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UC12 Thursday Keynote

  1. 1. Thank-you.
  2. 2. Partner Reception Recap
  3. 3. #WHUC12twitter.com
  4. 4. http://uc12.wikispaces.com
  5. 5. http://uc12.whipplehill.com
  6. 6. Something New ?
  7. 7. Keynote Agendas T O D A Y : 8:15 - 9:15 F R I D A Y : 8:15 - 9:15 - New Product Vision - Our Advisory Board - Parent Demo - Teacher Demos - Early Adopter Program - onMessage Demos - Upgrade Pricing - onBoard Demo
  8. 8. What’s the vision ?
  9. 9. What’s the problem ?
  10. 10. In 1998 it was websites.
  11. 11. Private Schools WebCommunication
  12. 12. Pivot, Don’t jump.
  13. 13. Change in strategy,without a change of vision.
  14. 14. Obstacles
  15. 15. What were our obstacles?- Usage. Our current tools are not easy enough.- Devices. The Internet doesn’t look like it use to.- Conversation. The rise of bidirectional communication.- Integration. Tired of systems that don’t play nice together.
  16. 16. - Collected names at UC11. (over 180)- Makibie conducted and documented 45-minute interviews with WhippleHill clients and users (parents, teachers & students).- The published a report of findings.- Report provided parameters for redesign.
  17. 17. The P3 Manifesto
  18. 18. The Manifesto- There needs to be a bold distinction between the public, Admissions driven side of the site and the community side of the site used by insider constituents.- Content and Tasks need to be filtered in a more intelligent and manageable way to minimize information overload and clutter. This becomes even more apparent for Teachers who have other responsibilities at the school (Coaching, Club Leader, Advisor) as well as Parents who have multiple children at the school.- Show content in one place to streamline the experience. Seeing the same information repeated in multiple locations can be disorienting.
  19. 19. The Manifesto- Limiting the number of paths to pages and tasks makes for a more intuitive experience.- The Academic experience is the priority for Parents, Students and Teachers. Getting access to class content, assignments and academic performance information is the most powerful driver to getting them over the hurdle of logging in. General Announcements, News, Media, etc. from the Communications Office, while still important, comes secondary and the navigation should be weighted as such.
  20. 20. #demoday
  21. 21. Design Principles- Stay out of people’s way…provide an efficient experience.- Create a visual hierarchy that matches people’s needs. - Limit distractions and choices.- Provide strong information scent.- Provide signposts and cues.- Provide context.- Use constraints appropriately.- Make a good first impression.- Be emotional.
  22. 22. Our Lofty Goals- Changes the way people interact with private schools online.- Individualize information and build stronger connections among all members of a school community- Define a new category of communication product for private schools, that sets a new standard for the parent/teacher/student user experience
  23. 23. Parent Teacher Student ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  24. 24. Early Adopter Program
  25. 25. Program Goals- Validate the direction of the products- Determine and improve usability- Uncover bugs prior to product launch- Gain feedback on how we should prioritize future features - Obtain user testimonials for marketing and sales purposes- Build awareness about the upcoming products
  26. 26. The Process - Complete sign-up form at whipplehill.com/beta between now and Sept. 1 - Additional details will be provided via GoToMeetings, videos and access to a Sandbox. - Sandbox Phase: Built on make believe data, schools will get to play around and take a look at the new products in a sandbox environment for a short period of time. Schools will decide to continue or “wait” based on Sandbox experience. - Early Adopter Phase: After experimenting with the sandbox, schools interested in continuing will have the opportunity to move forward with their entire school operating the new products in a live data Early Adopter Program in late fall 2012.
  27. 27. whipplehill.com/beta
  28. 28. Pricing
  29. 29. “a la carte” Pricing
  30. 30. Pricing- No data conversion- Feature Parity resulting in “Flex” Pricing for existing.- Create Incentives to Upgrade- Existing Customers v. New
  31. 31. - Page Builder - Academic Groups - Attendance - Admission- Push Page - Athletic Groups - Schedule - Online Applications- Event Registration - Community Groups - Grading - Enrollment- Video - Grade Book - Comments- Alumni Groups - Assignment Drop Box - Transcripts- Mentor Groups- Store- Giving- Scoreboard
  32. 32. Pricing- For the products you currently have, the price will remain the same., You will have access to the same functionality you have today in the new product.- Prior to your next renewal date, your account manager will review with you other functionality in the new products that you may not currently have and the impact to your annual cost.
  33. 33. Pricing- Between now and the time the new product launches, you may add any functionality components that you do not currently have under the current pricing model.  This will enable you to have access to that functionality when you move to the new product.- Final pricing (for new schools) on the new products is currently in development.- Best practices dictate that the pairings in the new products are most effective and efficient, and we are excited to work with our schools to help them maximize these new tools.
  34. 34. - Page Builder - Academic Groups - Attendance - Admission- Push Page - Athletic Groups - Schedule - Online Applications- Event Registration - Community Groups - Grading - Enrollment- Video - Grade Book - Comments- Alumni Groups - Assignment Drop Box - Transcripts- Mentor Groups- Store- Giving- Scoreboard
  35. 35. Thank-you.