Transforming teaching & learning in 1 to-1 learning environments


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Muir Lake school staff and students use technology to access, share and create knowledge, to discover, develop and apply competencies across subject areas for learning and to demonstrate what they know and are able to do. This presentation gives a brief overview how Muir Lake School implemented a grade 4-9 1:1 BYOD Learning environments and demonstrates the impact that this has had on students’ learning.

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  • Google Doc: Presentation links
  • one of my main goals in the next hour is to not have you looking back at me like this
  • there has been and continues to be huge transformational change in our world
  • education hasn’t been keeping up
  • AB - education is in midst of great change
    Inspiring Education
    Curriculum Redesign
  • Why 1:1?
    - our job as teachers and educators is to open every door of opportunity for the students future
    - our wold is 1:1 - If our schools aren’t - our schools are in danger of becoming irrelevant
    - technology should not be an event - it should be at the point of instruction
  • I see this as a problem
    - not only will we not do our students justice in preparing them for their future - they themselves will begin to see school as irrelevant
  • our schools should reflect our world that we live in - if not we are closing doors of opportunity for our students in their future
  • my goal for today is to share our journey - share what we are doing
    hopefully you come away with an idea or two that will bring clarity to what learning could look like in your school
  • it doesn’t need to be perfect - don’t have to have it all figured out
    we are all at different places
    your point is different than others - the path to your point b is different than others
    I would hope that out of this session - you would come away with an idea for your next step
    I encourage you to take the risk to take your next step
  • you might get bumped and bruised along the way
    I believe it is worth it
    I believe it is necessary
  • without this - technology is the focus - we wanted learning to be focus
    booking labs doesn’t work - more about the technology
    signing out technology - makes technology an event
    technology is a tool for learning
  • it’s not all about the technology
  • We arrived at the place where if we want our students doing these things and learning these skills - the technology needed to become invisible - every student needed access to a device when it was the best tool for the learning activity
    - it had to be about the learning not the “how to” tech skills that we would typically spend our time on when you take a class to the computer lab once or twice a week for a period
  • early on we determined that we were going to build 1-to-1 learning communities through BYOD
  • input - parent, student surveys
    preparation - parent information sessions
  • We knew these things were important - we believed the best way to see these skills develop in our students is to build 1:1 learning communities
    - at the same time we realized there are a number of obstacles to overcome in implementing this
  • Thought it important to have common platform so teachers and students could utilize technology effectively Laptop - most diverse tool for creating
    - Google Chrome - home syncing features - free - works perfectly with division initiatives - regardless of device students operating from a common platform
    - Chromebook - cost effective - domain management - not mandatory - School orders it and parent reimburse at cost
  • year 1 of three year plan
  • year 2 we did full implementation - feedback from parents, students and teachers
    first week of school - this is where we were sitting
    by the end of the first month we were at 100%
  • We didn’t want technology just for the sake of technology - opening the door for students to bring devices wouldn’t automatically improve learning
    - we started with a “learning first” approach - what exactly do we want our students to be able to do?
  • - we wanted out students using Google Apps
    we wanted them building their own learning portfolios
    we wanted consistency across classrooms and across schools
  • we want students participating in learning communities that extend beyond 4 walls of classroom
  • Learning communities should extend beyond the 4 walls of the classroom
    - Can include anyone. Teachers, students, parents - people all over the world
  • my daughter’s first day of kindergarten
    - interesting because I am gaining perspective as father with child in school - not just educator
    - conversation - what did you learn in school today? - I forget, nothing, played with friends, etc.
    - My first parent teacher interview as a parent - teacher showed me this video
  • this video gave me way more insight into her in school than I had got so far
    - Connected with me on a couple levels - emotional proud dad - I don’t want to miss this part of her life
    - changed the conversation - extended the learning - I became a participant - gave me way more insight into my daughter’s learning
    - technology made her learning transparent
  • Dear Sophie on YouTube
    - we want our students’ portfolio to begin in kindergarten - continue to develop it all the way through grade 12 - when they leave - export it and they have a digital portfolio chronicling their learning journey
  • Classroom Blog - Mrs. Matsuba -
    - not limited to just text - video, pictues etc.
