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Task rabbit presentation group c


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Task rabbit presentation group c

  1. 1. Task RabbitGroup CZaid Al Kailani Life is busy. We can help.Nhien BeFrancisco MachadoFernando PacasRosa PiroAna Maria Trebolle
  2. 2. We live in a busy worldToo many things to do, notenough time?Can’t do the things you enjoy the most?
  3. 3. Taskrabbit has the solutionOnline marketplace to outsource small taskService networking: using your onlinenetworks to get things done in the real worldeBay for errandsTaskposters Taskrabbits
  4. 4. Service Networking Industry Supplier’s Power Buyer’s PowerThreat ofSubstitution Rivalry Threat of Entry
  5. 5. What is their current strategy?Who are they targeting?Young professionals,Young professionals, Stay-at-home Stay-at-home busy parents & busy parents & moms, students & moms, students &“Trust, safety and security at unemployedthe corporations corporations the heart of unemployedmarketplace” - Leah Busque, Founder of Taskrabbit
  6. 6. Where is Taskrabbit present?
  7. 7. Three Main Challenges Customers CustomersHow do we lock in customers?How do we create a bigger customer base? Security SecurityHow do we guarantee security in payments?How can we build trust between rabbits and posters? Markets MarketsWhich is our most profitable market?Which markets should we expand to?
  8. 8. What can Taskrabbit do next?2. Offer medium-termUnited States (retirees,3. Expandspecificthe contracts between1. Target within consumer groupsposters and rabbitsstudents, etc.)
  9. 9. Reasons to expand High growth stage (34%)Larger potential customer baseCompetitor pressuresTrust building and Brand awarenessRabbit recruiting
  10. 10. The next step is to EXPAND!
  11. 11. Expansion Implications Establish a strong presence in the East CoastOver 50% growth in 2 years Increase customer lock-in (increasing barriers to entry)Create word of mouth awareness Good fit?
  12. 12. Follow us:Group CZaid Al Kailani Simplify your lifeNhien BeFrancisco MachadoFernando PacasRosa PiroAna Maria Trebolle
  13. 13. References