Enhance Your Listing Presentation with TREND Maps!


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Learn how to enhance your listing presentation and put the spotlight on your office’s market activity by plotting sold listings using TREND Maps.

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Enhance Your Listing Presentation with TREND Maps!

  1. 1. Enhance Your Listing Presentation with TREND Maps Put the spotlight on your office’s market activity by plotting sold listings
  2. 2. Why Plot Sold Listings? By plotting your office’s sold listings on the map and adding it to your listing presentation, you can show your clients the quality work you and your office do in their neighborhood!
  3. 3. Getting Started Use the Listing Search to see everything your office has sold! From the MLS tab, hover over Search and click Listings .
  4. 4. Add Fields to Conduct Search To see your office’s sold listings, you will need to add the Office Code field to the Search page. Click the View Fields button and select Office Code from the Listing Info section.
  5. 5. Input Your Criteria Enter your search criteria. Be sure to select Settled in the Status section. Add in the rest of your criteria.
  6. 6. Add Your Office Code Scroll down to the Listing Info section and either click Lookup or enter the office code into the Quick Add box. Click View Results at the top of the page.
  7. 7. See Your Office Results Click the View Map button to see the sold listings plotted. An orange pin means more than one listing is located in close proximity to each other. Just zoom in closer to see all properties.
  8. 8. View Important Listing Info Don’t forget, you can hover over pins to see valuable listing information and help determine pricing strategies.
  9. 9. Print Your Map of Properties Once you’ve finalized your results, click the Print button located at the top of the page.
  10. 10. Selecting Options Select which report you want to print. Be sure to “Include Page with Map of All Listings.” Click Print in the top right corner.
  11. 11. Adjust the Map Adjust the map to print the area you want to show. Choose from Aerial, Bird’s Eye or Road view. The printed version is also branded with your personal information.
  12. 12. Maps Working For You By using the maps to plot your sold listings, you can increase the effectiveness of your listing presentation and show your clients that you are their market expert!