re now $11 million in bankruptcy? I don’t get that,” Behar exclaimed. Fellow guest co- host Mario Cantone remained quiet before chiming in about the hard-to-miss diamond ring (a 10th anniversary present from Joe, which is actually fake — 8/3/2010
  2. 2. Teresa Giudice on The View Page 2 of 4 phew!), Teresa was wearing (“Do I heard $20 million! 20? 20?”), which provided some much-needed comic relief. Were the ladies and gents of The View too harsh on Teresa, or not harsh enough? I give her credit for talking about an obviously difficult subject live on national television, but I can’t help but feel that she doesn’t understand (or at least hasn’t divulged) the vastness of her problem. Throughout the morning, she resorted to her old faithful of an excuse: the economy. Yes, it’s timely and yes, the economic crisis may have added to the Giduices’ situation, but “the economy” has become all-purpose solution for Teresa: “Why did you lose your job?” “The economy.” “Why did you chase Danielle around a country club?” The economy.” What did you think, PopWatchers? Do you believe Teresa’s explanation for her debt? Considering the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been putting up record ratings this season, maybe it’s time the women negotiate some new contracts with Bravo? (If the Jersey Shore cast has taught us anything, it’s how to get more money from a reality show.) bahahaha Mon 08/02/10 5:26 PMso, let me get this straight? you have the PRESIDENT on and you ask him completely inane questions and then pat yourselves on the back for not pressing him harder on his evasive answers. BUT, you get a NJ HOUSEWIFE on and it’s like the spanish inquisition??? just one more reason why i don’t watch the VIEW. morons all around (all of them). Clio Mon 08/02/10 5:28 PMMy clearest memory of Teresa in the first season, actually, was her talking about how they don’t like to use credit cards as she laid down twenty or so thousand in cash for some ridiculous furniture for the new house. So that doesn’t surprise me. tam Mon 08/02/10 7:15 PMNo–the BEST was that she said ery arrogantly …”I heard something about a recession…” in season one. As if she was immune to it-how the tables turn…or flip:) SirLizard Mon 08/02/10 5:46 PMHow can she claim to live within their means when she doesn’t even really have a grasp of what their actual means are? Does she even know what “means” means? Lor Lor Mon 08/02/10 5:59 PMNo she doesnt. As she has shown numerous times on this show she is in need of a good dictionary and thesaurus. casey Mon 08/02/10 6:27 PMThat segment was very painful and awkward to watch. I still think Theresa and Joe are crooks. How can a couple making 100K a year get into 11 million worth of debt? Someone needs to investigate who loaned them all the money. Meanwhile, Theresa just needs to sit down somewhere. Sara Mon 08/02/10 6:30 PMI think they were too hard on. The poor woman is an idiot and probably didn’t understand 1/2 the questions thrown at her. Poor thing. Laura Mon 08/02/10 6:35 PMIt is just a waste of everyone’s time to try and get a coherent explanation about finainces from this woman. Kelly Mon 08/02/10 6:57 PMThis woman is as stupid as a box of rocks. Why even waste your breath on this disgusting human who is using up good air. She and her husband are wannabees and are a clueless and classless as a bowery drunk. myr421 Mon 08/02/10 7:28 PMI really like “stupid as a box of rox”, I’d only 8/3/2010
  3. 3. Teresa Giudice on The View Page 3 of 4 heard “stupid as a box of hair”, but I like it. I really, really like it. And, most important of all, I agree. Rihanna Mon 08/02/10 7:00 PMyes the interview was painful to watch because she was not telling the truth. You have a well respected host in Bryant Gumbel who knows to spot crooks like teresa and joe. It is not the economy’s fault or section 8 apts. They just thought they could do what they did without explain.That ring was not the same shown on the Housewives of NJ last week. She wore something similar to throw off the trustee! Pam Mon 08/02/10 7:00 PMJoe & Teresa have both said they are “Old School”. This means your husband goes to work & the wife take care of the home.Teresa probably thought she was living within their means. Joe probably didn’t let her in on their financial situation. As for the rental property. I