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  1. 1. September 2007 Members-Only Resource Kit Research, Inspiration, & How-To Improve Results COntents Account Info & Guarantee .....................2 Topics Covered in MarketingSherpa ......3 Research Database Tips.........................4 Creative Samples Library .......................9 Events Calendar...................................10 Awards Calendar .................................14 SherpaStore 10% Discount ................15 Case Studies List .................................19 How-To Articles List .............................35 Useful Membership Contacts .............47
  2. 2. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, & How-To Improve Results account Info & Guarantee Welcome to MarketingSherpa Membership For more details on both of these  Beta!  Your benefits include: (including group pricing details), go to and click on the  #1. Research -- 3,058+ marketing numbers “Membership Tour” button. Or contact     and stats in an easy-to-search database  Service at the number below.       to help you with budgeting, forecasting,      and tactical decisions.  Also handy for  aCCOUnt ChanGes & presentations. satIsfaCtIOn GUaRantee   #2. Inspiration -- 793+ Case Studies and      2,657+ Creative Samples from real-life  Membership is nearly risk-free; and, cancelling      marketing campaigns and tests.  Share  or making account changes is easy.     with your copy and graphics team.   #3. How-to Instructions -- Sherpa’s library  •   If you’d like to cancel during your      features best practices for everything    7-day free trial, we will not charge you     from emailing consumers to B-to-B    anything.     lead generation campaigns.  Great for  training. •  If you’d like to cancel at anytime after    #4. 10% off Members-only Discounts --    your trial, we’ll immediately send  you a      Get 10% off everything in SherpaStore    pro-rated refund of all unused months of      *immediately* (Yes, even Summit    service.  (Sorry, partial months cannot be      tickets and Benchmark Guides.)   refunded.) •  For your convenience, your account  will  PeRsOnal Use & GROUP InfO   be automatically renewed annually at the  Your Membership is for you alone.  (In    lowest price then being promoted publicly.   software parlance, it’s a single-user license.)     Yes, we will send you both emailed and  So, you may not share your password with    postal mailed notice beforehand.  If the  anyone else.  You also may not copy our    credit card associated with the account no  content to post or publish elsewhere.  If you    longer works, we’ll send you an invoice. know a colleague or client who would benefit  from Membership, you can: •  Group accounts can request to be invoiced    from the start, and can change or add     •  Tell them about our Free Trial 7-Day    members fairly easily at any time. All      offer, so they can decide if they’d like  members must have the same account     their own Membership.    expiration date and billing contact.   •   Consider starting a Group Membership.        Groups of three or more qualify for   [QUestIOns] Contact Customer Service     significant discounts. or call (877) 895-1717. -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  3. 3. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results Members-Only topical Microsites We’ve created a series of more than 50 microsites within MarketingSherpa to make your job  easier.  Just click on the topic you’re most interested in, and you’ll see a complete mini-site  featuring our best resources related to just that topic. Each microsite includes: Case Studies,  Research Records, Creative Samples, and Events and Awards directly related to that topic.    Pick from this (growing) list of topical microsites: Email Design  Delivery [tOPICs by IndUstRy/taRGet] Renting Lists  Ads Alternatives: RSS, Desktop Apps, Mobile b-tO-b MaRKetInG - GeneRal advICe Sales lead generation Business technology marketing seaRCh MaRKetInG Business services marketing Marketing with white papers and/or webinars MORe OnlIne MaRKetInG Web Site  Landing Page Design  Marketing at trade shows  Viral Marketing Channel marketing Online Advertising Marketing by job function/industry Social Networking, Evangelism Marketing to small businesses Affiliate Marketing Sales Support Collateral PR faMe - tIPs COnsUMeR MaRKetInG Blogging  Podcasting Ecommerce  eretail How to Pitch Business Media Retail marketing How to Pitch Marketing Media Automotive How to Pitch Tech Media Consumer packaged goods PR Search Marketing Financial services Travel  hospitality  Entertainment  sports  OfflIne MaRKetInG adveRtIsInG Integrated Campaigns Non-profit fundraising Direct Mail  Fax  Real estate TV, Radio Ads Health marketing Print Advertising Consumer electronics Telemarketing By consumer demographic Out-of-Home COntentbIz/OnlIne PUblIshInG Selling Subscriptions Online sKIlls Copywriting Ad Sales Online Market Research Other online content sales Branding Database Marketing MaRKetInG by ReGIOn Loyalty Marketing International Marketing Media Buying  Marketing in the UK Positioning Marketing in Canada Marketing Law Multinational Marketing CaReeR [tOPICs by taCtIC] How to Hire Marketers Real-life marketer career interviews eMaIl MaRKetInG Selecting Vendors/Buyer’s Guides Email Newsletters  Alerts Running a marketing consultancy or agency Email List Growth -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  4. 4. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results Members-Only Research database Only MarketingSherpa members have access to our Research Team’s Private Database  featuring more than 3,058 records of research conducted by ourselves, our partners, plus more  than 819 additional organizations. It’s our goal to track and categorize every piece of useful  research out there on marketing, advertising, and PR.    ReseaRCh ORGanIzatIOns 11 American Affluence Research Center Beta Research American Association of Advertising  101communications Better Business Bureau 24/7 Real Media Agencies BIA Financial Network 360i American Association of Retired Persons BigEars 365 Marketing Technologies American Business Media BIGresearch American Customer Satisfaction Index 800response e Binghamton University American Gaming Association Bioinformatics American Marketing Association BIPE [a] American Small Business Travelers  A.T. Kearney Bitpipe Aberdeen Group Alliance Biz360 ABI Research American Society of Magazine Editors  Blackfriars Communications Acacia Research Group America’s Research Group Blogads Accela Communications AMR Research BlueLithium Analysys International Accenture Bluestreak Analysys Research Access Markets International-Partners  Borrell Associates Anderson Analytics Accucast BostonCoach Annenberg Public Policy Center of the  AccuStream iMedia Research BPM Forum University of Pennsylvania ACNielsen BPRI Group Anti-Phishing Working Group AcuPOLL Precision Research Bradley Communications AP Information Services Brand Genetics Acxiom Brand Republic ad:tech Aquent Brand Research Compay Adams Media Research Arab Advisors Group Adestra Arbitron BrandIntel AdForum Arial Software Brandweek Admerasia Art Technology Group Bredin Business Information Asian American Advertising Federation AdRants BtoB Online Aspect Contact Center Solutions ADTECH Burrell Communications Associated Press Advanced Communications  Media Burson-Marsteller Association for Accounting Marketing Advertising Age Burst Media Association of Hispanic Advertising  Advertising Association Business Marketing Association  Advertising Checking Bureau Business Software Alliance Agencies Advertising Coalition Association of Medical Media Business Wire Advertising Research Foundation Association of National Advertisers BusinessWeek Advertising Standards Authority AstralMedia Outdoor Atlantic Media Company buySAFE Atlas Institute Adviva BzzAgent Audit Bureau of Circulations ADVO August Partners Adweek [C] Australian Bureau of Statistics AdZone Research CR Research AeA Avotus Cable Wireless UK Age Lessons AWeber Communications Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau Campaign Media Analysis Group Airwide Solutions Campaigners [b] Aite Group BB Electronics Canalys Akamai B2B International Capgemini Alan Newman Research Ball State University Car Internet Research Program Alloy Media + Marketing Ball State University’s Center for Media  Carat Allscripts Design Carlson Marketing Allurent Bazaarvoice Carroll Media ALM Research BBC Alterian BCC Research CBS Corporation Alyn-Weiss  Associates Bear Stearns CBS Outdoor Canada America Online BenchmarkPortal CDMS American Advertising Federation Bernhart Associates Executive Search CDW-G -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  5. 5. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results ReseaRCh ORGanIzatIOns Celent Communications Experience [d] Datamonitor “Center for Hispanic Marketing  ExpoTV Datran Media Communication at Eyetools DECA Florida State University” Decima Research Center for Media Research [f] Deloitte Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at  Fathom Online Demandware Georgetown University Faulkner Focus Deutsche Bank Centers for Disease Control and  Federal Bureau of Investigation DFC Intelligence Prevention Feedster Did-it Search Marketing Chain Store Guide FGI Research Digitas  Channel Intelligence Financial Executives International Digitas Health Cheskin Research Financial Insights DIRECT ChiKii Woman to Woman First National Bank Direct Marketing Association ChoiceStream Focalyst Direct Marketing Association (UK) ChristiaNet Food Marketing Institute Directions Research CIO Foote Research Group DirectoryM Claria DM News Claritas ForeSee Results DMinSite ClarityBlue Forrester Research DMS Classified Intelligence Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience Dogpile Click Commerce Foviance Donordigital Click Forensics Fox Insight DoubleClick ClickTracks Fox Interactive Media DoubleClick Performics CMO Council Frank N. Magid Associates Dow Jones  Company CMP Media FreshAddress DSL Forum CMP Technology FreshBooks Dynamic Logic CMS Frost Sullivan Dynamic Markets CNET Networks Fry Cobalt Group Coleman [e] [G] ECNext Collective Media G2M Economist Intelligence Unit College Publisher Gallup  Robinson E-consultancy COLLOQUY Gartner Edison Media Research Comcast Gawker Media Editor  Publisher Common Sense Advisory Generator eGain Commonwealth Bank of Australia George P. Johnson Company Elastic Path Communispace GfK Brand  Communications Email Experience Council GfK NOP (UK) Compete Email Sender  Provider Coalition GfK NOP (US) Computer Security Institute EmailLabs GfK NOP Media Compuware GfK Roper Consulting comScore Networks eMarketer GfK Starch Cone Emerging Audit GfK U.S. Healthcare Companies Conference Board Empower MediaMarketing Global Industry Analysts Conifer Research E-Myth Worldwide Global Market Insight Constant Contact Enpocket ConStat GlobalFluency Enquiro Consumer Electronics Association GlobalSpec Enterprise Strategy Group ConsumerEdge Research Group GlobeScan Entertainment Software Association CONTRACTOR Goldman Sachs Envision Solutions Convera Gomez Epic Sky ConversionRuler Google EPM Communications Convio Graduate School of Management, UC  e-Rewards Market Research Coremetrics Davis eROI Country Radio Broadcasters Greenfield Online Escalate Retail Grey Global Group eStara Cowen and Company Greystone Communications Estlow Center for Journalism  New  Crandall Associates Grizzard Perfomance Group Media Creative Cost Management Groundspring e-tailing group CRM Metrix GroupM Euromonitor International CTIA - The Wireless Association® Grunwald Associates European Interactive Advertising  Customer Chemistry Guideline Association Customer Respect Group Guidester E-Write CustomerThink ExactTarget Cyber Security Industry Alliance [h] Executive Summary Consulting CyberSource Haggin Marketing Experian Cymfony Hall Partners -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  6. 6. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results ReseaRCh ORGanIzatIOns Harris Interactive Ipsos MailerMailer Harrison Group Ipsos Insight Makovsky  Company Harte-Hanks Ipsos MORI Mangen Research Associates Harvest Digital Ipsos Reid Manning Selvage  Lee Health Industry Insights Ipsos Understanding Market Research News Hispanic PR Wire IronPort MarketBridge Hitwise ITtoolbox Marketing Research Resources Hornstein Associates Marketing Executives Networking Group Horowitz Associates Marketing Management Analytics [j] Hostway J.C. Williams Group Marketing Resources Hudson River Group J.D. Power and Associates Marketing Science Institute Jack Morton Worldwide Marketing to Moms Jacobs Media Marketing Words [I] Javelin Strategy  Research IAG Research MarketingExperiments Joanne Davis Consulting iAnywhere MarketingProfs IBISWorld JuniorSenior MarketingScan ICM Research Juniper Research MarketingSherpa iContact JupiterResearch MarketStar iCrossing JuxtConsult MarketTools Idearc Search Marketing JWT Boom MARS Advertising IGA Worldwide JWT Mature Market Group Marx Promotion Intelligence IGN Entertainment Massive Incorporated iMedia Connection MasterCard Worldwide [K] Immersion Corporation Kaiser Family Foundation McElroy Independent Sector Kanbay Research Institute McKinsey  Company Informa Telecoms  Media Kang  Lee Advertising McLaughlin  Associates McPheters  Company Informatica Kanoodle Information Technology Services  Kantar Medefield Marketing Association Katz Media Group Media Center InformationWeek Keller Fay Group Media Contacts Kelley Blue Book Media Logic Informz Media Management Center, Northwestern  InfoSpace Kellogg’s InfoTrends Kelsey Group University Ingenio Kelton Research Media Monitors Inland Press Association Kettering Foundation MediaBuyerPlanner Innovista Research Kinesis Mediaedge:cia Insight Research Knowledge Networks Mediamark Research InsightExpress KnowledgeStorm MediaPost In-Stat KowaBunga! Media-Screen Institute for Corporate Productivity KRC Research Medill School at Northwestern University Institute for Public Relations Kudos Research MeetingsNet:  Targeted Meeting  Integrated Media Measurement Intelligence Intel Melcrum [l] IntelliContact Lawrence Ragan Communications Merkle IntelliSurvey Leichtman Research Group Merrill Lynch Interactive Advertising Bureau Lenskold Group MESSAGEbuzz Interactive Advertising Bureau France Leo J. Shapiro and Associates Micro Industries Interactive Market Systems Leonard N. Stern School of Business Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions Interactive Media in Retail Group Leslie Wood Research Millard Group Light Reading Insider Miller, Kaplan, Arase  Co. Interbrand Millward Brown Interdeco Global Advertising Listrak Mind Commerce International Association of Business  Louisiana State University Communicators Louws Management Corporation MindShare Lucid Marketing International Communications Research Mindwave Research Luth Research International Council of Shopping Centers Mintel International Group Luxury Institute International Data Corporation Mires + Ball Lyra Research International Demographics Mobile Marketing Association International Federation of the  Lyris Mobilitec Phonographic Industry Mobilized Software Internet Advertising Bureau Molecular [M] Internet Retailer M:Metrics MoMac Internet World Stats Macerich Company Monroe Mendelsohn Research interTrend Communications Macrovision MoreVisibility Intralink Magazine Publishers of America Moving Targets Invoice Insight MAGNA Global m-spatial iProspect MailChimp MSW Research -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  7. 7. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results ReseaRCh ORGanIzatIOns Peter D. Hart Research Associates Multicultural Marketing Resources Return Path Pew Hispanic Center MySpace Reuters Pew Internet  American Life Project Revolution Pew Research Center RightNow Technologies [n] Pew Research Center For The People   Nancy L. Salz Consulting RISC International National Retail Federation The Press ROI Research Nationwide PFA Research Ross School of Business NetElixir PhoCusWright Royal Mail Group NetLine Corporation Phoenix Market Research  Consultancy Russell Research Network Computing Pineda Consulting New England Journal of Medicine Piper Jaffray [s] Newspaper Association of America Pitney Bowes S.I. Newhouse School of Public  Newspaper National Network Pivotal Veracity Communications Next Century Media podCast411 Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey Nia Enterprises Podtrac Santiago Solutions Group Nielsen Analytics SAP Triversity PodZinger Nielsen Business Media Ponemon Institute Sara Holoubek Consulting Nielsen BuzzMetrics Porter Novelli Scan International Marketing Nielsen Company Poynter Institute Communication Management Nielsen Entertainment PQ Media ScanAlert Nielsen Galaxy PreTesting Scarborough Research Nielsen Media Research PricewaterhouseCoopers Scene7 Nielsen Monitor-Plus Primary Research Group Schonfeld  Associates Nielsen Norman Group Princeton Data Source SciVisum Nielsen Outdoor Princeton Survey Research Associates  Screen Digest Nielsen Sports International Search Engine Marketing Professional  Nielsen Wireless and Interactive Services Private Label Manufacturing Association Organization Nielsen//NetRatings Profitable Channels Search Engine Optimization - Public  Project for Excellence in Journalism Niko Partners Relations Promotion Marketing Association Novatris SearchIgnite Promotional Products Association  NPD Group Selig Center for Economic Growth NSON Opinion Research International Semico Research Corporation Prospectiv SEMphonic PRWeb SendTec [O] Office of Communications (UK) PRWeek Sensicast Ogilvy  Mather Worldwide Public Agenda Sharpe Partners OMD Publishers Information Bureau Shawn Collins Consulting Oneupweb [Q] Online Publishers Association QAS Shopzilla Online Publishers Association Europe QUALCOMM Online Testing eXchange Silverpop Open Mind Research Simba Information [R] Opinion Research Corporation R. L. Polk  Co. Simmons Market Research Bureau OpusComm Group Radar Research SiriusDecisions Organisation for Economic Co-operation  Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab Site Intelligence and Development Radio Advertising Bureau SitePoint Outdoor Advertising Association of  Radiological Society of North America Six Apart America RainToday SmallBizResource Outdoor Advertising Association of Great SMEAL College of Business,  Britain Razor’s Edge Business Intelligence Pennsylvania State University  Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Reality Check Research SNL Kagan Reardon Smith Whittaker Solutions Research Group Outsell Red Herring SPA Market Research Outsell, Inc. RedDot Solutions Springboard Research Oxbridge Communications Register Sprint Relay Stanford Graduate School of Business [P] Packaged Facts Reprise Media Starcom MediaVest Group Parks Associates Research and Marketing Stars for Kidz Pathfinder Innovation Resource Interactive StartSampling Patricia Seybold Group Responsys Statistics Canada Pattison Outdoor Advertising Retail Advertising  Marketing  Strategic Marketing Research, Inc. Paul Budde Communication Association Strategic Oxygen Penn, Schoen  Berland Associates Retail Decisions Strategy Analytics Pennsylvania State University Retail Forward Streaming Media Penton Media Student Monitor RetailWire -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  8. 8. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results ReseaRCh ORGanIzatIOns Survey Sampling International Unisfair WebTrends SurveyMonkey United States Census Bureau Webuser United States Department of Commerce WebVisible SVM E-Business Solutions United States Department of Labor Wells Fargo Retail Finance Syndicated Network Television  United States Postal Service Wharton School of Business Unity Marketing Association Wichita State University’s Software  Synergistics Research Usability Research Laboratory Universal McCann Synovate University of Chicago Press WildTangent University of Colorado Winterberry Group University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s  Wired News [t] Center for Marketing Research TACODA Witeck-Combs Communications University of Pittsburgh tank!group Woelfel Research University of Pittsburgh Graduate School  Target Analysis Group Word of Mouth Marketing Association of Public Health Taylor Nelson Sofres World Wide Worx University of Texas at San Antonio TBA Global Worldata Univsersity of Missouri-Columbia Tealeaf USC Annenberg School Center for the  Technorati WSL Strategic Retail Digital Future TechTarget TechWeb [x-y-z] Telephia Y2M:  Youth Media + Marketing  [v] Telephony Magazine Valassis Networks Television Bureau of Advertising ValueClick Media Yahoo! Terrapinn Venda Yahoo! Search Marketing The Data Warehousing Institute™ VeriSign Yahoo! Telemundo The Diffusion Group Verizon Business South Africa Yankee Group Third Screen Media Veronis Suhler Stevenson Yankelovich Vertis Communications Yano Research Institute Time Warner Inc. Viacom Yardeni Research TippingSprung Video Business Yellow Pages Association TMP Directional Marketing Virgin Mobile South Africa Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown  Russell TNS Media Intelligence Visa Youth Intelligence Topica visiongain Youth Trends Toy Industry Association VisonEdge Marketing Zandl Group Traffic Audit Bureau for Media  VisonTrack ZapThink Measurement Vistaar ZDNet Australia Transit TV Visual Sciences ZDNet UK Travel Industry Association of America Vizu Answers Zelos Group Tridion VoiceQuilt ZenithOptimedia Truverse Ziff Davis Media TV Land Zinnov [W] TWICE Wainhouse Research Zogby International Wall Street Journal Online Zona Latina Web Marketing Association ZOOM [U] U.S. Destination Marketing Weber Shandwick Zoomerang UK Association of Online Publishers WebEx Zoove Umbria WebProNews ZS Associates Unica Webroot Zyman Institute of Brand Science Unilever WebSurveyor -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  9. 9. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results Members-Only Creative samples library 2,657 Creative Samples ready for you to swipe ideas from. Need ideas?  Nothing’s worse than starting with a blank piece of paper (or empty computer  screen) when you have to create new high-impact marketing creative.  Use MarketingSherpa’s  Creative Samples Library as your own personal Swipe File to get started.   •  Inspire your copywriters   •  Share with your graphic and Web design teams     •  Galvanize marketing brainstorming sessions    •  Hotlinks to real-life results of the campaigns the creative was made for - so you can tell      how well it worked.   •  Especially useful for Web site, landing page, and email campaign re-design sessions Note: Yes, you can submit your own creative samples for MarketingSherpa’s Library so your work is visible to your fellow members. See our easy submission form online. Mobile OnlIne adveRtIseMent OfflIne Banner Ad Brochure SIG Rich Media/Video Flyer Desktop Application Search Ad Catalog Podcast Overlays Direct Postal Mail Radio TV Web, eCOMMeRCe, blOG Trade Show Booth desIGn/MaRKetInG eMaIl, MObIle, Rss, Landing Page Logo/Packaging POdCast Home Page Chat Out of Home:  Blast (includes dedicated broadcast,  Product Page Press Release sales alert) Order Form Transactional Email Microsite Newsletter Sign Up/Registration MaRKetInG RePORts, Viral Email-for example send to a  Cart Results Report friend… Blog Other forms, charts, sheets, surveys eCard Survey Autoresponder Screensaver RSS Web Page: other Chat/IM/SMS -- © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  10. 10. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results Members-Only events Calendar Important note: MarketingSherpa’s Events calendar tracks events put on by hundreds of  organizers across the US and around the world.  It’s not just for Sherpa events only (although  they’re also in there!) Tracks 914 marketing, advertising and PR tradeshows and events you might want to attend (or  speak at.)  Search easily by marketing topic, event organizer, date, and/or by geographic region.   Handy info includes key speaker names, dates, location, topic and ticket prices.  Great for  planning and budgeting your year.  We track events put on by the following organizations: event ORGanIzeRs tRaCKed yeaR-ROUnd by MaRKetInGsheRPa: 1to1 Media Argyle Executive Forum Industrial Relations Center Ark Group Canadian Marketing Association  ASAE  The Center for Association  Cannes Lions [a] Leadership  A Couple of Chicks Marketing Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations Ascend Media Gaming Group and Marketing Society  ABC Kids Expo Asia Pacific Advertising Festival Carolinas Society for Healthcare  Accenture Strategy and Market Development Association for Accounting Marketing Ad Club Casino Affiliate Convention Association Of Coupon Professionals Ad Council Caslon  Company Association of Directory Marketing Cause Marketing Forum Association of Educational Publishers  AdMonsters Centaur Conferences Association of Fundraising Professionals Advanced Learning Institute Center for Business Intelligence Association of Fundraising  Advertising Age Professionals, Washington DC Metro  Center for Information-Development  Advertising Club Area Management Adweek Association of Information and  Center for Sales Strategy Affiliate Summit, Inc.  Dissemination Centers Cerado Allurent Association of International Product  Channel Enablers Marketing Management Alteract Marketing Channel Partners Association of National Advertisers Alterian Chartwell Authentication and Online Trust  AlwaysOn Network CheetahMail Alliance American Advertising Federation Chicago Advertising Federation American Association of Advertising  Chinwag Live Agencies [b] Cinema Advertising Council Benefits Marketing Association American Bankers Association Circulation Management Billboard American Business Media Circulation Management Black Enterprise American Institute of Certified Public  Citrix Online Accountants Blue Sheep Clemson University, Professional  American Marketing Association Bobit Business Media Advancement and Continuing Education American Marketing Association Entertainment Group Clickability Foundation Boston Interactive Media Association ClickZ American Marketing Association,  Boston Interactive Media Association Atlanta Chapter CMO Council BPT Partners American Marketing Association,  CMP Game Group Bright Path Solutions Silicon Valley CMP Information Bronto American Marketing Association,  CMP Media Southeastern New England Chapter  BtoB Magazine CMP Technology American Society of Magazine Editors  BtoB Online COLLOQUY American Society on Aging Bulldog Reporter Columbia Business School American Society on Aging’s Business  Bulldog Solutions Communitelligence Forum on Aging Business Marketing Association  Community Management  Marketing  American Strategic Management  Business Marketing Association, Boston Council Institute Computer Security Institute American Teleservices Association Conference Board [C] Aprimo Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau Consumer Electronics Association Arab Academy for Banking and  California Institute of Technology  Contact Advocate Financial Sciences - 10 - © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  11. 11. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results event ORGanIzeRs tRaCKed yeaR-ROUnd by MaRKetInGsheRPa Corporate Event Marketing Association Forrester Research Communicators, Victoria Chapter Counselors Academy Fourth Generation Mobile Forum International Conference on Weblogs  and Social Media Cowen and Company Freewebs International Council of Shopping  Crain’s New York Business Frequent Travel Marketing Association Centers Creative Concepts Frost Sullivan International Data Corporation Creative Screenwriting Future of Online Advertising International Federation of the  Credit Union Executives Society Periodical Press Credo Group [G] International Festivals  Events  CRM Magazine Game Developer Magazine Association CRM Media Gammet Interactive International Newspaper Marketing  Association CTIA - The Wireless Association® Gartner International Qualtiy  Productivity  Customer Relationship Management Gilbane Group Center Association Global Market Development Center International Recording Media  Goodmail Systems Association Gospel Communications [d] International World Wide Web  DataFlux Go-To-Market Strategies Conference Committee Design Management Institute GSDM Internet Retailer Guidewire Group Internet Strategy Forum Digital Hollywood Ithaca Business Media Digital Magazine News [h] Digital Media Wire Habeas [j] DIRECT Hannover Fairs Australia Jacob Fleming Group Direct Marketing Association Haymarket Events JCG Group Direct Marketing Association (UK) Henry Stewart Conference Studies JDEvents Direct Marketing Association List   Hewlett-Packard Jumpstart Automotive Media Database Council Hollywood Reporter Jupitermedia Direct Marketing Association of  HORIZONT JupiterResearch Washington Horowitz Associates JWT Boom DM News Houston Interactive Marketing dmg world media Association Dr. Dobb’s Events Group [K] HRmarketer Kelsey Group Dynamic Graphics HSM Kennedy Information King Content [e] [I] KMWorld eComXpo IDEAlliance Korean IT Industry Promotion Agency Economist Intelligence Unit IDG World Expo Editor  Publisher iFocus Elastic Path [l] Ignition Consulting Group L.A. Office