CABACA: The "CC Asia Band" Album


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Slides for the session "Collaborative projects for the Culture Commons", in "Commons Crossroads: Defining the Roadmap for CC in Asia & the Pacific", Manila, Philippines, 2009-02. (

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CABACA: The "CC Asia Band" Album

  1. 1. CABACA: The “CC Asia Band” Album Commons Crossroads: Defining the roadmap for CC in Asia & the Pacific 2009-02-04&05 Manila, Philippines A story as told by ,,, … Tyng-Ruey Chuang Creative Commons Taiwan Except for quoted texts and images, this work is released under the Creative Commons “Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Taiwan” License.
  2. 2. “CC Asia Band” meet-up • Time: 2 - 4 pm this afternoon • Place: Lounge & Café • People: Artists, producers, techies, potential sponsors, … • Purpose: Jamming of collaboration ideas and plans, especially about producing a CC- licensed CD album and joint performance. By now, history! (Posted 2008-01-19)
  3. 3. In The Beginning … • Rio Janeiro, iCommons Summit 2006: – The idea to have a “CC Asia Band” … • Dubrovnik, iCommons Summit 2007: – CC Asia Pacific jurisdiction projects met, and decided to have a regional meeting in Taipei in early 2008, – Each jurisdiction was asked to bring artists to the Taipei meeting for concert and collaboration, – “Pig Head Skin” was to plan for the concert … • Taipei, 2008-01: – The ACIA (Asia and Commons in the Information Age) International Workshop
  4. 4. Who Were in the ACIA Concert? • Lisa Diy (CC Philippines) • Sudev Bangah (CC Malaysia) • Bust This (CC Korea) • Monbaza (Taiwan) • Jesus Rocks + Pig Head Skin (Taiwan) • Jui-Chuan Chang + MoShang (Taiwan) • Kou Chou Ching + MoShang (Taiwan) • André van Rensburg + MoShang (Taiwan)
  5. 5. CABACA • Pig Head Skin and MoShang were to produce a collaborative CD album with participating artists from Asia and the Pacific! • The CD must be ready by July 2008, in time for iCommons Summit in Sapporo • More artists joining the collaboration – Anji Bee (US) – Cho PD (Korea) – Sonja V. (Taiwan) – Snoblind (HK) – Takeru Ishikawa (Japan)
  6. 6. “A Collaborative CD Album” • Each artist contributes her/his works, and participates in one another’s new creations: – Melodies, lyrics, instrument loops, performance tracks, recordings with others, remixes, etc. • Have no money for live studio sessions • MoShang was to mix tracks and to master the CD in his home studio • Many, many, late-night e-mail exchange and file sharing …
  7. 7. What Is in CABACA? 1. Bosom (Lim Giong) 2. Every Dog Has His Day (Pig Head Skin) 3. Freedom Zen (MoShang + Chang, Jui-Chuan) 4. Naluwan House (Kou Chou Ching + Sonja V.) 5. Walking Tall (Monbaza) 6. Aspects Of Reality (Sudev Bangah) 7. Moved By An Angel (Lisa Diy) 8. Crossing The Pond (Snoblind + Anji Bee) 9. Favor Tweet (Takeru Ishikawa + Anji Bee) 10. Free Music 2 (Cho PD) 11. Turntable Sound (DJ Jangga) and more …
  8. 8.
  9. 9. CABACA @ CD BABY
  10. 10. CABACA Collaborators Joint Agreement (1/3) 1. I permit all collaborators in the project to use my contributions to create new works as part of the CABACA project. … 2. I agree to have my contributions and any works created from the project collected into … collections, as long as each collection consists only of the contributions from the collaborators. 3. I agree to my contributions as included in the collections being released to the public under the CC “BY-NC-SA 2.5 Taiwan" License.
  11. 11. CABACA Collaborators Joint Agreement (2/3) 4. The collaborators own the collections. Any collaborator … has the rights and the freedom to use the collections without the need to ask other collaborators. … 5. MoShang and Pig Head Skin are entrusted to deal with all business associated with the collections … on behalf of the other collaborators. 6. Any profit from the collections shall be used to further promote the project and the works of the collaborators, …
  12. 12. CABACA Collaborators Joint Agreement (3/3) 7. All permissions granted above are non- exclusive. Subject to these permissions, all collaborators retain full ownership of and legal rights over their contributions, and are free to deal with them as they see fit. 8. To the best of my knowledge, I assert that I hold all legal rights, including copyright, necessary to grant the above permissions. (The agreement was drafted by Tyng-Ruey Chuang and Jessica Coates.)
  13. 13. The Remix Continues, on CC Mixter!