have known people who if they have a couple of places empty, you can really get in a bind. Especially if it goes on for a while. They have 4 buildings x that by say 2 in ea. building @ say 1000.00 ea.for a couple of months. That adds up. You can get in financel trouble fast. I think we are all guilty of over spending here & there. I know in the past I let my husband keep up w/finances. He got really sick & I had a BIG wake up call. Every LADY NEEDS TO KEEP UP WITH THIS. I learned my lesson. I think Teresa & Joe have learned theirs. I think they were to hard on Teresa on the View. They would ask her a question, but wouldn’t let her really answer. Joy kept being a smart mouth,& that other guy also. Ask your question, let her answer. I think Joe will keep Teresa informed about things now. We didn’t get in that shape, thank goodness. I just didn’t keep up with the finances. It was my choice to just let my husband take care of them. I say leave them alone. We all live & learn. Ap Mon 08/02/10 7:34 PMThis was brutal. But well deserved. I know people who own some buildings in East Orange. They do well for themselves but nothing like this woman. Owning apartment buildings in East Orange does not land you 11 million dollars in debt. More Questions Mon 08/02/10 7:35 PMThe ChicagoNow Blog made a great point. Section 8 is a program where a large portion of rent is paid by the government (guarateed rent) while the rest is paid by the tenant (a small portion). The giudices would have to own hundreds of section 8 approved buildings for “unpaid” rent to contribute to the 11 million they owe.And yes, it is true and factual that many Americans are in debt. It is however, mindboggling to equate a 80k income to a 11 mil debt. Last week’s episode was their 10th anniversary. This episode was shot AFTER the bankruptcy filing, yet Teresa is heard asking for something “big” and diamonds…She totally threw her husband under the bus on The View. She made it very clear to viewers that she loves nothing less than glam and fab. She buildt a museum from scratch because a used home wasn’t “cleansy”. And she would have all of us believe that’s she’s a victim of the economy after posing like a rich heiress in season one. More Questions Mon 08/02/10 8:04 PMHuh?? Revinating? Do you mean RENOVATING? FYI to renovate a house means to make home improvements on a home that already exists.The home they live in was buildt from scratch, besides how the heck does anyone incur a 11 mil debt on a 5 mil house? I’m not a mathetician, but I’m not an idiot either.Just because you buy her excuses doesn’t mean the rest of us has too. Anna Mon 08/02/10 7:41 PMJust out of curiousity, I looked at the auction catalog for their house, and the word “faux” appears in many of the item descriptions. Viv Mon 08/02/10 7:59 PMMy bithday is coming up and I have been begging 8/3/2010
  4. 4. Teresa Giudice on The View Page 4 of 4 my friends to buy me the Giudices’ suit of armor. It is possibly the tackiest/best piece of furniture in the history of creation. The rules: Keep it clean, and stay on the subject - or we may delete your comment. If you see inappropriate language, e-mail us. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field. When you click on the "Post Comment" button above to submit your comments, you are indicating your acceptance of and are agreeing to the Terms of Service. You can also read our Privacy Policy. The Ausiello Files Press Tour Roundup: Twelve things I learned during ABC's big dayPhoto Gallery 20 classic opening lines in booksTV Recap 'True Blood' recap: What's your type?Ken Tucker's TV 'True Blood' review: 'Hitting the Ground' running and bleedingTV Recap 'Mad Men' recap: About us Staff Contributors Site Map Promotions Privacy Policy Terms of Service Entertainment Weekly Magazine Subscribe Give a Gift Customer Service Submit a Letter to the Editor Archives Try 4 FREE PREVIEW Issues Advertising EW Showcase Media Kit Promotions Ad Specs Contact us General inquiries Jobs at Time Inc. Internships EW to go Mobile site RSS Newsletters EW on Twitter EW on Facebook Download The Must List iPad app on iTunes In partnership with CNN Copyright © 2010 Entertainment Weekly. All rights reserved. ... read more about teresa giudice on the view Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved Home | Privacy 8/3/2010