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  1. 1. You are getting the best football teaching in the country and we are all proof of that as well as the 16 teams that played in state championship games
  2. 2. Another banner year for Tony Franklin System clients!
  3. 3. You are getting the best football teaching in the country!
  6. 6. Finished the season 9-4 # 3 in Total offense
  7. 7. Finished 10-4 #1 in Total offense
  8. 8. #1- Houston 41 scores (35 TDs, 6 FGs) #2- Middle Tennessee 36 (26 TDs, 10 FGs) #3- Troy 33 scores #4- Tulsa 29 scores
  9. 9. The System Camps have become one of the largest and most successful football camps throughout the country. The up-tempo style and high energy coaching approach sets this camp apart from any other. We only coach "The Tony Franklin System" offense using the same consistent language throughout. This allows every working coach, visiting coach and player to communicate effectively.
  10. 10. THE SYSTEM CAMPS Our camps are staffed by former college and high school standouts that played in The System, college coaches and high school coaches that have numerous years experience in this offense. Players are continually coached on the intricate details of each play and drill, with every position being coached at every station, every snap!
  11. 11. THE SYSTEM CAMPS The System Camps are unique in approach and design providing more reps, consistent coaching, consistent language being communicated throughout camp, film study and less down time that produces highly effective results.
  12. 12. THE SYSTEM CAMPS The System Camps also offers the opportunity to host smaller, more intimate camps at your site as well. Be sure to watch for 2010 camps sites and dates coming soon. In 2009, TFS introduced Spring Head Start camps that were a big hit among attendees. If you are interested in a smaller (50-100 player) camp please call for date availability and details.
  13. 13. TESTIMONIAL • Bob Shaffer – Truckee HS, CA – “We first attended Tony Franklin's "The System" clinic two years ago.That first year we lost in the State Championship game. We again attended their clinic last year as a staff and also went to one of their player camps. After the camp, the learning curve for both coaches and players was shortened immensely, and several things that were cloudy the first year were much clearer as evidenced by our success the second year averaging 46 points a game, winning the State Championship, and having an undefeated season…This is my 29th year coaching football, and by far this is the best system of offense that I have ever come across. Can't wait for this year's seminar!!!”
  14. 14. TESTIMONIAL • Robb Myhre – Nooksack Valley HS, WA – “Two years ago, before joining the System, we finished our season 2-8. We attended our first System clinic the following spring. The next season, we finished 9-2 and made it to the quarterfinals of the state tournament. This past weekend we again played in the quarterfinal game, entering with a 10-2 record. With 8 min remaining in the third quarter, we were down 40-13. With six minutes to go in the fourth, we were up by the final margin of 54-47. 41 points in just over 13 minutes and our school's first trip ever to the state semifinals. ..
  15. 15. TESTIMONIAL • Jeff Ashby – Giltner HS, NE – “Just dropping you a note letting you know my team just qualified for the state championship game to be held next Monday. This is the first time for Giltner High School to play for the state championship since 1984. We won our semi-final game last night 64-36 over an undefeated team who beat us the second game of the year. My quarterback threw for 302 yards and 8 touchdowns while running for 145 yards and 1 touchdown. We only scored 37 points the first time we played them. So once we had a little time to learn the SYSTEM you can see we improved by almost 30 points. Thanks for everything!”
  16. 16. TESTIMONIAL • Grey Powell – Prattville Christian Academy, AL - PCA was 0-11 last year and pretty dismal on offense! This year, our first in the system, we went 7-4, got beat in the first round of the playoffs to the #1 team in state and had almost 5,000 yards of offense! It was a great year, thanks!”
  17. 17. TESTIMONIAL • Chris Wiley – Arlington HS, TN – “….Our first year in The System and we finished the regular season 10-0, capturing our first district championship, after going 1-9 in 2008. Our offense shattered all school records we averaged 31 points per game, we had three receivers with over 450 yards….Thanks you for all of your help and support and I look forward to our second year in The System.”
  18. 18. TESTIMONIAL • Erik Becker – Daniel Hand HS, CT – “Coach, tonight we played our first game in pouring rain. I’ve always told our kids that “our offense is the best in the rain and snow”. Well, we scored five quick touchdowns before slowing our selves down and had NO turnovers. Everything worked. We are now 10-1 in the system. Thank you so much!”
  19. 19. TESTIMONIAL • Shad Hanna – Alpine HS, TX – “Just wanted to let y’all know we threw for 478 yds this week against an undefeated 3A team from El Paso area. We had a total 540. WOW. We have a total of 1857 and 1526 Passing in 4 games and have scored 179 points. We have the #1 QB in the area. We have the #1,2, and 3 Rec in the areaWe have the top scoring Player in area.
  20. 20. TESTIMONIAL • George Machado – Wm. Horlick HS, WI - “Losing the State of Wisconsin’s Offensive Player of the year at QB evidently has not slowed down the Second Year System Client Racine Horlick Rebels’ offensive potency. With a new QB (Kellen Miller #10, Senior), the Rebels were 32 of 53 for 511 yards and 6 TD’s. Miller had 0 interceptions. Hooray for the vertical set as the Rebels’ Offensive Line did not give up a sack.”
  21. 21. TESTIMONIAL • Charlie Burnett – Essex Junction HS, VT - “We are first year clients and I just wanted to share the results of our opening game last Friday. We won 54-12 and in the first half our QB was 12 for 14 with a school record 6 TDs! We wished we could run more plays to test things out with our starters but they kept scoring every other play. Went to the bench early and had to run and throw WR screens to finish it out. Still got in "trouble" for thowing a 42-yard Bubble Screen for a TD in the 4th to our 3rd string F from our back up QB. Thanks to Tony, Donny, Jep, and the staff at Troy for helping us to learn this offense. Amazing stuff!”
  22. 22. TESTIMONIAL Phil Truax – Lexington HS, NE - “I'm Phil Truax from Lexington High School in Nebraska. I don't know if you remember or not, but last spring I sent you some game film and asked for your advice about how to do a few things differently versus our opening opponent this season. Well, we had the game, and we won 24 to 19, and we used almost all of the things you suggested to us. You were right on the money, and I just wanted to thank you for your help. You know how much winning that first game means to a team, and you played a big role in helping our kids get off to a great start. Thanks!!