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Rock4 haiti new


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Rock4 haiti new

  1. 1. Help Worldwide 2010 HAITI HeartLineInternational
  2. 2. Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 to raise funds from the recent massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12th. The damage to buildings is extensive and the number of injured or dead is over a 200,000. ‘RELIEF CONCERT’  There will be many opportunities to create revenue from this relief concert and from the continuing marketing strategies to maximize our efforts in helping the people in Haiti.  Proceeds and collection will go to Haiti direct and/or to various charitable organizations who are supporting the  relief efforts in Haiti. Our intention with this campaign is to  help people and to connect everyone by creating awareness,  oneness and unity. . Artists Corporations Concert Music Auction Distribution IQube Help Worldwide Overview 01 ROCK FOR HAITI Help Worldwide invites you to become a sponsor for the Rock4Haiti Relief Concert to benefit HeartLine International and the Wheelchair Foundation. The campaign will be launched in three phases and organized in Los Angeles starting on March 4, 2010, as part of Help Worldwide’s “Relief” initiatives. This benefit concert will be headlined by Sully Erna of Godsmack, one of the world’s greatest rock bands, and a host who are already contributing to various charitable earthquake  relief benefits. Rock4Haiti will serve as a global movement to  provide continuing support in the rebuilding process of Haiti. Our   goal is to get corporate sponsorships as a national campaign will  be launched sending a message of “March Forth to March 4th for Rock4Haiti” to make a difference. The global movement  will kick off on March 4th and will offer auction items to be sold to a worldwide audience on The one- time historical concert is scheduled for April 8 and will be a theatrical Rock performance like no other. It will be hosted by Ustream as a live webcast to be viewed by millions. We believe music heals people and Haiti will need our continuing support to help in the rebuilding process. Thus, we will offer a forum of works by platinum recording artists to be compiled and released through IQube where consumers will be able to  ‘donate to download’ a track/video of their favorite artist or  the entire compilation album by simply making a small  contribution to the cause.   Sully from ROCK4HAITI A Godsmack Help Worldwide/IQube of other artists we have direct access to. Below are companies 
  3. 3. Help Worldwide has teamed up with DC3Global, Reverb and IQube with unique results-based marketing and media backgrounds. execution of brand marketing, event planning & production. Our objective is to enhance the visibility and increase the name recognition of Rock4Haiti through carefully planned and orchestrated marketing campaigns. By utilizing our vast knowledge of the marketplace among with partnerships and relationships with media outlets,  celebrities, artists, athletes, record labels, and key outlets and   trendsetters, we will have an unparallel success in establish- ing credibility and brand awareness for the Rock4Haiti campaign and marketing initiatives. . We will take the concept of brand marketing to a whole new  level.  We  will develop, promote and execute national campaigns  and will also leverage our truly unparalleled relationships  with key people to help catapult our corporate sponsors directly into the hands of the consumers by means of strategic product placement and high profile media exposure.  Plan of Action Marketing Strategy 02 ROCK4HAITI These firms have expertise in the creation, development and We will develop the campaign with the mindset of maximizing all potential revenue streams and expanding the brand’s image without over-saturating the market by taking away from its authenticity. *UpCode Outdoor Distribution and Promotion at Concert Venue. Keeping the fans connected through strategic guerilla marketing Help Worldwide/IQube Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010
  4. 4.     Marketing Phases March 4 - VIP Auction Party 03 ROCK4HAITI Help Worldwide/IQube Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 April 8 - ROCK4HAITI Live Concert Post Concert Date - Plan of Action To kick off the announcement of the Rock4Haiti relief concert, a fundraiser event will be held in Hollywood on March 4. Invited guests will have the first opportunity to bid for key items before they go online for worldwide bidding on This red carpet VIP event will be the launching pad for the many ongoing tactics in our continuing efforts to rebuild Haiti. March Forth to March 4th Sully Erna of Godsmack and a host of other artists will headline the benefit concert on April 8. Rock4Haiti will serve as a global movement to provide continuing support. We have developed a strategic partnership with Ustream who will provide us with the platform to allow millions of people to view and take part in this live web/mobile cast. Through music, partnerships and the innovative marketing approaches, Rock4Haiti will help people and connect everyone by creating awareness, oneness and unity. Global Relief Concert � A compilation album featuring works by platinum recording artists will be released where consumers will be able to ‘donate to download’ a song, video or album by simply making a small contribution to the cause. � Through a strategic partnership with AM/PM, the Rock4Haiti campaign will be printed on all size fountain drink cups where consumers will be able to ‘donate to download’ these songs through mobile and web technologies. � Rock4Haiti Loyalty Program will be initiated where supporters earn rebates and support the charities by using the card to shop at multiple merchant locations, both local and online. Key Marketing Strategies
