Saving the rainforest project


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Saving the rainforest project

  1. 1. Saving theRainforestProjectBy Jessica and Lani
  2. 2. ProposalThis proposal is about raising money to helpsave the Rainforests by donating toRainforest Alliance.
  3. 3. Goal$1,000 or more would be the ideal amountraised for donation throughout the 2012-2013 school year.
  4. 4. Rainforest Alliance- Their Work Education- Inform kids on their role in biodiversity conservation and host teacher training workshops in 5 different countries about their free curriculum. Agriculture Sustainability- Encourage farmers to manage and sustain ranchlands so they do not have to move around a lot. Forest Sustainability- Helps ensure corporations and forest-based businesses conduct responsible logging.
  5. 5. Their Work (cont.) Tourism Sustainability- Provides websites and other tools with places one can go without harming the flora and fauna. Fighting climate change- Address environmental problems through education and helping businesses conserve the rainforests so it can absorb greenhouse gases and resist climate change.
  6. 6. Donating to RainforestAlliance 80% of the donation goes directly to the cause, 20% towards other costs “Your donation does more than just protect beautiful landscapes. It safeguards endangered species, mitigates the effects of climate change and ensures sustainable livelihoods for the millions of families that depend on forests.” –Rainforest Alliance
  7. 7. How To Donate Because the donation would be over $1000, the school would become a canopy associate. After the money is collected, a check will be sent to Rainforest Alliance with this form: http://my.rainforest- Donation-Form.pdf?docID=741
  8. 8. Fundraiser #1 Popcorn concession- All proceeds made through selling popcorn at 2 or 3 Cooney football games would go towards the cause (Christine Leutner has agreed to underwrite the initial popcorn kernel cost) Possible games: September 28th, October 5th, and October 12th
  9. 9. Fundraiser #2 Selling friendship bracelets during lunch from Oriental Trading ( a2-24_506-12-1.fltr?Ntt=friendship+bracelet+string) The bracelets are $5 per dozen ($.42 each). Ordering 1500 would cost $625 in which we would pay for with previous fundraising money, then earning it all back plus much more by selling them for $2 each. After subtracting the $625, we will have $1250 in earnings for the cause if we sell all the bracelets. Oriental Trading provided us with permission for resale
  10. 10. Fundraiser #3 Dog/pet wash Location to be determined (a park) Previous funds will be used to buy pet shampoo Ideally held in late May
  11. 11. Why should we save therainforest? Rainforest belt provides homes for ½ of the earths animals, 2/3 of the plants, and indigenous people. Thousands more plants and animals are yet to be discovered there. Climate regulation- Trees soak in and release rainwater into the air. Without that, DROUGHTS ( Summer 2012?) and famine can become more common. Also, trees cleanse the air. Deforestation causes 18-25% of the annual CO2 emissions. Prevents soil erosion- Removing trees prevents soil from using their nutrients therefore letting heavy rains wash away soil and clogging rivers rather than absorbing the water.
  12. 12. Why? (Cont.) Medicine- Over 25% of modern day medicine contains plant from the rainforest. Only 1% of it’s plants are being used in medicine, there are so many more possibilities to be discovered but may not be if deforestation continues. It is said that a possible cancer cure is out there, we just have to find it. Products- Rainforests provide us with nuts, bananas, coffee, spices, rubber, resins, fibers, and more.For these reasons and more, it is clear that the rainforest needs saving.
  13. 13. What are we saving it from? Logging- loggers drive heavy machinery in the forests ruining soil. They then cut down trees in such a way that it takes hundreds of years to restore that part of the crucial canopy. It disturbs habitats of animals and indigenous people too. Agriculture- This is 70% of the cause of deforestation. Sections of forests are being totally cleared for crops and cattle. Cash crop farmers focus on the money and not the environmental impact they make. When the land is too ruined to use any more they clear away more and do it again.
  14. 14. Problems (cont.) Large dams- they destroy the forest, people’s land and culture, increase waterborne disease, causes coastal erosion which leads to earthquakes, and pollutes. Mining and industry- creates unwelcome roads, completely clears land portions, and severely pollutes air, water, and land. Tourism- Land is taken advantage of for profit and is advertised before a secure management plan is put in place. Tourism creates problems such as road installation, water pollution and cultural exploitation.
  15. 15. Please Consider… Donating to Rainforest Alliance wouldbe an experience to help us grow, learn,and do something good for the world. Therainforests of our world are in danger andwe can help protect them. Please considerthis proposal. Thank you! "We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles." -Jimmy Carter
  16. 16. Sources