Healthcare System Switches to AgentlessTrend Micro VDI SecurityTrend Micro™ Deep Security maximizes the returns on virtual...
TREND MICRO I BApTIST HoSpITAlS of SoUTHEAST TExAS“Everyone else is at least 18 months behind Trend Micro, as far as secur...
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[Case Study ~ 2011] Baptist Hospitals of Southest Texas


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Healthcare System Switches to Agentless Trend Micro VDI Security

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[Case Study ~ 2011] Baptist Hospitals of Southest Texas

  1. 1. Healthcare System Switches to AgentlessTrend Micro VDI SecurityTrend Micro™ Deep Security maximizes the returns on virtualization investments withvirtualization-aware protection and simplicity.“ Everyone else is at least 18 months behind Trend Micro, as far as securing virtual environments... Trend Micro is taking VDI security in the right direction.” —Roland J. Anderson, Manager, IT Infrastructure Support Team, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas ChallengeEXECUTIVE SUMMARY For more than 50 years, the Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas have served theCustomer Name: Baptist Hospitals of communities of the “Golden Triangle.” In the dynamic world of patient care, the physiciansSoutheast Texas and staff at these hospitals have a history of embracing change to drive continualIndustry: Healthcare improvements into the delivery of life-impacting services.Location: Beaumont, Texas Last year, the technology team that supports the Baptist Hospitals’ infrastructureWeb site: convinced management to invest in virtualization solutions that could ultimately driveNumber of Employees: 3,000 down server and endpoint costs at both sites. Of course, as a healthcare organization, compliance with data privacy regulations is a major priority.CHALLENGE:• Maximize the consolidation of server and “Our existing endpoint security solution purportedly supported virtualized environments, endpoint hardware but when we installed it on our VMware virtual servers, it brought the systems to their• Minimize the time and cost of managing user knees,” said Roland Anderson, manager of the IT infrastructure support team at Baptist sessions and desktops Hospitals of Southeast Texas. “We needed a security solution that could protect the• Maintain compliance with HIPAA and other virtual layer and not impact server performance. McAfee’s solution had to be installed on healthcare regulations each server and the footprint was too big to be practical.”• Align security with virtualization initiatives SolutionSOLUTION: Besides virtualizing servers, Baptist Hospitals also wanted to introduce a virtual desktop• Switch to Trend Micro Deep Security for protecting virtual servers and endpoints infrastructure (VDI). The IT team turned to INX Inc., its technology consultants, to overcome the challenges of securing virtual servers and VDI endpoints. The virtualizationBUSINESS RESULTS: experts at INX recommended a Trend Micro solution.• Better security on virtual platforms, compared to pre-existing endpoint security solution “Trend Micro is definitely the leader when it comes to securing virtualized environments,” (fewer incidents) said Michael Brown, senior virtualization consultant at INX. “The Trend Micro management consoles are very easy to use—very intuitive. Trend Micro Deep Security is a great• Excellent server performance, even during security scans or updates, with agentless product, right out of the box.” security Deep Security is the only security solution currently available that integrates with• Automatic extension of security to all new VMware’s vShield Endpoint Security (EPSEC) APIs. With true agentless virus protection virtual machines and user sessions that is automatically extended to each virtual desktop and server, Baptist Hospitals• Highly integrated security, leveraging VMware does not have to compromise on security, performance, or return on investment for its vShield APIs virtualization investments. By leveraging the threat intelligence of the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, Deep Security provides sophisticated cloud-based reputation technologies, feedback loops, and the expertise of TrendLabsSM researchers to deliver real-time protection from emerging threats.HEALTHCARE I CASE STUDY Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. TREND MICRO I BApTIST HoSpITAlS of SoUTHEAST TExAS“Everyone else is at least 18 months behind Trend Micro, as far as securing virtual DEPLOYMENT ENVIRONMENTenvironments,” said Anderson. “We deployed Deep Security and that was it—it helped 2 sitessolve all of the performance problems we had with McAfee and the Trend Micro solution 100 servers; 