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My p lace ass 2


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My p lace ass 2

  1. 1. My Place ClevelandCreative Placemaking Project Vision
  2. 2. Part of spotlighting art is giving it space.Part of engaging community isshowing the broader community that Redland city is unique.
  3. 3. Vision StatementThe creative vision for Ignite Redlands andThe LIghtHAUS my projects is to create anannual light festival and architecturalcompetition to invigorate and activate adepleted retail precinct and disused publicspace on the harbor foreshore in Cleveland,Redlands City. By developing a model toactivate the creative class and art communityto contribute to a festival and invigoratepublic space both in a short term model withart based practice within a festivalframework and long term with theconstruction of The LIghtHAUS and itscommunity usage. With these initial conceptsit is hoped that through communityconsultation and feedback that we are able togrow both design aspects annually to create amust see destination and an engagedcommunity.
  4. 4. THE LightHAUSObjectiveTo conduct aDesign/Architecture/Sculpture/Public ArtCompetition.The competition is to design of a freestanding limited life pavilion to be used asboth public interactive space and forvisual/creative arts and performanceevents.
  5. 5. This idea is inspired by the principlesdeveloped in the Charter forQueensland Places, and the sevenprinciples outlined therein. Our places embody our values andour uniqueness. Our places are for people and aboutpeople. Our places are ecosystems that werespect and nurture. Our places value our naturallandscapes and waterways. Our place experiences are enhancedby whatwe build and the spaces within andbetween. Our places are connected,accessible andcontribute to the surroundingneighborhoods. Our places are shaped by design,our shared responsibility and ourmanagement
  6. 6. It has also been informed by the visionarystructures developed by Arne Quince,Kevin Carmody, Urban Art Projects, ShaneThompson and all architects and artiststhat contribute to place-making to harnesscommunity change and invite communityinvolvement.
  7. 7. DescriptionThe competition is Australian. It isopen to architects, students ofarchitecture, Sculptors, Public Artdesigners. The subject of thiscompetition is to design apavilion/space to be used as aninteractive space for the public andas an exhibition space for creativearts events.
  8. 8. The design is to have a life span of atleast a year and be constructed witha limited budget to council guidelinesfor public dwellings.This under utilized public area wouldallow the design to enhance andengage this space in the heart ofCleveland, between Bloomfield Streetcommerce area and the Raby Bayforeshore precinct. This area is a more municipal space,importantly neutralized fromsignificant commercial pressures andone that allows for creative processesto unfold.
  9. 9. LocationThe pavilion would be located inCleveland within the Raby Bayforeshore. The pavilion would be freestanding, easily accessible from manypoints, with surrounding space forpublic viewing.
  10. 10. OutcomesA winning design to be constructedby local government with sponsorshipfrom business, the LightHAUS may beused for events from creative tovisual arts to performances for andby the community, but also by invitedprofessionals, on an ongoing basis.Its immediate impact is to giveCleveland a hub or centre ofcommunity that will stimulate theprocess of bringing life to Cleveland.
  11. 11. Ignite RedlandsObjectiveLight Art FestivalThe development of a 3 day art based festivalwith the theme of “light”. The festival willencompass series of arts activities based aroundboth visual light and physical lightness. Themajor art activities are a twilight art market,living light art gallery and a nightly light artparade through the main street Bloomfield streetin Cleveland.
  12. 12. LocationThe location for the festival will bebased along Bloomfield St the mainstreet in Cleveland. Bloomfield St willbe closed to traffic for the 3 dayfestival this will allow for public travelthrough the space unencumberedand will naturally direct them fromthe main retail precinct down to theharbour foreshore.
  13. 13. OutcomesAn arts based annual festival involving a series ofarts activities based around the theme of “light”to reinvigorate and highlight Cleveland Village.• Increase tourism• Involve business and the arts community ; enhance community through the arts and build resilience and respect for the art community• Increase human traffic and local trade• Expose community to to all forms of art practice including visual art, theatre and performance.• Encourage all aspects of the arts to local community and encourage artisans to explore the options of basing themselves in the CBD of Cleveland.
  14. 14. “The night time city will be painted with acrylic paintcontaining phosphorescent pigment onto a materialthat will line a back and side wall of the shop or the displaywindow. When viewed under a blue light the paintings will glow-in-the dark.” Sue Beyer
  15. 15. Key StakeholderThe key stakeholders differ slightly in bothprojects due to the diverse nature of eachconcept.• Local government• General Public• Creative class• Artist• Retailers• Local business
  16. 16. Funding• Arts/Development Grants• Sponsorship• Crowd fundingInitial funding through Regional ArtFund $10 000 and sponsorship bylocal council for the LightHAUS projecthas been secured.Ignite has been shortlisted for aQueensland Artslink grant of $25 000And also has local council sponsorship
  17. 17. Potential ImpactThe potential impact for both projects is tocreate a city with a strong communityidentity, livability, creative diversity andgenerate economic stimulus for artist andthe local business community.