CNA to LPN Bridge Programs


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CNA to LPN Bridge Programs

  1. 1. A CNA training program acts as a stepping stonein the nursing career and one can start working and earning and work their way up to a moreadvanced level in nursing. CNA to LPN bridge programs are advanced academic arrangementsdesigned to help CNA’s who want to attain the LPN degree. CNA’s aim to attain the LPNdegree since it comes with better earnings and responsibilities.To become a licensed CNA, one needs to have undertaken a course study which lasts 6 to 24weeks at a private vocational school or community college. A certified CNA often works innursing care facilities, but can also work in surgical or medical departments within hospitals,privately owned physician offices and facilities that provide home care. The major duties of aCNA are to help patients with their day to day living activities such as bathing, feeding, walking,grooming etc. A CNA can also monitor a patient’s symptoms and help in administration ofdrugs.Both CNA and LPN can work under a physician or a licensed registered nurse but LPN’s aretypically given more responsibilities and their salaries are higher than a CNA. To become anLPN one needs to undertake a one year course while CNA can find work with just a high schooldiploma. LPN’s can also supervise a CNA’s work.What Is A CNA to LPN Bridge?The program works by using the credit units that a CNA earned previously while training tobecome a CNA by transferring part of the units to the LPN program. The bridge program isoffered with the aim of shortening the duration that a CNA would require to attain the LPNdegree.To meet the qualifications of a CNA to LPN bridge programs, one is required to meet somerequirements though they may vary from one school to another.Requirements for AdmissionOne has to be 18 years and aboveCNA license that is current and active. One needs to have experience working as a CNA in amedical facilityOne must have a GPA of above 2.0 overall from the training program and grades for each 1/2
  2. 2. program must be above C A certificate of completion. One must be able to produce a CNA diploma certificate to prove the completion of training The Program A letter of recommendation from supervisors or instructors. The course takes one year to complete and is divided into theory where students learn inside the campus and practical where students are sent out for assignments in various medical facilities. The CNA to LPN Bridge programs are also available online for those who want to do the course over the internet. This is especially beneficial for those who are working full time and need class time outside of traditional classroom hours. Various skills and procedures are taught which include types of injections, learning how to insert IV tubes into patients, Monitoring patient’s critical signs, documentation of patient’s condition, sterilization of wounds, and nurse ethics among others. When choosing a bridge program it’s good to ensure the college meets the required accreditation for training nurses. The CNA to LPN bridge program is a good option if one wants to shorten the duration of training to become an LPN at a reduced cost. Becoming an LPN will make one earn more and while leading to an increase in responsibilities. Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: CNA to LPN Bridge Programs 2/2Powered by TCPDF (