How Businesses can Capitalize on Local Events


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Erika Newton, Sioux City Convention Bureau Manager recently spoke at our Business Roundtable regarding how area businesses can capitalize on events in Siouxland.

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How Businesses can Capitalize on Local Events

  1. 1. Getting Involved in Siouxland Events!<br />
  2. 2. A Wide Audience<br />Events range from family events, to rock concerts, to sporting events, to country music shows, to theatre. <br />To target audience members for a specific show or event, research that event. Who’s buying tickets? Who will be coming into town to see the show or sporting event? Know the audience you’re trying to hit. <br />Information is always available on the show’s website, or at the venue website (, or <br />
  3. 3. Not Downtown?<br />No problem!<br />Because of the large number of visitors coming to our events from other locations, there is a huge opportunity to capitalize on traffic driving right past your property! <br />Promote specials on your marquee or outdoor signage.<br />Offer incentives to stop traffic at your place of business.<br />Plan the timing of your special promotions accordingly. Know what time the event starts and ends. Realize that people may all get up and leave to make it to the event on time, or all show up at the same time immediately following the event. Business hours may need to be adjusted.<br />
  4. 4. Stay In the Know<br />Sign up for e-mails on and to find out what events are coming, and when.<br />Become a Fan on the Tyson Events Center and Orpheum Theatre’s Facebook pages, or follow us on Twitter at Sioux City Live. We offer special promotions, contests, and trivia facts, and you can send event announcements out to your own Fan base virally.<br />Give me your e-mail address – I will include you on my media distribution list when I send out press releases.<br />
  5. 5. Get Your Business Involved<br />Treat your employees or important clients to a night at a show! Our group sales representative, Melissa Lanzourakis, can arrange a VIP evening at a show - usually with special discount rates on tickets, and sometimes even a backstage tour! - for a unique night out.<br />Associate your business with some of the best entertainment options in Sioux City with group sales opportunities at either the Tyson Events Center or the Orpheum Theatre.<br />
  6. 6. Share Your Ideas With Us<br />We are always looking for new ways to promote events to people in Siouxland. If you’ve got an idea to promote shows to your clients and customers, let us know what that idea is!<br />In exchange, depending on the value of the trade, we may be able to offer the opportunity to distribute hand-outs to concert-goers, promote specials in our arena, or offer trade signage in our building. The level of trade would depend on the level of value we can secure in exchange.<br />We are always up for new ideas to partner with local businesses! Give us a call!<br />