Tang songdynasty


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Tang songdynasty

  1. 1. Tang- 618-907 Song-960-1279
  2. 2. Dynasty- A family rule that obeys the rules of the Mandate of Heaven Mandate Of Heaven- A Chinese belief that heaven grants a ruler, the mandate, or right to the rule; in return the people owe the ruler complete loyalty and obedience.
  3. 3. Art from the Tang Dynasty Li Bo was a poet during the times of the Song Dynasty.
  4. 4. The Tang Dynasty was important because in the Sui Dynasty before it, the state treasury was being bankrupt with war and construction projects. Then Taizong came and took the throne by killing his brothers and forcing his father to step aside. He reformed the government and law code. He started the time of peace while China’s influence grew. Wu Zhao becameTaizong’s wife at the ageof 13. She ran China whenTaizong was ill, when hedied their two sons tookthe throne; however,Zhao reclaimed thethrone because of hersons’ lack of ability torule. She was the onlyfemale emperor in all ofChina’s history.
  5. 5. During the time of the Tang Dynasty people took Civil Service Exams. The exam was free to everyone but only the wealthy were able to afford the education to pass the exam. By passing the exam you became part of the elite group. This created a really intelligent and capable governing class. In the song dynasty art was a very important aspect of their culture. They had a distinct style in the court painting from the Imperial Painting Academy, painters were recruited from everywhere to serve the needs of the court. The painting was described as naturalistic and closely descriptive to the portrayal of the physical world.
  6. 6. The Song Dynasty was important because it continued the renaissance period that the Tang Dynasty started. Great advances in technology appeared, like the windmill and gunpowder. And art started to flourish in the Song with a more naturalistic style. It was a peaceful period of art and science. Du Fu was a Chinese poet, and isreferred to as the greatest of theChinese poets. With more than 1,500poems written and he had 3 sons and2 daughters. Li Bo and Du Fu actuallymet twice in their lives, and becamefriends with another. Li Bo was also one of the greatest poets in Chinese history. He was known to have written over 1,100 poems and traveled extensively. He was known for his consumption of wine and died from illness.
  7. 7. Song Dynasty Something really ironic happens in the Song Dynasty, China asks the Jurchen for help in fighting the Liao empire. But when they defeat Liao, with China weakened, the Jurchen turn and attack China. The Jurchen win and start the Jin Dynasty. Many technology advances happen in the Song Dynasty, the invention of the windmill occurs as well as gun powder. But the most important one is movable type printing. The publishing industry entered a prosperous time in the Song Dynasty.
  8. 8. Song Dynasty’s territory compared to China now.
  9. 9. Song Dynasty’s territory compared to China now.