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  1. 1. 1931: News of the Manchurian Incident flashes around the globe, as imagined by the brilliant Belgiancartoonist, Hergé. The Japanese propaganda version of the incident was false. Rogue Japanese agents,not Chinese “bandits” had blown up the railway track, and there were no casualties. The cartoon strip’sboy hero, Tintin, discovers the truth and becomes entangled in the Japanese invasion of China for whichthe incident was a pretext.
  2. 2. Map 28.1 Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa in 1914 and 1923 (click on map to open PDF)
  3. 3. “The October Revolution is a Bridge to a Bright Future”. This poster, made by anunknown artist in 1927, was created for the tenth anniversary of the BolshevikRevolution.