  5. 5.     Plan of Action - March 4 Strategic Partnerships Charitable Organization 04 Help Worldwide/IQubeROCK4HAITI – At charitybuzz, the belief is that cause marketing can be both effective and trend setting. Their innovative auctions reach millions on a global basis. Their growing community of bidders are driven to do well, affluent, well educated, well informed and brand loyal. We have received an overwhelming amount of items to be auctioned from various sponsors and donors who recognize that there is nothing more important than what HLI and The WheelChair Foundation are undertaking to help the people of Haiti. We have partnered with Charity Buzz to ensure successful results through a focus on providing the unique to their community of global bidders, effective collaborative marketing and unsurpassed white-glove service. The charitybuzz approach. They will strive to make sure the Rock4Haiti auction is as straight -forward and as stress free as possible for all the bidders. All of the labor-intensive tasks from pre-auction outreach to post event follow- up will make the entire process as efficient and effective and potential revenue maximized. Our high profile lots will be sold live on March 4 and Charity Buzz will represent our online bidders at this marquis event through their very effective liveBID auction process. We will strive to make the Rock4Haiti auction a huge event — whether they are completely virtual at or held in conjunction with the live concert. Charitybuzz will extend a warm and welcome invitation to each and every one of their online bidders to be their personal guests. Through their widely acclaimed liveBID program, anyone can be part of the action live! Here are a few Heal Haiti Auction Items: � Guitar signed by Sully Erna from Godsmack, Jerry Cantrell from Alice and Chains, Tommy Lee and more � Meet and Greet with your favorite Rock Band � Studio time with Platinum Recording Producer (Treez) � 2 seats in Charity Poker Game with Celebs TBD. � Trip for 8 on private jet from any city in US � Cruise Vacation (4) to selected destination Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010
  6. 6.     Plan of Action - April 8 Strategic Parterships Charitable Organization 05 ROCK4HAITI With more than 40 million monthly viewers, Ustream is the web’s leading live and mobile streaming destination. Communities across the globe are utilizing Ustream’s robust products. Rock4Haiti has teamed up with Ustream to power the live concert scheduled for April 8 in Los Angeles. Viewers will have the ability to interact via chat, Social Stream (Twitter integration), Media Stream and Ustream on Facebook. Through one of our sponsors who will provide cellular phone service, the concert event will be highlighted by doing a live webcast feed with the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti and with the people aiding the victims. We are also developing mechanisms to permit our donors and members of the community to have ongoing communications with the people in Haiti, monitor the funds raised, the expenses paid, and the charitable grants funded by Help Worldwide. The foundation is dedicated to raising money to making grants to charitable organizations with meaningful and efficient relief and development programs that are responding to the continuing crisis in Haiti. � Ustream is Facebook’s preferred partner for live events � Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Duke University, Ashton Kutcher and dozens of others have Ustream on Facebook applications Content Highlights: Jonas Brothers Live Webcast to Celebrate the Release of “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times”: May/June 2009 � 1.5 million unique posts were made via Facebook live feed � 23K average posts per minute � More than 100K users joined the chat after seeing their friends’ comments on FB � 974K total unique viewers watched the 1-hour webcast Help Worldwide/IQube Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 Notable Partnerships:
  7. 7.     Plan of Action Strategic Parterships Charitable Organization 06 ROCK4HAITI The services and applications Interlecta offers comprise real-time multilingual machine translation (MT) solutions for mobile and desktop environments, for business and social networking, all dedicated to helping overcome language barriers and creating a truly Globalized society. Understanding the importance of mobility and independence of communication, Interlecta works towards the globalization of successful business models by incorporating easily integrated automatic translation solutions for text, email, SMS, and instant messaging, complemented by state-of-the-art innovations such as image translation and speech syntesis. Help Worldwide/IQube Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 We will introduce real time translated messaging and communication services. We can also integrate a live translated chat supporting Haitian Creole. Also, an Event Updates Alerts in Creole and English via SMS to an identified mobile community within the ecosystem of Rock4Haiti will add value to all involved including Sponsors, Entertainment, Partners, Employees, etc.
