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Winning the Talent Game in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace


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Trefoil Group principal and founder, Mary Scheibel, presented marketing strategies for talent acquisition at the SPI 2013 Equipment & Moldmakers Summit in Miami, Florida.

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Winning the Talent Game in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace

  1. 1. Winning theTalent Game In anIncreasinglyCompetitiveMarketMay 6, 2013
  2. 2. Why? Or Why Not?With the reasons fortalent marketing obvious,why aren’t more companiesembracing it?
  3. 3. Can you hear me now?• Demand for skilled workers isoutpacing supply• Competition is fierce – for largelythe same talent• Perceptions of manufacturing as acareer aren’t good• The human dynamics areescalating rapidly• Yet most manufacturers do nothave robust, strategic talentacquisition programsWhoeverwins the warfor talentwins thegame.
  4. 4. But whose responsibility is this?• Federal, State & LocalGovernment all pledge support• National Associations areaddressing this on behalf ofmembers• Regional/Statewide/LocalCollaborations are taking shapeeverywhere• It’s fast. It’s furious. And it’sfragmented.No one iscoming tosave you.
  5. 5. New Reality. New Thinking. New Actions.Acting with this reality requiresa fundamental shift in thinkingto drive new actions•Historically, manufacturers are notgood marketers•We think like engineers, notconsumers•With an average employee age of56, we are not the target audience•Most don’t understand how to reachyounger recruits•Our grandkids know more aboutthese channels than we doThe first thing weneed to change isour thinking
  6. 6. With Challenge Comes Opportunity• You can out-market thecompetition• Exceptional people seek outexceptional companies• Give people compelling reasons towant to work for youWell-executedmarketingstrategies arecritical tools inattracting andretaining thetalent you needto succeed.
  7. 7. What You Need to Do
  8. 8. Define What Sets Your Company ApartTell a Strong, Compelling Story•Generate interest with people that share your vision•Differentiate your company in a meaningful way•Be different. Not the same as your competitors•What appeals to customers most often appeals to recruits
  9. 9. Is your culture helping or hurting?Define Your Culture…or your culture willdefine you•It’s more than a competitive advantage. It’s the #1 reasonpeople leave and what recruits value most– Essential in competing against your area’s leadingcompanies– Helps you hire the right people•Allows people to self-select (both in and out)•Motivates employees to get behind you and help you win•If you don’t have a great culture, start to build one
  10. 10. Bring your brand to lifeCreate a brand personalityand use it:•On-line•In your industry and in yourcommunity•Through multiple channels –including digital, PR, and social media•To equip and empower employees tobe your front-line brand ambassadors
  11. 11. Relevant WorkExamples
  12. 12. Tell a compelling story
  13. 13. Build a robust careers micrositeThe Milacron “Be More At Milacron” Campaign
  14. 14. Build a robust careers micrositeSpeak to What Recruits Care About
  15. 15. Lead, don’t follow the transformationConnect with National/Regional/Local Initiatives
  16. 16. It’s Everyone’s Job to Promote the Industry• Plastics is not an industrypeople seek• Even at Universities withindustry leading programs –U Mass Lowell & Ferris StateUniversity, more than 90% ofstudents are through referrals"We must,indeed, all hangtogether, ormost assuredlywe shall all hangseparately.”-Ben Franklin
  17. 17. Use Social Media to Connect & Build Your Reputation
  18. 18. Use PR to Connect & Build Your Reputation
  19. 19. Lead In Your Community And Leverage ItProject Engineer JobDescription excerpts:•A very successful, growth-oriented company•Winner of the prestigiousWisconsin Manufacturer ofthe Year Award•Strong reputation foroperational excellence,employee development andcommunity leadership•Our goal is to equip theperson we hire to lead
  20. 20. Once You’ve Got ‘Em, Keep ‘Em.
  21. 21. 5 Key Takeaways1New Reality: Whoever wins thewar for talent wins the game2New Thinking: Everyone needs to bea marketer. You’re competing for — andagainst — the best3New Action: Build a brand andbring it to life4New Action: Create a culturepeople will want to be part of5New Action: Equip, engage and empoweryour employees to be your brand ambassadors
  22. 22. Thank You.