Building 1-to-1 BYOD Learning Communities


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Muir Lake School, a part of Parkland School Division, is becoming a 1-to-1 BYOD learning community. The mission behind this initiative is "our students will innovate, collaborate, and be highly motivated about their learning". The goal is that every student will have access to a personal laptop in every class to use whenever it is the best tool for the learning activity. The initiative was piloted in grade 4 and grade 9 and will be expanding to all grades 4 through 9. This presentation outlines the "why" behind the initiative and first steps of Muir Lake School's journey. Google Doc Quick Link →

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Building 1-to-1 BYOD Learning Communities

  1. 1. Building 1-to-1 Learning Communities Muir Lake School: Our Journey #mlsgooglesummit Quick Link →
  2. 2. • Travis McNaughton • Assistant Principal • Email: • Twitter: @travdmcKelly Arnold • Teacher, Grade 9 • Email: • Twitter: @kwilliamson03Charlene Daub • Teacher, Grade 4 • Email: • Twitter: @4444charlie
  3. 3. Who’s in the room? Quick Link•
  4. 4. Survey says... Quick Links
  5. 5. • Quick Link
  6. 6. 1958 Classroom
  7. 7. The Classroom Today
  8. 8. They don’t look thatdifferent
  9. 9. Learning first• Whatexactly do we want ourstudents to be able to do?
  10. 10. PSD initiatives• Google Apps for Education• Digital Portfolios More Information Quick Link
  11. 11. learning communities Extend student learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroomOriginal Image cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by lumaxart:
  12. 12. A learning community is a group of people who actively learn together and from each other
  13. 13. Quick Link
  14. 14. Technology is a doorwayinto the classroom thattranscends time andspace making thelearning transparent
  15. 15. "In this complex world, it takes morethan a good school to educate children.And it takes more than a good home. Ittakes these two major educationalinstitutions working together." DorothyRich, Author of Megaskills.
  16. 16. Tweet break • Tweet a link, take- away, new thought, question, new idea, etc... • #byodgooglesummit
  17. 17. Collaborate
  18. 18. CreateProduction vs. Consumption
  19. 19. There is no limit to innovation when we share.
  20. 20. Tweet break • Tweet a link, take- away, new thought, question, new idea, etc... • #byodgooglesummit
  21. 21. Changing literacy
  22. 22. Quick Link
  23. 23. One personal electronic device for every student in every class
  24. 24. Mission of 1-to-1 Learning Communities Our Students will innovate, collaborate, and be highly motivated about their learning
  25. 25. In 1-to-1 Learning Communities our students will...• use technology to learn• improve problem solving skills• improve information fluency• think critically• collaborate• learn any place, at any time• innovate• be motivated and engaged about learning• learn how to participate safely as a digital citizen
  26. 26. 1-to1 Learning Community Barriers Table Talk: What obstacles does your school face to being a 1-to-1 learning community? Quick Link
  27. 27. Why BYOD?• Cost effective• Personalizes learning• Makes learning a part of students’ lives• Saves learning time• Provides student choice• It’s becoming the norm in the workplace
  28. 28. Plan Input & Developme Feedback ntResearch 1-to-1 Implementation Plan Preparation Implementa Evaluation tion
  29. 29. Research• What does the current research say?• How are other schools doing it?• How will we sell the vision? How will we communicate to the community?• What are the obstacles?• Budget?• Timeline? Implementation Plan
  30. 30. • Parent Survey Quick Link: y Planning & Implementation Student Survey Quick Team Link:
  31. 31. Plan Development• Teacher preparation and professional development?• Learning spaces?• Online resources?• Device recommendation? Common platform?• IT support? WiFi Access Points?• Support Documentation?• Anticipated concerns?
  32. 32. BYOD Common platform• Build teacher and student capacity• Want technology to be invisible• Laptop - can bring other devices and many students do• Google Chrome• Recommended Device: Chromebook
  33. 33. preparation• Hosted Parent Information Sessions (Quick Link -• Student Information & Conversations• Teacher PD• Information & Documentation on School Blog & Social Media• Ordering process
  34. 34. Implementation• Tech support? (Student Tech Team, Google Apps Ninja Dojo, Google, Division Help Desk)• Ongoing Community Communication? (school blog, classroom blogs, student portfolios, video, Parent Workshops)• Device Distribution?
  35. 35. Evaluation• Anecdotal Evidence• Student, Parent,Teacher Feedback• Case Studies • Academic Achievement Impact • Student Engagement and Motivation Impact • Collaboration Impact
  36. 36. Our First Year of BYOD Advantages DisadvantagesTransformative Learning Need wifi drop in each class toCollaboration allow accessPortfolio/Tracking Progress Need experts in the buildingOrganization Personal devices can be expensivePaperless Hard to problem solve tech issuesStudent engagement and on different machinesmotivation
  37. 37. Jump!
  38. 38. Questions & Comments? Quick Link
  39. 39. Tweet break • Tweet a link, take- away, new thought, question, new idea, etc... • #byodgooglesummit