  • classroom blogs - Mrs. Daub -
    - collective sharing of ideas in transparent way - engages parents - gives ongoing timely insight to parents
    - Mrs. Daub has seen huge increase in motivation for students writing this way - authentic audience
  • example student template - showcase
    - multiple mediums - video, audio (sound cloud) etc.
  • Student blog - Kathryn’s blog grade 9 MLS - Language Arts Category -
  • Audio recordings - reading, French etc. - Sound Cloud
  • Nakia’s Blog - grade 9 MLS -
    - parents get transparent look into work
    - transition from year to year - teacher information - see growth
  • Student blog - Tyler’s grade 8 MLS -
    - opportunity to use different mediums, explore other talents, passions, hobbies, ideas
  • google apps - tracking sheet - privacy control - students fill it out themselves - reflection on learning
    - access anytime, anywhere for parents
    - link to blog portfolio
  • in our busy world with our busy schedules - technology used properly, can create powerful learning communities
    - it fosters transparent learning and can empower active participation in a way that we haven’t experienced in the past
  • As educators and parents we need to be constantly improving and working towards this common goal
    - Technology has a huge role to play in this partnership between parents, school and students - tool to transform collaboration
  • student choice is a powerful motivator
  • - great way to assess learning
    giving students the choice as to how they demonstrate learning is powerful motivator and engages students
  • students making model in science
  • multi-media, video, animation, comic strips
    choices within each medium - start with one
    as capacity increases for students - can provide more choices
  • We want our students to collaborate
  • opportunity for collaboration using technology is amazing
    - this is one project that has been started in our school
  • assignments distributed via Google Docs
    saves teachers time managing class assignments via folders and Doctopus
    access anytime anywhere - aren’t carrying stacks of assignments home
    example Doctopus assignment
  • - sharing assignments this way allows for easier collaboration
    grade 5 student in our school
    - write a story and share with others - give feedback, edit and revise together
    - learn from one another - authentic audience - not just the teacher reading it
  • Innovation Week - Google Hangouts student collaboration
    collaboration not confined to people in class
    Google Hangouts Playlist -
  • There are good ideas, and then there are good ideas that make it easier to have other good ideas.
  • We want our students creating not just consuming information
    - on the Google Doc we have a couple links to some interesting reading on the relationship between production and consumption for learning
    the internet is not a textbook
  • Travis: Joe‘s Non-Netbook -
  • more and more people are not just consuming content on the web - they consume and then they produce
    - YouTube stat - over 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Harlem Shake
    - Harlem Shake trend - people dress up make 30 second video of dancing to the same song
    people consume and then produce their own content - literally thousands of Harlem Shake videos have been made around the world
    producing and sharing content fuels innovation
  • powerful demonstration of learning by a student in our division using different medium
  • shadow puppet - moral of the story
  • students wanting to share projects
  • creating with an audience is powerful thing
  • fast and easy toothbrush
  • Access to 1:1 technology in class is important to build the literacy skills our students need in today’s world
  • Literacy is no longer just reading and writing - it is changing
    - Link on Google Doc -
  • Table talk - read article and discuss - Quick Link or link on Google Doc
  • as adults a lot of this stuff is still new to us
    - children don’t have that same fear - growing up with it
    - sometimes we just need to jump
  • Charlene:
  • Transforming teaching & learning in 1 to-1 learning environments

    1. 1. Transforming Teaching & Learning In 1 to 1 Learning Environments
    2. 2. Travis McNaughton • Assistant Principal • Email: • Twitter: @travdmc
    3. 3. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS Tweet a link, take-away, new thought, question, new idea, etc... #BYODgafesummit #gafesummit
    4. 4. The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace.
