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Twitter Diplomacy Tree Branding


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Twitter Diplomacy is certainly a new field for diplomacy, where who follows who (among the maximum government representatives around the world) becomes part of a political statement.

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  • Thanks to Matthias Lüfkens @luefkens - Media Associate Director of the World Economic Forum - who gave us the relational data from his #twitterdiplomacy study!
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Twitter Diplomacy Tree Branding

  1. 1. diplomacy networks in
  2. 2. Why to map the Twitter diplomacy networks? At the beginning of January 2011, we saw an interesting presentation from Matthias Lüfkens - Media Associate Director of the World Economic Forum – about Twitter Diplomacy among the maximum government representatives around the world. This is certainly a new field for diplomacy, where who follows who becomes part of a political statement. We are a consultant firm focused on mapping and analyzing all kind of organizational networks - looking for patterns and pathways to further develop and enhance the organizational social capital. With that in mind, we asked Matthias for his gathered relational dataset, looking forward to complement his analysis with a quick Organizational Network Analysis. He kindly accepted and here is the result of our analysis. Note: the data was captured by Matthias Lüfkens in early December For methodological notes see slide 26.
  3. 3. * *After the network data being gathered, the Russian government renamed their account to
  4. 4. 1. Who are the leaders most followed by other leaders on Twitter? Here, the twitter bird indicates the maximum government representatives - leaders/Governments’ - twitter accounts. For instance, Barack Obama has 6.366.205 followers. He is a very influential leader indeed. However, how many world government representatives are following Obama?  Just 5! In the next slide, we will show the direct Influence of government representatives (in terms of Twitter), represented by the size of the
  5. 5. Curiously, the Argentinean president is the most followed by others leaders, mostly from LATAM region.
  6. 6. 2. Who are the leaders who most follow other leaders? In the next network visualization, the size of the birds indicates the Influenced leaders (in terms of their capacity to access information and recognize others leaderships)
  7. 7. David Cameron is who most Follow other
  8. 8. Followed leaders Following
  9. 9. 3. Who are the brokers leaders? In the next network, the biggest birds indicate who are - in the shortest path between others – bridging the global
  10. 10. Again, Cameron is a clear Broker, bridging the leaders’s twitter accounts around the
  11. 11. Broker Leaders 120 100 80 60 40 20
  12. 12. 4. Network topography without the Mapa Mundi The network can be divided into two big sub-groups
  13. 13. 5. What is the Density* of the global Network? 18,8% • Too low for a small network • There are few leaders in Twitter yet *Density is the global interconnectivity measure of a network, where 0% means nobody is connected and 100% means everybody is
  14. 14. 5.1. What are the subgroups densities? In # of linksSubgroups: G8 LATIN AMERICA OTHERS• G8: EE.UU, UK, France, G8 10* 4 4Canada, Russia. LATIN AMERICA 3 27 0• Latin America: Mexico, OTHERS 3 0 0Costa Rica, Colombia,Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, *10 links interconnect G8 leaders between them.Argentina, Chile.• Others: Turkey, SouthKorea, Australia, South Africa. In density % G8 LATIN AMERICA OTHERS G8 50%** 10% 20% LATIN AMERICA 7,5% 48,2% 0% OTHERS 15% 0% * The 10 links represent 50% of interconnectivity between G8 leaders.
  15. 15. 6. What are the brokers roles? Consultant: Is followed and follows nodes of the same group different from his original group. Coordinator: Is followed and follows nodes of his same group. Gatekeeper: Is followed by nodes different from his group and follows nodes of his same group. Liaison: Is followed by nodes of a different group and follows nodes from a different group of both. Representative: Is followed by nodes from the same group and follows nodes from a different group. In the next networks visualization, the size of nodes are proportional to particular brokerage score.
  16. 16. Is the most Consultant
  17. 17. Is the most Coordinator
  18. 18. Is the most Gatekeeper
  19. 19. Is the most Liaison
  20. 20. Is the most Representative
  21. 21. In sum... • Few of the maximum government representatives are in Twitter • The small network size is poorly interconnected • The global reciprocity between leaders is 45,71%. It means that almost half of the possible links are mutual (if A follows B, B follows A) • Latin America leaders are the best interconnected with each other, but poorly interconnected with leaders from the rest of the world. • UK account follows most of the others accounts, bridging them around the globe. • Obama is not the best in Twitter. • Twitter diplomacy network represents part of the local leadership characteristics. A mirror of diplomacy in the social media era. • A systematic mapping of the Twitter diplomacy would be interesting for an evolutionary point of
  22. 22. About Tree Branding We area a multidisciplinary think tank specialized in Organizational Network Analysis consultancy. Helping Governments, NGO, Organizations and Local Communities to uncover their network patterns and develop their Social Capital in the interconnected
  23. 23. Contact info Ignacio García Co founder Headquarter office: Branch office: São Paulo – Brazil Buenos Aires – +55 11 2372-1157 +54 11 5849-8479
  24. 24. Methodological notes To avoid redundancy, the following twitter’s accounts were merged: • @BarackObama was merged with WhiteHouse • (personal & function account). • MedvedevRussia was merged with MedvedevRussiaE • (Russian & English account) • FelipeCalderon was merged with presidenciamx • (personal & function account) • RT_Erdogan was merged with cbAbdullahGul • (Turkish President and Primer Minister) Roles Brokerage measures (slide 15): Gould, J. and Fernandez, J. 1989. Structures of mediation: A formal approach to brokerage in transaction networks. Sociological Methodology: