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exam tips collective memory


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students shown image and given a short amount of time (thirty seconds or so) to memorise the diagram. They can be shown it a couple of times for brief periods and then in small groups (three or so) decide which sections they will memorise. When the image is taken down they then have to work collaboratively to recreate the diagram.

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exam tips collective memory

  1. 1. Explain - say why it happens Describe - say what happens Compare - use phrases like greater than, faster than Don’t spend too long on a difficult question - mark it and go back later Follow instructions - if it says select 2 then this is what it means Don’t write out the question. This wastes time Use mark allocation to guide you 3 marks = 3 valid points Exam The amount of space is Tips a guide of how much to write Answer the question - read it carefully Pace yourself Write clearly - - don’t run out of time correct answers will get no Bring pen, pencil, ruler, marks if they cannot be read rubber and calculator Adapted from original by Jenny Witham (Minster School) from website