    5. 5. Teaching & learning must transform to prepare students to participate in the world in which they live.
    6. 6. Quick Link
    7. 7. 1958 Classroom
    8. 8. The Classroom Today
    10. 10. Technology Illiteracy In The Workplace
    11. 11. Stronger vision for learning
    12. 12. Innovative Learning Environments
    13. 13. What is your next step?
    14. 14. Take Your Leap
    15. 15. Our Journey
    16. 16. Technology should not be an event.
    17. 17. Make the technology invisible with access at the point of instruction.
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. Bill Gates
    20. 20. One personal electronic device for every student in every class
    21. 21. Why BYOD? • Cost effective • Personalizes learning • Makes learning a part of students’ lives • Saves learning time • Provides student choice • It’s becoming the norm in the workplace
    22. 22. Input & Feedback Research Plan Development 1-to-1 Implementation Plan Evaluation Implementation Preparation
    23. 23. Mission of 1-to-1 Learning Communities Our Students will innovate, collaborate, and be highly motivated about their learning
    24. 24. In 1-to-1 Learning Communities our students will... • use technology to learn • improve problem solving skills • improve information fluency • think critically • collaborate • learn any place, at any time • innovate • be motivated and engaged about learning • learn how to participate safely as a digital citizen
    25. 25. BYOD COMMON PLATFORM • Build teacher and student capacity • Want technology to be invisible • Laptop - can bring other devices and many students do • Google Chrome • Recommended Device: Chromebook
    26. 26. Pilot - grade 4 and grade 9 class
    27. 27. LEARNING FIRST What exactly do we want our students to be able to do?
    28. 28. PSD INITIATIVES Google Apps for Education Digital Portfolios More Information Quick Link
    29. 29. LEARNING COMMUNITIES Extend student learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom Original Image cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by lumaxart:
    30. 30. A learning community is a group of people who actively learn together and from each other
    31. 31. Daughter’s Parent Teacher Interview
    32. 32. Dear Sophie
    33. 33. Quick Link
    34. 34. Lego Stop Motion Video
    35. 35. echnology is a doorway into the classroom that transcends time and space making the learning transparent
    36. 36. "In this complex world, it takes more than a good school to educate children. And it takes more than a good home. It takes these two major educational institutions working together." Dorothy Rich, Author of Megaskills.
    37. 37. TWEET BREAK Tweet a link, take-away, new thought, question, new idea, etc... #BYODgafesummit #gafesummit
    38. 38. STUDENT CHOICE
    39. 39. Innovation Week
    40. 40. Multiplying Decimals
    41. 41. 3D Model
    42. 42.
    43. 43. COLLABORATE
    44. 44. Student Collaboration Around The World
    45. 45. Collaborating With Google Docs: Teacher Talk
    46. 46. Google Hangout
    47. 47. This is not the wisdom of the crowd, but the wisdom  of someone in the crowd. It’s not that the network  itself is smart; it’s that the individuals get smarter  because they’re connected to the network. Steven Johnson Original from:
    48. 48. Create Production vs. Consumption
    49. 49. Joe’s Non-Netbook
    50. 50. Harlem Shake
    51. 51. Pitch, Roll, & Yaw In “Plane” English
    52. 52. Shadow Puppets
    53. 53. Innovation Week Student Video
    54. 54. There is no limit to innovation when we share.
    55. 55. Pirates of the Cartesian Plane
    56. 56. The Fast & Easy Toothbrush
    57. 57. TWEET BREAK Tweet a link, take-away, new thought, question, new idea, etc... #BYODgafesummit #gafesummit
    59. 59. Quick Link
    60. 60. Students’ Voice
    61. 61. Jump!
    62. 62. TWEET BREAK Tweet a link, take-away, new thought, question, new idea, etc... #BYODgafesummit
    63. 63. Questions & Comments? @travdmc #byodgafesummit #gafesummit