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Mackall ture visual_resumestoryboard


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This is my visual resume created as an assignment for my professional communication and presentation course at Full Sail University.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Mackall ture visual_resumestoryboard

  1. 1. Photo  by:  Blade  D.  Photography  
  2. 2. That’s  Me!   Photo  by:  Blade  D.  Photography  
  3. 3. Photo  by:  NASA  Goddard  Photo  and  Video  
  4. 4. I  Am  Here  Photo  by:  NASA  Goddard  Photo  and  Video  
  5. 5. photo  by:  ssinharoy    
  6. 6. photo  by:  ssinharoy    
  7. 7. photo  by:  ssinharoy    
  8. 8. photo  by:  ssinharoy    
  9. 9. I ♫  photo  by:  Silke  Gerstenkorn  
  10. 10. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  11. 11. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  12. 12. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  13. 13. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  14. 14. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  15. 15. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  16. 16. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  17. 17. Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  
  18. 18. A&R/Songwriter  Logo  courtesy  of  Swagg  Team  Entertainment  
  19. 19. Photo  by:  Blake  D.  Photography   Graphic  done  by  Golden  Capital  Art  
  20. 20. I’m a Music Super HeroPhoto  by:  Blake  D.  Photography   Graphic  done  by  Golden  Capital  Art  
  21. 21. Photo  by:  Blake  D.  Photography  
  22. 22. Electronic Computer Technology! Business! Entertainment Business!Photo  by:  Ann  Arbor  District  Library   Logos  courtesy  of  DeVry  &  Full  Sail  respecNvely  
  23. 23. Electronic Computer Technology! Business! Entertainment Business!Photo  by:  Ann  Arbor  District  Library   Logos  courtesy  of  DeVry  &  Full  Sail  respecNvely  
  24. 24. photo  by:  Snap  
  25. 25. photo  by:  Snap  
  26. 26. What I’ve learnedPhoto  by:  Sinead  Venton  
  27. 27. What I’ve learnedPhoto  by:  Sinead  Venton  
  28. 28. What I’ve learnedPhoto  by:  Sinead  Venton  
  29. 29. What I’ve learnedPhoto  by:  Sinead  Venton  
  30. 30. What I’ve learnedPhoto  by:  Sinead  Venton  
  31. 31. What I’ve learnedPhoto  by:  Sinead  Venton  
  32. 32. What I’ve learnedPhoto  by:  Sinead  Venton  
  33. 33. Program Experience Logos  courtesy  of  Apple,  Inc.,  Avid-­‐Digidesign,  Adobe  Systems  Inc.,  MicrosoR  Corp.  (respecNvely)  
  34. 34. Everyone else! Me! Photo  by:  Nick  Wheeler  
  35. 35. My Passions (3 Verbs)!
  36. 36. Photo  by:  NASA  Goddard  Photo  and  Video  
  37. 37. Photo  by:  NASA  Goddard  Photo  and  Video  
  38. 38. Photo  by:  NASA  Goddard  Photo  and  Video  
  39. 39. Email Me: Call Me: (770) 323-7078 Tweet Me: @IAMTANTRUM Linkedin: Photo  by:  Blake  D.  Photography  
  40. 40. References  NASA  Blue  Marble  2007  West,  Photo  by:  NASA  Goddard  Photo  and  Video  RooRop  view  photo  by:  ssinharoy    An  old  love  song  photo  by:  Silke  Gerstenkorn  [UnNtled]  Mixing  Board  Photo  by:  Colin  Gordon  GraduaNon  Cap  &  Diploma-­‐2091  Photo  by:  Ann  Arbor  District  Library  Trophies  photo  by:  Snap  Thought  Experiment  3:  Vat  Photo  by:  Sinead  Venton  Wine  Glasses  Photo  by:  Nick  Wheeler  Personal  photos  by  Blake  D.  Photography  Graphic  work  by  Golden  capital  art  (Logos  cited  on  slides)  Images  courtesy  of