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Saul bellow

  1. 1. Saul Bellow<br />By: Travis Thompson and Kurtis Schuyler<br />
  2. 2. TRAVIS: Hello, I’m alextrebek thank you for tuning into Jeopardy. Today we have a very special edition of the show paying tribute to famous American author Saul Bellow. Lets meet our contestants today. First, we have Sean Connery, second we have Charlie Sheen, and lastly we have Dwight D Eisenhower. Now, let’s take a look at todays categories. First, we have About the author, second we have Augie March, third we have Inspiration for works, and fourth we have Author Trivia. So, let’s get started. Sean, you have been selected to go first since you are our returning champion.  KURTIS: About the author for 100 Alex TRAVIS: Saul Bellow was born in Lachine, Quebec to parents that were Russian immigrants in 1915. He moved to this US city at age 9. KURTIS: What is Chicago TRAVIS: Correct! Go again<br />
  3. 3. KURTIS: About the author for 200 please TRAVIS: Saul Bellow attended the University of Chicago, but graduated from Northwestern. Bellow went on to graduate studies at this University  KURTIS: What is the University of Wisconsin  TRAVIS: Correct! KURTIS: Same subject, 300 <br />
  4. 4. TRAVIS: After WWII, Bellow traveled the world extensively spending time mainly in Paris and Rome. Bellow then returned to the US to work at these four American Universities KURTIS: What is University of Minnesota, New York University, Princetown University, and Bard College. TRAVIS: Correct! KURTIS: same subject, 400 <br />
  5. 5. TRAVIS: Saul bellow was married how many times? KURTIS: What is five times TRAVIS: Fantastic KURTIS: 500  TRAVIS: Saul Bellow became only the 7th American author to win this prestigious award in 1976. KURTIS: What is the Noble Prize for Literature TRAVIS: That is correct! And with that we will need to take our first commercial break. Please be sure to come back after a word from our sponsors. <br />
  6. 6. KURTIS: Augie March for 100 TRAVIS: Augie March was born in what city? KURTIS: What is Chicago TRAVIS: Excellent KURTIS: Augie March for 200 TRAVIS: The atmosphere of Augie March quickly becomes the starting point for the exploration of Augie’s self-discovery – Particularly in what two respects? KURTIS: Who is women and what is love TRAVIS: Nice job KURTIS: Augie March for 300 TRAVIS: In the beginning of the story, Augie March lives with with one older brother and one younger brother. While their mother is away working, Augie is introduced to this person who represents his first contact with Machiavellian influences. KURTIS: Who is Grandma Lausch. Alex, did you also know that Grandma Lausch is not actually Augies grandmother?<br />
  7. 7. TRAVIS: Well, I believe this is a Jeopardy first. You are correct, and no I did not know that. KURTIS: Same topic, 400 TRAVIS: From Depression-Era Chicago to post-war Europe, Augie relentlessly travels the globe in search of what he hopes will find KURTIS: What is "a better fate". TRAVIS: Absolutely correct. You really are on a roll today Mr. Connery. Now, another brief break for a word from our sponsors.  <br />
  8. 8. KURTIS: Inspirations for 100 TRAVIS: Saul Bellow was in World War II, which caused him to travel outside the US. What did he serve as? KURTIS: What is a merchant marine TRAVIS: Exactly KURTIS: 200 Alex TRAVIS: Saul Bellow was a member of this prestigious committee at the University of Chicago KURTIS: What is the Committee on Social Thought TRAVIS: Correct KURTIS: 300 TRAVIS: What was the ironic motto for Bellows novels of the 1950’s and perhaps his most sharply defined piece of fiction? KURTIS: What is Seize the Day TRAVIS: Absolutely right, you are really on a roll today. KURTIS: 400 please TRAVIS: After being told by the English chair at Northwestern “No Jew could really grasp the tradition of English literature…. No Jew would ever have the right feeling for it.” Saul Bellow then decided to pursue his graduate degree in what two subjects. KURTIS: What is anthropology and sociology <br />
  9. 9. Kurtis: Trivia for 100 Travis: Saul Bellow spoke the following four languages.  Kurtis: What is Hebrew, Yiddish, French, and English Travis: Nicely done sir Kurtis: 200 Travis: The Adventure of Augie March is referred to as the twnthieth-century rendition of which Mark Twain classic? Kurtis: What is the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Travis: Yes Kurtis: 300 please Travis: The famous Saul Bellow story the Adventure of Augie March was originally titled what? Kurtis: What is Life Among the Machiavellians  Travis: What is the home country of the band Augie March, which takes their name from the famous Saul Bellow Novel Kurtis: What is Australia  Travis: You are right again sir. This makes you the first contestant in jeopardy history to correctly answer every single question. Kurtis: Suck it trebek <br />