2,100 PCsis easier to manage. Now we can move forward and deploy more VDI endpoints while 1,000 VDI sessions, with plans to virtualizemaintaining compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare-related regulations. Trend 90% of endpointsMicro is taking VDI security in the right direction.” VMware ESX servers (Cisco hardware)Today, Baptist Hospitals has switched to Deep Security for its VMware servers and VMware VMware ViewView VDI environment. In the future, when its previous endpoint security solution licenses VMware vCenterare up for renewal, the IT team plans to switch completely to Trend Micro™ Enterprise Trend Micro Deep SecuritySecurity for an integrated virtual and traditional endpoint security solution. Customer ProfileResults The Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas areThe immediate benefit from Deep Security has been improved security. “Our virtual not-for-profit, community-owned, health careenvironments are now very secure and stable, with no incidents,” said Anderson. “On facilities with spiritual values, dedicated to providing high quality health services in athe McAfee endpoints, there had been three or four security incidents involving viruses, Christian environment. With hospitals inmalware, or spyware that were not blocked.” Beaumont and Orange, the Baptist HospitalsWith the critical security issues resolved by introducing Deep Security, Baptist Hospitals’ are affiliates of the Memorial Hermann Heath- care System. Leading-edge research capabili-virtualization initiatives are moving forward. Approximately 90% of all applications are ties and state-of-the-art technology help thenow deployed on virtual servers, and the organization plans to deploy about the same physicians at Baptist Hospitals provide supe-percentage of desktops. rior patient care and rank the hospitals among“Our VMware servers and VDI platforms have allowed us to cost-effectively consolidate the leaders in the healthcare field.hardware,” said Anderson. “VDI is a good model for us since we have multiple shifts of Partner Profileemployees that share desktop systems. Eventually we can give each employee access INX Inc. is a leading U.S. provider of IPto their desktop from any endpoint. VMware View lets us support a single desktop image, communications and data center solutionswhich greatly simplifies the management of user sessions.” for enterprise organizations. INX offers a suite of advanced technology solutions focusedSwitching to Trend Micro VDI security has also simplified management for security. around the entire lifecycle of enterprise IP“Deep Security handles updates on a system level—and a single instance protects all of network communications and data centerthe virtual machines,” said Anderson. infrastructure. Services are centered on the design, implementation, and supportAny VDI session or server application immediately benefits from Deep Security protection. of network infrastructure, including routingScans are performed in a serialized fashion, avoiding “AV storms” that would otherwise and switching, wireless, security, unifiedslow all of the virtual machines on the server. communications, and data center solutions such as storage and server virtualization.“Baptist Hospitals now has a very cost-effective VDI model in place,” said Brown. “As Customers include enterprise organizationsthe organization converts other departments from traditional PCs to thin clients, they and federal, state, and local governmentalcan reduce long-term desktop hardware costs as well as ongoing cost of ownership for agencies. Additional information about INXmanaging PC system software and security. We are seeing a huge increase in the number can be found at organizations of all sizes that are migrating to VMware’s VDI platform—it makes senseconsidering the current economy where everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs.” Trend Micro Security • Trend Micro Deep Security enterprise/security-solutions/virtualization/“ No one can come close to Trend Micro, in terms of deep-security/index.html integration with VMware… Trend Micro Deep Security Trend Micro Enabling Technology is a great product, right out of the box.” • Trend Micro Smart Protection Network core-technologies/smart-protection-network/ — Michael Brown, Senior Virtualization Consultant, INX Inc. (technology partner, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas) © 2011 Trend Micro Incorporated. All rights reserved. All Trend Micro company, product and service names and slogans are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trend Micro Incorporated. Other names and marks are the property of their respective owners. CS_BAPTISTHOSP_DS_VDI_MAY2011 www.trendmicro.comHEALTHCARE I CASE STUDY Page 2 of 2