Electronic Retailing Association ihaveanidea Lake Champlain Chocolates Eloqua iMedia Connection Laredo Group Email Experience Council Incisive Media LatinVision eMarketer Indian Institute of Management Latvian Advertising Association  eMarketing Association InfoCommerce Group Lawrence Ragan Communications Engel Conferences Infonortics Legal Marketing Association EPM Communications Informa Telecoms  Media Leonard N. Stern School of Business ePrize Information Technology Services  Lighthouse Seminars Epsilon Interactive Marketing Association LinkShare eROI Information Today Luxury Institute Euro RSCG Worldwide InformationWeek ExactTarget InfoTrends ExL Pharma [M] Infusion Software Magazine Publishers of America ExpoNation Institute for International Research Mailing  Fulfillment Service  Institute for Media and Entertainment Association In-Store Marketing Institute [f] ManageCamp FAST Integration Consortium Marcus Evans FierceMarkets Interactive Advertising Bureau Marketing Expo Financial Research Associates International Academy of Digital Arts  Marketing IQ and Sciences FirstLight Marketing Research Association International Association of Business  Florida Direct Marketing Association MarketingExperiments Communicators Food Marketing Institute MarketingProfs International Association of Business  Forbes Conferences - 11 - © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  12. 12. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results event ORGanIzeRs tRaCKed yeaR-ROUnd by MaRKetInGsheRPa MarketingSherpa Royal Mail Group [P] Paragon Media MarketLive Parks Associates Mary Furlong  Associates [s] Parnassus Ventures Massachusetts Innovation  Technology  Sales  Marketing Executives  Exchange International Penton Media Maxim Magazine Periodical and Book Association of  America McKinsey  Company Screen Events Plesser Holland Associates Media Buying Academy Search Engine Marketing New England PME Enterprises Media Industry Newsletter Search Engine Marketing Professionals  of Portland PMN Publications MediaPost Search Engine Watch POPAI - The Global Association for  Mediaweek Marketing at Retail Search Marketing Now Medill School at Northwestern  Potomac Tech Wire University Seklemian/Newell Prediction Impact Meeting Professionals International Selling Communications Premier Hall for Advancing Science and  Mequoda SEMDirector Engineering Mercado Software Prevention Magazine mesh SEMphonic Print On Demand Initiative MFM Trade Meetings SendTec Print On Demand Initiative Mintel International Group Shared Insights Private Label Manufacturing Association Mirren Business Development Product Development and Management  Molecular Silicon Valley WebGuild  Association MultiChannel Merchant SiriusDecisions Professional Insurance Marketing  Multicultural Holdings SMEAL College of Business,  Association Pennsylvania State University  Professional Pricing Society Society for Healthcare Strategy   [n] Professional Services Management  Market Development National Association of Convenience  Association Society for Marketing Professional  Stores PROMO Services National Association of Hispanic  Promotion Marketing Association Society for New Communications  Publications Promotional Marketing Exhibition Research National Retail Federation Promotional Products Association  Society for Scholarly Publishing National Trade Productions International Society for Technical Communication NetElixir PRWeek Softletter Network World Public Relations Council of Alabama Software  Information Industry  New England Direct Marketing  Public Relations Society of America  Association  Association  Public Relations Society of America,  Software Business New England Mail Order Association Nebraska Chapter SourceMedia Conferences  Events New York University Public Relations Society of America,  South Asian Women’s Leadership Forum NewBay Media New York Chapter South by Southwest Newsletter  Electronic Publishers  Public Relations Society of America,  Southern Public Relations Federation  Association Technology Section Specialized Information Publishers  Newspaper Association of America Public Relations Student Society of  Association America Nielsen Business Media Spencer Stuart Nielsen Company SRC non-linear creations [Q] Stanford Publishing Courses Q1 Productions North American Publishing Company Starcom USA QUALCOMM Northeast Ohio Direct Marketing  Strategic Research Institute Association  Questex Media Group Strategy Institute StrongMail [O] [R] Synovate OASIS Radio Advertising Bureau Offermatica RainToday Ogilvy Canada [t] Raving Consulting Company Target Marketing of Santa Barbara Omniture ReadyTalk TechTarget Online Marketing Summit Red 7 Media  TelevisionWeek Online Publishers Association Red Herring Terrapinn Online Publishers Association Europe Reed Exhibitions TextAnalyticsNews OpenDialogue Retail Events The Chase Group Optimost RetailWire The Data Warehousing Institute™ O’Reilly Media Return Path Third Door Media Outdoor Advertising Association of  Rising Media Thought Leadership Summit America Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing  Outsell, Inc. TMC Association - 1 - © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  13. 13. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results event ORGanIzeRs tRaCKed yeaR-ROUnd by MaRKetInGsheRPa TNC New Media TransAtlantic Events Travel Industry Association of America [U] uBid Unica Universitat Leipzeg University of Calgary University of Chicago, Graduate School  of Business User Interface Engineering [v] Vertical Web Media Vision Events Visual Sciences [W] Wall Street Journal Online Warrillow We Media Research Web Analytics Association Webcom Communications WebEx WebmasterWorld WebTrends WebVideoUniverse Wellesley Hills Group Wharton School of Business Wilson Internet Services Women in Film, Chicago Women In Technology International Word of Mouth Marketing Association World Advertising Research Center World Association of Domain Name  Developers World Trade Center of Central  Pennsylvania World Trade Group Worldwide Business Research Worldwide Conventions and Business  Forum WowGao [x-y-z] Yahoo! Search Marketing Yanik Silver Zyman Institute of Brand Science - 1 - © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717
  14. 14. MarketingSherpa Membership Beta: Research, Inspiration, How-To Improve Results Members-Only awards Calendar As with research and events, MarketingSherpa’s goal is to track every possible marketing-related  award you might want to enter in the coming 12 months (not just Sherpa awards, although they  are also included.)   Search MarketingSherpa’s Awards Calendar easily by topic, organizer and nomination deadline.   Each entry includes deadlines, categories, and a handy hotlink to the nominations info.   Tracks 363 annual marketing, advertising and PR awards that you may want to nominate  yourself for, including: aWaRd ORGanIzatIOns tRaCKed yeaR-ROUnd by MaRKetInGsheRPa: Association of Hispanic Advertising  Chartered Institute of Public Relations  [#] Agencies 800response Chief Marketing Officer Institute  Association of Marketing   Cinema Advertising Council Communication Professionals  Cisco Systems  [a] Association of National Advertisers AdAsia ClickZ  Australian Pharmaceutical Research,  Ad-Awards   Clio Innovation Marketing AdColor CMO Council AdCracker  CMP Information, Inc. [b] AdForum CMP Media  B2B Marketing Online Adobe  Columbia University Graduate School of  Bertelsmann Journalism AdPrint  BlackBerry  Communication Arts  Advertising Age BrandWeek Communications Concepts, Inc. Advertising Club British Television Advertising  Communicator Awards  Advertising Club of Westchester Association  CompTIA Advertising Research Foundation Bulldog Reporter Create Magazine  Adweek Business in the Community  Creative Standards International, Inc. Affiliate Summit, Inc.  Business Marketing Association  Credit Union Executives Society  AIGA Business Marketing Association,  Crystal Awards  Chicago AKQA  Curtis Publishing Company Business Marketing Association,  AlwaysOn Network Colorado  AME Awards Business Marketing Association,  America Online [d] Indianapolis  DAD  American Advertising Federation Business Marketing Association,  Dedra Davis  American Agricultural Editors  Milwaukee  Association Design Within Reach  Business Marketing Association, New  American Association of Advertising  Detroit Creative Directors Council  Jersey  Agencies Digital River  Business Marketing Association, New  American Business Media York City Direct Marketing Association American Design Awards  Business Marketing Association, Saint  Direct Marketing Association (UK) Louis  American Marketing Association Direct Marketing Association of  BusinessWeek American Marketing Association  Washington Foundation Direct Marketing Club of New York  American Marketing Association,  Direct Marketing Educational  [C] Colorado Foundation  Cable Telecommunications American Marketing Association, New  Association for Marketing  dmg world media York Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau American Marketing Association,  Canadian Marketing Association  [e] Southeastern New England Chapter  Cannes Lions  Editor  Publisher American Society of Magazine Editors  Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations Electronic Retailing Association Apple and Marketing Society  Emap Communications Art Directors Club  Cause Marketing Forum Entertainment Resources  Marketing  Asia Digital Marketing Association  Center for Design and Business  Association Asia Pacific Advertising Festival Champions for Public Relations Student  Epica Awards  Asian American Advertising Federation Society of America  Eulda Books  Association of Educational Publishers Eurobest  - 1 - © 2000-2007 MarketingSherpa Inc. 499 Main Street Warren RI 20885, (877) 895-1717