  8. 8.       Plan of Action Strategic Partnerships Charitable Organization 07 Help Worldwide/IQubeROCK4HAITI Help Worldwide is a loyalty program that lets you earn rebates and support your charity, by using one card to shop at multiple merchant locations, both local and online, no matter how you choose to pay. Use debit, credit, check or cash. Help Worldwide is the only universal loyalty card program that lets you earn rebates and support your charity while shopping at multiple merchants.   Together, we are launching a landmark initiatie to impact our communities on a new scope and scale, and inviting the daily giving of millions of concerned citizens. With a successful launch, we could create upwards of $50 million each year to fund Rock4Haiti charities that benefit the our communities. By joining the Rock4Haiti network of Help Worldwide, merchants and consumers who are willing to ‘give back’ to support their communities can expect significant rewards. Merchants get new  sales, consumers receive cash rebates - and the Rock4Haiti charities benefit most of all. Help Launch Partners Rock4Haiti Charities HeartLine and WheelChair Foundation will spread the word to their members, donors and merchants. Their new income stream grows every time a member shops at a Help Worldwide merchant. Members In the course of their daily shopping, concerned consumers can support their favorite charities while earning cash rebates. Members have an online account to view their total rewards and giving. Merchants By supporting the Rock4Haiti charities, local merchants get increased sales, free marketing and a new way of interactinb with their customers. They receive an advanced online CRM platform. Opportunity Benefiting Our World Marketing & Other Partners Opportunity Partners Those who partner in promoting this intiative have the opportunity for substantial gain. Among our targeted partners will be major corporations, foundations and charitable networks who would naturally promote the cause. Advisors and Oversight We will form a balanced advisory board including leaders in different aspects of community development studies, business leaders, and private foundations. Grants Awarded Through a streamlined grant application. charities and initiatives will apply for funding especially for innovative concepts with the anticipation of truly helping overcome the key problems of our communities and create lasting change. Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010
  9. 9.       Plan of Action Strategic Partnerships 08 Help Worldwide/IQubeROCK4HAITI how it flows Each rebate is divided among the various stakeholders. First, 25% goes to the members and at least 25% goest to their charities. Next, another 25% goes to the transaction partners - which can include charities, for-profit businesses, card issuing banks, and transaction processors. Finally 15% goes to Help Worldwide to run the entire online and offline product, operations and marketing, 5% goes to Source, Inc., and another 5% to the clearinghouse that ensures transaction integrity and securtiy. how it grows With enough participating merchants online and nationwide, we would hope to see the average active member generate about $200 in annual rebates. This would be the result if the average merchant offered a 10% rebate, and the average active member spent $2,000 with those merchants. If our efforts reached those targets, here’s how the growth pattern could look from the first member on up: transforming communities By carrying and actively using a Rock4Haiti card, each of us can make a significant difference in our local communities. We can bring together foundations and sponsor corporations to help us all create change. These steps of progress will reward the participants with an automated stream of income and charity, and a higher quality of life for us all. Rock4Haiti –Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010
  10. 10. What is UpCode? A Mobile Access & Interaction System based on an optical reader that uses mobile phones to add any electronic information to printed products and on screens. It integrates all businesses and all forms of e-Commerce, with print and screen media and gives mobile access and interaction just by pointing their phone at objects.     Plan of Action Marketing Strategy Charitable Organization 09 ROCK4HAITI Download the Reader Install the FREE UpCode software to your mobile phone with just one click! To begin using UpCode, download the free program: 1. Download directly to all mobile phones: a) Open the web browser on your mobile phone and go to to download the free UpCode software to your handset. Open the UpCode application on your phone and then point, scan and follow the prompts. b) To download UpCode on an iPhone, simply go to the iPhone app store and type in UpCode. Open the UpCode application on your iPhone and then point the camera at the UpCode then capture the UpCode and follow the prompts. Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 Help Worldwide/IQube
  11. 11.     Plan of Action Mobile Digital Distribution Charitable Organization 10 ROCK4HAITI Music Videos Ticketing Contest Cool Stuff Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 Help Worldwide/IQube
  12. 12.     Plan of Action Turning all print into interactive media with UpCode Charitable Organization 11 ROCK4HAITI Rock4Haiti Exclusive Music, Video Contests, Pix...more UpCode delivers free content and content for purchase Help Worldwide/IQube Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010
  13. 13. Digi-Drink4Haiti is a dishwasher safe collectible fountain drink cup with an UpCode on it. By converging print, audio, video and the Internet, Digi-Drink4Haiti consumers have the ability to experience a truly remarkable interactive media in a way that seamlessly melds content, sponsorships and advertising together. It is focused on youth lifestyle and offers in depth coverage of the things that young people care about most like music, action sports, fashion, entertainment, celebrity, art and cars. Our plan is to promote the Rock4Haiti Compilation album in AM/PM, Arco, BP locations with cups, posters, ceiling wobblers, pop, etc. These point of purchase items goes to the stores every first wed of the month. Each campaign is a 30 day program but can be extended upon agreement. Plan of Action - Post Concert Digi-Drink4Haiti Distribution Viral Marketing Strategies 12 ROCK4HAITI Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 Help Worldwide/IQube
  14. 14.   Plan of Action UpCode Scan Me Program Viral Marketing Strategies 13 ROCK4HAITI Optimizing our connection to the social web, Rock4Haiti will be connected to every major social platform. We will enhance our users’ connected experience for social optimization with the power of the UpCode and through the marketing strategies of our partners. Rock4Haiti on Websites and Social Networks Rock4Haiti Promotional Campaign via UpCode Donate, Scan and receive a Free Music/Video Download program, turning all print into interactive media with UpCode. *AM/PM has 900 stores with 24 million customers it serves per month with over 15,000 Arco and BP Gas station outlets. Keeping the fans connected with viral marketing Share the promotion, share the revenue, share the investment and share the audience. Help Worldwide/IQube Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010
  15. 15. A Global Non-Profit Relief Organization BENEFICIARIES HeartLine International Reverb 14 ROCK4HAITI Since 1996 HLI has been promoting and producing outreach  events and concerts withheadlining celebrity talent. During  every event HLI responsibly and safley distributes food,  clothes and medicine for relief efforts in impoverished inner  cities in the United States and third world countries. The  President and Founder of HLI has been spotlighted for his  charitble efforts through business on the Oprah Winfrey  Show spotlight "Entertaining Entrepreneurs" in May 1997  and has received accolades and support from Chicago Mayor  Richard M. Daley's Office of Special Events for distributing over  100 tons of non perishable foods in the inner city housing  communities of Chicago's former C.H.A. prtoject communities.  In addition to stateside efforts HLI has impacted the impoverished  areas of the Texas Borders towns in Mexico and deep within the  Heart of D.F. (Mexico City) filling stadiums with people coming to  the donated food, clothing and/or medicine. Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010 Help Worldwide/IQube Wheel Chair Foundation The Wheelchair Foundation is a nonprofit organization leading an international effort to create awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities, to promote the joy of giving, create global friendship, and to deliver a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult in the world who needs one, but cannot afford one. For these people, the Wheelchair Foundation delivers Hope, Mobility and Independence. Mobility Relief The Wheelchair Foundation is a Division of Global Health and Education Foundation. It is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation and the Federal Tax ID is 94-3353881. Help Worldwide Help Worldwide recognizes the challenges that face our world, and believes in the people and organizations working to solve them. Our vision is to create new loyalty transactions, focused commerce, and significantly more donations to social, economic and humanitarian causes by becoming a hub network in the developing global loyalty-commerce industry. Our goal is cause-driven commerce. We recognize the economic and social challenges that face us all in coming years, but we believe in social capitalism, and the opportunities that arise when businesses, charities, and consumers join together in the market to meet the challenges. Cause-Driven Commerce
  16. 16. Award-Winning Production Company PARTNERSHIPS DC3Global 15 ROCK4HAITI IQube IQube, a marketing communications agency, now offers an innovative new technology called the UpCode. They market a mobile access & interaction technology that  turns mobile phones into intelligent optical readers (or 'scanners') able to read codes on any object or surface - simply by 'pointing' at them with a mobile. The solution links the physical world with the mobile web, helping media, Interactive Intelligence advertising and marketing companies reach millions of consumers with effective campaigns and better ad performance. UpCode is the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end mobile barcode solution incorporating a highly intuitive and simple barcode - creation and powerful advertising and marketing campaign management platform. DC3 Global LLC is a premier Production and Distribution Company utilizing the management, artist contacts, production team and industry relationships gained in years of producing concert videos for heritage and at large bands by the principals. The goal of DC3 is to establish the ability to finance a series of well-known bands/artists through a production pool and credit line able to green-light and finance on a rolling basis new projects, as band tours and certain artists provide attractive, established venues ready for positive economic arrangements. The object is for DC3 to afford a consistent series of professional, proven productions, yielding attractive, highly saleable music product in the form of DVDs and other digital formats. The Company’s principals have contacts with major artists, which represent some of the most successful music groups today. Visuals With Voice Reverb Deriving inspiration from the energy, motion and communi- cative power of voice, Reverb expands far beyond sound to fuse with the living, experiential multimedia spectacle. Fusing creation and communication, form and function, Reverb (a creative marketing and imaging agency of the New Media Era) seeks to capture the essence of a company, discover its many facets, and reveal them in ways never seen nor experienced. Thriving upon experimentalism and exploration, Reverb ceaselessly generates entirely fresh and innovative ways to make visuals speak. Reverb conjures a visual voice that startles the eye, stirs the soul, and incites the imagination. Reverb is synonymous with creative imagining whether it’s through photography or their eclectic collective of brilliant interactive designers, 3D animators, illustrators, writers, music and video producers, and award winning web designers. With creative platforms that strategically speak directly to today’s youthful pop culture and its consumers, Reverb’s creative product resonates with clear brand identity and coherent messaging through design that provokes. Help Worldwide/IQube Rock4Haiti – Relief Concert - Help Worldwide 2010
  17. 17. Debli – Myeskimofriend Help Worldwide 2010 March Forth to March 4th Thank You! ROCK4HAITI